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Flying Low Chapter 12 (Group Fic) - Jem

An: You guys have no idea how happy all of the feedback has made me. Thank you everyone who has read, liked, or commented. This story has been such a wonderful journey to write. This is almost the end, and we’re looking at probably only an epilogue after this.

Summary: Sharon surprises Alaska

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Why do you have to be evil when you are so cute?

These little guys are parasites on horses and cattle (and deer and sometimes people) and can cause irritation, extreme discomfort, and punch little holes in their skin for their larvae to breath through as they crawl around under the skin for up to 5 months.


This kitten was found as a stray with an abscess in its neck. He was taken to an emergency clinic, where they made an incision to drain the abscess but weren’t able to remove the botfly larvae. He was then transferred to our shelter, where our vet removed the larvae. He was treated with antibiotics and sent to foster care to recover; the hole closed naturally on its own, and within a few weeks he was adopted into a new home. –  closereaching 

Februpony eighth!! My favourite ep was that finale!! I will always love me more trixie, and I love that two of the most powerful magic users were rendered powerless for a while, like trixie is all the time. 

This was so difficult, and the gif ended up looking better going backwards.. I’ve learnt a lot tho, so I’ll do this more often. (I’m planning on favourite species to be animated, but I forget what day it was..)

The flying Bat Bot can swoop and dive like the real thing
A team of scientists from Caltech and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created what they claim is the nearest bat biomimic yet. Its flight mechanism replicates the complex movements of bat wings, allowing it to bank and dive like the real thing. The bot’s “bones” are made from carbon fiber while its wing membrane is a custom silicone-based material an incredible 56 microns thick. Read more

Human Bot Fly Removal

As disgusting as these videos can be I find them incredibly fascinating lol. 


This will get under your skin. Guy has two or three bot flys in his back and his friends take them out.


yum nomnomnom bot fly anyone?