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This will get under your skin. Guy has two or three bot flys in his back and his friends take them out.

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G1 red alert, prowl, mtmte tailgate, and rung finding out their Bot S/o can fly, by them throwing themselves off a very tall place that could kill them if they hit the ground. But just flying up and around after almost connecting with the ground like nothing happened. (Their alt mode is a car)

Oooooo, that’s a good one!

Red Alert:
-He freaks out “no! Don’t jump! I don’t care if you can fly, please stay next to me!”
-When you jump he pretty much starts bawling and when you start to fly he just gets worse because all he can think about is what if you didn’t fly?
-Hug him afterwards, he was worried about you and you pretty much did give him a panic attack

-Without skipping a beat, he reminds you that your alt mode is a car
-When you fall back off the building he contacts someone to catch you but quickly calls it off when you start showing off
-He honestly isn’t that mad, he just wishes he knew how talented you are

-He paniacs, “BUT YOUR ALT-MODE IS A CAR!”
-He is begging you not to jump but down you go and he almost jumps after you but then you fly back up being a little show off
-He hugs you and tells you how back in his day that wasn’t a thing

-When you tell him, he believes you
-You think he’s bluffing but he’s not, he read your face and knew you weren’t joking
-When you land he applauds you because he thinks your tricks were beautiful

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tododeku + #34 please 🙏🏻

34. Before we jump

“You realize this is hands down the stupidest plan we’ve ever come up with,” Midoriya says, clutching his stomach as a wave of queasiness churns his insides. He pointedly does not look out the helicopter windows.

“It’s our only choice,” Todoroki says. He flashes a thumbs up to Tokoyami. It’s returned by both Tokoyami and Dark Shadow.

“I’m scared of heights, uh, a bit,” Midoriya confesses. Ever since he sent the gimmick bot flying during the entrance exam.

“That’s okay,” Todoroki says. “You can look at me while we’re free-falling.”

Free-falling. He says it so casually. Midoriya swallows thickly and looks at Todoroki. Steady, heroic Todoroki. Was he scared of anything?

“Are you actually scared of oh, I don’t know, anything?” Midoriya asks him.

“I’m scared of losing you,” Todoroki says. He turns to talk to the pilot. Midoriya’s jaws hangs open. Todoroki turns back to them. “It’s time,” he says.

Tokoyami opens the door and Midoriya leaps across the helicopter, latching around Todoroki’s waist in desperation. Todoroki pats him on the back, awkwardly.

“I, um,” Midoriya says. “I want to tell you before we jump out and kill ourselves, I…uh, I love you?” Midoriya says it like a question, all his bravado fading in the face of two completely calm heroes and an open helicopter door. “Yeah,” he says. “I love you.”

“The feeling is mutual,” Todoroki says. He smiles. “After this mission, I’ll take you to dinner, if you’d like?”

Midoriya doesn’t hold out any hope of surviving the jump, but the thought is nice. “I’m an expensive date,” he blurts. “After nearly dying, that is.”

“I think my wallet can handle that,” Todoroki says, wrapping one arm around Midoriya and the other around Tokoyami’s shoulders.

And then they jump.

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Agent Blurr, you have been using an unsecured line for this? Also, I had my suspicions you were responsible for sending me flying the other day. (Longarm Prime)

Oh LoNGARM PRIME SIR! Yes I have been using a secured line but I have to ask how you possibly could’ve found this– but we do work in intel so it’d make sense for you to keep tabs on agents but then again that’s probably none of my business but anyway 

And sir, with all due respect it couldn’t have been me as I was in the other room, though your suspicions aren’t unfounded as I have accidentally sent bots flying when running past them before

a mistake
  • Keith: blade fidget spinner. everyone is concerned. Shiro will take it away sometimes but then he just tapes knifes to a quarter.
  • Pidge: the fidget spinner of all fidget spinners. it can walk your kaltenecker it can hack a bot it can fly it can dance and its only $1200.99 (space tax not included).
  • Hunk: the ultimate buffet wheel. it's as big as him but it can hold up to 4 different meals on each spinner w all 8 spinners attached. (helpful when cooking too) it defys the laws of physics and he won't tell pidge how.
  • Lance: basic fidget spinner. boi knows all the crazy stunts. sees how long it takes keith to notice it spinning on his mullet. fastest time 2:16
  • Shiro: limited edition black diamond fidget spinner. 'oh i don't even use it that often' but he sleeps w it. sometimes the head of voltron will jerk cause he's winding it.
  • Allura: no.
  • Coran: actually created the fidget spinner. multimillionaire double life. created Fidgetron, Defender of the Atmosphere™.
Bugging me.

Hera took another sip of her caff and continued reading the datapad, examining the details Fulcrum had pulled from the Imperial database with a thoroughness honed from years of researching these things.

They were all still winding down after the mission to Garel and another, shorter mission to some swampy backwater world that only had a numerical designation.

Sabine was off ship with Zeb, catching up with Ketsu as they shopped for supplies in one of the underground markets.

Kanan and Ezra were on ship but they were out of her way, Kanan napping and Ezra…

Hera’s thoughts trailed off as the padawan trudged into the common room with his face twisted into a grumpy grimace and a hand scratching at the back of his head.

“Oh, hey Hera.” He said with a wave as he started searching cabinets for something.

“Looking for something?” Hera questioned.

“Uh, yeah I’m just looking for some of those headache pills.” Ezra replied as the short padawan tried to reach one of the top shelves.

“Why do you need one of those?” Hera asked raising an eyebrow.

“The back of my head’s been hurting since way early this morning, it’s like an insect bite or something.” Ezra said as he started to try and climb up onto the counter.

“First, Ezra down. Second, let me take a look.” There were several species of biting insects on Ryloth and she’d been bit by all of them more than once.

“It’s fine Hera, I’m sure it’s just-”


Ezra let out a huff and climbed down as Hera walked over. She turned him around and took a look at the skin he’d been scratching, parting aside blue hair too take a peak.

There were three bumps, each was crusted over with dried blood and other gunk and it looked like he’d been scratching at them nonstop.

“Oh Ezra, how much have you been messing with these?” She asked, already pretty sure what the answer was.

“I may have scratched at them a little.” He admitted sheepishly.

Hera ‘mhmmed’ and kept looking at the bumps, she could’ve sworn one of them twitched very slightly.

“Huh, alright I need to clean all this stuff off the spots too look at them, put your head under the faucet Ezra.”

“Hera it’s-”

“It may or it may not be, Ezra Bridger, but double checking never hurts.” Hera said in a voice Kanan jokingly called the 'mom voice’. It worked well for cutting off an errant crew members whining.

“Fine.” Ezra grumbled as he stuck his head, face down, under the faucet in the sink.

Hera stood off center, grabbing some detergent from underneath the sink. It was basically the same as shampoo if Kanan was to be believed.

“This might sting a bit since I’m pretty sure you scraped all the skin off back there.” Hera admitted as she turned the water on lukewarm. It flowed across Ezra’s scalp and down his bangs.

“Ow! You were right!” Ezra hissed as Hera poured some of the detergent onto the spot and started scrubbing, cleaning off the dried blood and gunk covering the bumps.

The bumps looked like massive pimples once cleaned, and Hera began to wonder if maybe Ezra had been stung by something-

Oh. Holy. Gods. The pustules were moving, what the..?

Hera almost dropped the detergent bottle as the realization hit her.

Boots fly larvae from the swamp planet, she’d told all of them about it in the report but never expected any of them to get one, or any for that matter!

But sure enough, the butt end of three larvae were sticking out of the back of Ezra’s head.

“Ezra, do you remember the booga flies I talked about in the briefing?” Hera asked calmly as she opened a cabinet and grabbed the medkit inside.

“Yeah?” Ezra asked nervously.

“Well, sweetie, don’t panic but three larvae are in your scalp.” Hera said gently.

“What!?” Ezra shouted and tried to rise up from the sink. Hera stilled his movements with a calming hand on his back.

“Easy Ezra! It’s nothing too serious, but we do need to pull them out. Now what I’m going to do is grab the tweezers here and do just that. I’m going to need you to be still, okay kiddo?” Hera asked. She was grateful he nodded in answer and steadied himself.

Hera grabbed the butt of the wiggling larvae and pulled, trying hard not to notice Ezra’s whimper as the little spines ringing the worms body scraped the enflamed hole. It tried several times to go deeper but Hera redoubled her grip on it and finally yanked the ugly little worm out, before tossing it down the drain.

One down, that only took almost ten minutes and Ezra almost crying a couple of times.

And here she went again.

“Thanks Hera.” Ezra mumbled from beside her as he took a drink of hot chocolate with cinnamon, which Hera thought he’d probably deserved after…ugh those worms were creepy.

“No problem sweetheart, I know that wasn’t any fun. Luckily we caught them early though. But next time you got to a tropical world you’re wearing a helmet.” Hera replied as she scrolled through more of Fulcrum’s information.

“Yeah, can we never speak of this?” Ezra asked.

“Absolutely, after seeing that I don’t even want to see an ant crawling on my ship.” Replied with a grin. Ugh those worms probably would’ve even given Chopper the creeps.

Unless the droid thought they’d make a good weapon of terror, so no mentioning this to him for sure.

Nothing But Thieves

Had this idea whilst listening to some Royal Blood and wanted to create a fic which was the opposite of a few Reader x Quill things I’ve read on here, to add diversity. I made this bad gif cause I couldn’t find any of this scene.


Warnings; Mild swearing

Synopsis; A series of unfortunate events winds up to you meeting Quill and things go quite the opposite as to how Quill would have liked, not everyone falls for his charm. 

Small stands of various trinkets and souvenirs came crashing down behind you, people frantically trying to get away from the commotion you were causing. Sirens blared, causing the smashed glass that lay scattered on the ground to tremble, all from the store you took the rare commodity from. Your satchel swung behind your legs as you sprinted for your life, your facial expression changing from smirking to open mouthed worry, the excitement and adrenaline never leaving your blown pupils. Patrols of large, orange and green beasts perused you, wearing heavily armoured suits and carrying charged weapons trying to get a clear shot. Pushing people out of your path, you swung from one of the stands hoping that it would fall on one of your perusers but you didn’t have the time to turn around and check as they were hot on your tail.

There was something about Xandar which grated on you, whether it was the ‘happy-go-lucky normal folk’ that lived there whom all believe they were prim and proper or whether it was that there was nothing ever fun or dangerous going on, you were a thrill seeker and growing up on Xandar made you feel like a caged lion, so after speaking to a few ravagers one evening in a down town bar who knew some guy Yondu, you decided that you wanted their lifestyle, one of adventure, not doing a basic everyday job. You had soon joined up and been given your own pair of ravagers clothes which included a small blue jacket which you adored. It was basic gear with basic escape equipment though you tinkered over the years and ‘found’ new equipment making you one of Xandars top wanted criminals.

The patrol grew from five to seven as you briefly turned around and laughed obnoxiously before diverting around an ally way past a crowd of people. Quickly dropping to your knees and twisting your metallic D350; disguiser, turning you into a mere beggar who sat praying, whom, to passers by, would have thought nothing more of it. You smirked, remaining face first, eyes closed, legs folded and hands together as the stone looking beasts ran past, shouting orders at each other to find you. Once recognising that you had fooled Xandars Star Command morons, you turned your ring, ever observant of your surroundings as tiny silver swirled designs clicked into place. You slid back up the wall to your feet and burrowed into your satchel, a proud grin stretching across your face as you pulled out a glowing crystal that was shaped as a lions head and had eagles wings coming out from it’s mane. It shone a multitude of colours ranging from the deepest purple to the most blazing orange you’d ever seen, this is going to earn you a lot of units. You swiftly placed it back in your satchel before brushing yourself down and straightening out your jacket.

“Well, you sure went to a lot of trouble getting that.” A tall man, with wispy light hair and piercing green eyes spoke, startling you. By the looks of him he was a ravager too, perhaps he knew Yondu. You watched him carefully, calculating whether he was a threat or not, slanting to one side you shrugged and placed a hand on your hip, watching his own hands as he threw a silver orb in the air.

“Eh, fooling those morons is hardly troubling.” Your sarcasm bemused him, causing him to chuckle, take a step closer and nod in confirmation. Your eyes flicked from his movements to the silver orb and the cogs of your mind began turning ‘if you brought your buyer this crystal as well as that orb, you could be a millionaire. It’s gotta be worth something, right?’ You smiled innocently, batting your eyelashes at your new target. You knew straight of the bat what type of man he was, the self proclaimed ‘lady killer’, or as you knew, the local town idiot. 

“You threw out some nice moves though, I must say.” He arched a brow, attempting a smoulder which would have probably stopped most women dead in their tracks, though you couldn’t help but laugh at it. You stood up straight, twirling your hair and putting on an innocent giggle at his words, you were sure he’d be fooled by your act. He was. 

“So, Mr.Charmer, what’s that you got there? I can only imagine the danger you had to go through to get it.” You took a step closer to him, slowly closing the gap between you and bit your lip, looking into his eyes and placing a hand on his chest. Better get some info on this thing before you blindly take it, you wouldn’t want to take this much painful effort to get something that’s worthless.

“Oh this?” He threw the orb into the air before catching it one handed.

 “It’s pretty special, I was going to give it to someone except the guy just backed out of a deal on me. If there’s one thing I hate it’s a man without integrity. The names Peter Quill but most call me Star Lord.” He smirked looking you up and down and you reciprocated his smirk. Bingo. You were going to be rich.  

“Well Star Lord, you are certainly a man of integrity though by that, I mean you’re a fool.” Your retort was soon registered by Quill though by then it was too late. Kneeing his gut, his reflexes betrayed him, his hand opened throwing the orb into the air. You caught it and began sprinting in the opposite direction, soon to be noticed by the big brutes once chasing you. ‘Great, now you have Star bitch and the goons on you.’  You darted in and out of ally ways barging past pedestrians. Turning to face your chasers briefly, you pulled out your gun and began firing, though it was blindly.  Facing forward you sprinted faster now aware of your fatigue, calculating your escape route was especially difficult now that drones had got involved. Small, red and black armoured flying bots with almost excellent precision began firing at your legs though you retorted by throwing a electrolysis tag on to one, shorting its circuits and causing it to come crashing down to the ground, rolling behind you and tripping one of your hunters. 

It only took two seconds of diversion for you to be tackled to the ground by Quill and surrounded by him and the others. Panting you put your hands up and shrugged as they circled you. You placed the orb in your satchel and put on a charming smile.

“C’mon guys, it was just a bit of loose change. Surely we can all have a few beers and talk this out…no?” You constantly and steadily spun on your heels so that none of your hunters could pounce as your hand snuck into your back pocket and pulled out more electro tabs. Holding them in a ball in your hand your chasers took a step towards you and you furred your brow.

“Guess not.” You dropped the tabs and slid through a large orange aliens legs, tripping him up and detonated your tabs causing all your chasers to drop to their knees in pain. You darted round a corner to find a large orange, blue and silver ravagers ship. It looked similar to your own except much larger and considering yours was on the other side of town, past the laser weapons and horrible creatures you had no other option than to hijack this one. 

Quill by then had, had enough. He shot to his feet, racing after you, it wasn’t everyday he was outwitted and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let you keep doing it. A look of pure determination etched its way across his face and he threw himself on to his Milano just as you had managed to lift it off the ground. Rolling onto his ship, he picked himself up before rushing to his pilots chair. Upon seeing you he didn’t even flinch or brace himself, he placed one of his own tabs on the back of your neck, causing you to scream out before you fell into unconsciousness. He hauled you from his seat as the Milano plummeted to the ground, quickly bracing for impact he squinted and gritted his teeth, desperate to cause as little damage to his ship as possible. 

Brilliant orange rays lifted it from crashing to the ground at the last moment and Quill groaned looking back at your sprawled out body that was slowly regaining consciousness, you sat up, rubbing your head and glaring at Quill when a booming voice spoke.

“By the authority of the Nova Corp you are under arrest.” 

You simultaneously sighed; “Oh crap.” 

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What I don't get is why this wedding is so important to them both? It will be mainly Pippa's and James' friends, just some of them will be murual friends with PH. If you want to introduce your girlfriend to your friends big time then throw your own party and tell your crew: See, 'tis my bae, suckers!!! Don't take away some other peoples' wedding day. PH and MM are acting like kids, not adults. Which charity organisation is ever going to take them seriously in terms of leadership?

Well Harry is friends with Pippa and they had been seen at house parties along with James, Harry makes sense, MM not at all. She needs legitimises and she is going about it the wrong way, matter of fact she blew it, we all know it.  How do we get rid of the bot fly, check out that video I posted, ewww

thanks anon

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or, Whoever Built The Remnant

what do we know aboout them?

- they gave zero fucks. i mean this is just a vibe but they’re like. change a planet’s climate? done. build giant flying things that by all laws of nature shouldn’t move like that? okay-dokey. do EVERYTHING on an unnecessarily big and pompous scale with a side of extra edggy? sure pal, got you covered

- they LOVED flying. and i’m not just talking about the gravity wells - which tell us that they had no fear of heights and falling. half their bots hover. the architects fly, which is pretty imparctical but damn

- they loved jumping. they loved parkour. i’m dead serious. look at the pillars. if they wanted easier access they could’ve built ramps but no. pillars you have to jump and climb

- on the other hand, an aversion to stairs. it’s either jumping/falling or ramps but no stairs

basically i’m just thinking about a long-legged velociraptor with black-and-green glinting feathers jumping and gliding and laughing like a child okay

Sonamy Prompt

World: The new game (2017, whatever that’s gonna be/look like, lol)

Couple: Sonamy

Summary: Touching selflessness.


As Amy lay still, Sonic rushed up to the broken structures and giant rock she was spread out upon. The wreckage of the last fatal on-slaughter of the team’s aerial and ground attacks had really shaken up Eggman’s army, but unknowingly, Amy had been on the top of a huge skyscraper that Tails had shot at at an angle to try and slam it against a giant robot.

The plan worked, only for Sonic to notice something colorful falling through the sky.

With everyone so spread out, it was hard to keep track of where everyone was located, and Sonic’s desperate race to save her on time only availed in knocking some falling debris out of her way, and having her break her own fall through her hammer smashing down on giant stones, smashing them to bits as she softened her fall.

Still, the fall was great, and as she lay motionless, Sonic’s hand outstretched to try and see what he could do.

She didn’t seem to be breathing…

Thinking upon it a moment, he suddenly braced himself, and willingly but reluctantly, went down closer to her lips…

However, she started to squirm, making him pull up and fling his arms back as if treading water from behind. He let out a breath of tension, and moved both hands against the rock, thanking chaos he didn’t have to do what he thought he might have too.

He straightened himself out as he noticed her look up, blinking her eyes and breathing softly.


“Heh, nice to see your okay, sorry for that minor setback, let’s get you up!” In a rush of words, Sonic helped her get up, as she continued to try and say something, before getting her in bridal style and racing off.

“S..Sonic…Sonic, St…stop.” Her words were soft and faint, as she clenched her stomach.

Sonic looked down to realize she was still badly hurt, just not looking it on the outside, besides some bruises and dirt that is.

He skidded to a halt, seeing as his speed was only causing her more discomfort.

In panic and worry, knowing the team was counting on him for the finale of the battle plan, he quickly looked around for somewhere safe.

In a world falling apart, what would be safe?

He quickly looked behind him to see the team struggling, and had to think fast, seeing Tails’s plane almost get smashed out of the air by a giant robot, and a few mini-bots flying after him on his tail too.

He clenched his teeth, before looking beside him at the opposite direction.

He dashed into the forest, some of it on fire and burning rapidly from all the gunfire.

He dodged some fallen logs, and tried to not run as fast for Amy’s comfort, but realized he had to get as far from the damage as possible.

The fire was nipping at his heels, and he finally found a damp enough area to place Amy under a tree, burrowing a place for her quickly, scooping up dirt and placing her there.

She curled up in a fetal position, breathing wasn’t looking easy as she continued to clench her stomach, before looking weakly up to Sonic.

“I can’t…” She shook her head, knowing Sonic was going to ask.

“…What’s wrong?” He looked to her with such concern, the moment was growing grimmer and grimmer by the minute.

And while Sonic was out of the fray… it was getting even worse.

A snap and tumble of even further destruction, loudly bombed through the forest as Sonic clutched his head to try and block the sound from his ears, Amy just ducked her head further.

He looked up and noticed some more fire spiraling fast them.

“Hang on!” He moved over her as the fire’s spurts scaled across the area, but luckily, none hitting them.


With their faces so close together, he looked down and backed away a moment.

“…Amy, if… if you can’t fight.. then you don’t need to.” He assured her, knowing she would try if she could.

“…I must have… ugh… eerrk..” She struggled to speak, as Sonic just kept looking her up and down. In his eyes, a deep sorrowful realization.

There was nothing he could do.

“The damage… I took… a lot.” She admitted, an eye wincing. “I know… it’s n-no one’s fault. Especially since… erugh! We… we were all fighting in different areas… ha…ha..”

“Amy, you don’t have to explain-“

“I absorbed half the f-fall… I’ll be ok-okay..”

In her moment of need, she was reassuring him.

He moved back.

The shock of it all making him realize how she really wasn’t thinking of herself at all.

She was telling him to-

He quickly took on a more serious tone than ever, his expression changing drastically.

No one tells Sonic what to worry about and what to just forget and move on from.

He quickly pulled out a communicator meant to go around your wrist, and started typing things in.

“Come on, come on!” He knocked the back of his wrist against it a few times, as Amy breathed lightly in front of him, watching…

The communicator sparked to life.

“Woah, are you really using your communicator? Since when!?”

“Tails! This is serious! Amy’s… Look, I just need you to-!”

“Sonic! We need help! Eggman’s rallying some sort of mega-weapon into a giant, movable robot! Silver’s team and Shadow’s squad are all disabled by it! They’re literally being taken! We have to do something! We need you! Knuckles has the ground tunnels ready and I’ve got some fire power left-,

where are you!?”

“…” Sonic hesitated.

He shook his head, determined to get Amy help, but her worried and caring expression through him off guard.

She reached up and struggled,… but was able to put her hand on the communicator.

Her eyes said everything.


Sonic just stared at her.

“Sonic!? Sonic!!! We need you! Please! Help us!!! This isn’t the time to dilly-daddle we-!”

Sonic shut off the communicator.

They stared a while at each other,… a fight of wills,… if you will.

Don’t do this.


I need you to go.


Amy, you’re in critical-


They need help.


You could be bleeding internally for all I know!


If death is what it takes to win then I’ll die!


…Don’t say that… Don’ t you dare say that!!!


Get going! You’re wasting time!





As they’re quiet communications of the heart continued, Amy moved her eyes away from him, and pushed as hard as she had left in her too.

The shove forced Sonic to tilt, but his arm caught him from behind.

He stared at her longer… his heart racing, everything in him telling him not to leave her.

Her eyes… they would die if they needed too.

His eyes… not willing to let that happen.

In a moment of complete selflessness…. Amy held her breathe.

“NOO!!” Sonic grabbed her, as she started to breathe again. “Why are you so stubborn!?” It was almost an angry compliment, as he took some bushes and ripped some twigs with leaves off them, and covered Amy in them. “Fine, I’m going! But don’t pull anymore stupid stunts like that!”

He swiped his hand over her, letting out some pent up rage as she knew he was conflicted over this.

As he got up to run, Amy cried out-

“If you love me, don’t come back until it’s over!”

His foot fell harshly.

He looked down with such swelling feelings, touched by how much she cared about others over herself, even to threaten her own existence to protect her friends…

It was extreme, it was dark, but so was this (edgey game) life…

He turned around, and faked a calm smile.

“If you really love me…

Don’t tell me what to do.”

He ran off from the forest, a blue blue in a sea of flaming reds, yellows, and oranges.

The fire was far from Amy, safe from it all through the hole.

She looked down, her body was shutting down but she’d be okay.

She could fell a few broken bones, but nothing too serious-Erk!

Okay… maybe that was rib.

But she knew in her heart that Sonic would finish this quickly to get her some medical aid, she just had to be patient. She wasn’t important right now…

Taking down the Eggman empire… WAS.

–Time skip!—

“She’s dreaming.” Silver explained, as a room was gathered with a few brave solders, having won a small battle in what seemed to be a battle of their lives.

“Dreaming?” Tails was no doctor, but he definitely knew what the scanners were saying. “She’s recovering but at a slow pace, according to this, her body is completely shut down. The only thing I can deduce is she’s in a coma.”

Sonic looked to his friend’s analysis with such heartbreak, folding his arms and closing his eyes, his eyebrows narrowing down as he kept his head low, not wanting it to come to that conclusion.

“You’re wrong.” Silver strongly stated, as Sonic’s head shot up, a moment of hope glistened in his eyes.

“What? You can’t argue with machines!” Tails pointed out, gesturing to them. “I want her back and healthy too, but we can’t kid ourselves with-!”

“Your technology isn’t as advanced as mine yet.” Silver walked forward, across the bed to the monitors as he started using his abilities. “I can tap into her mind, I’ve seen what she’s dreaming, she’s there. She can hear and feel, she just can’t register what it is yet.” He turned to face the team, as Sonic looked to him, and then Amy.

Tails pouted and ‘tsk’d to the side, not liking his technology being called second rate, and turning around to fold his own arms. “Hmph! Fine! Let future boy wake her up and cause her more pain then!” he was just frustrated about his friend being so critically injured, but wasn’t told it was his fault…

And if Amy had her way, he would never know about it.

The gang around them grew silent, as Shadow tapped Tails’s shoulder, and Rouge pointed to Sonic.

Sonic had walked forward to Amy’s bedside, and simple watched her in utter silence.

The gang looked away, seeing as he would never voice the pain that must be within him as well.

They started to back out of the room, giving him some space, as Silver was the last one in the room with him.

Cream looked back, but Knuckles encouraged her to come along with the others. Her face resembled that of a worried sister, before being pulled away as she let a tear form on the corner of her eye.

Silver approached Sonic then, not used to modern customs of leaving a man to his grief for a moment.

“… You can see her dreams too, you know.” He stated, placing a hand on Sonic’s shoulder.

“Tails is right, she won’t be waking up anytime soon,… but she’s not in a coma.”

Sonic took a deep breath, before turning to Silver, and swiping his thumb under his long nose. “Then I think it’s best tell her what’s going on.”

“You don’t understand.” Silver turned a little harsher, but there was a care in his eyes for the girl too. “She can’t be awakened from in her dreams, it could… I’ve only observed her resilient spirit. She smiles in her dreams, and she’s very much the carefree girl we both know. But to awaken her would shake her up to reality, I don’t think-“

“There something you don’t know about Amy.” Sonic turned back to Amy’s direction, but kept his eyes on Silver, shaking a pointer finger at him.

Silver blinked in puzzlement.

“I’ve known Amy a lot longer than you, pal. And she’ll smile come rain or shine.”

He looked back to her, his face letting go of it’s youthful spunk for a moment again.

“..I need to see her.” He admitted.

Silver took a breath in, realizing Sonic would try and wake her, but also staying out of it.

He knew full well, everyone trusted Sonic’s opinions, but that was mostly because no one could really oppose them.

He took his hand and placed two pointer fingers up by Sonic’s forehead, then closed his eyes and lowered his other hand up to Amy’s.

“I can’t keep the channel up to long,… but…” He peeked a look to Sonic. “Good luck.”

Sonic nodded, and closed his eyes.

In what seemed like a swirling instant, Sonic unswirled to open his eyes and look around.

The world was like a snow globe, but without the snowy effects.

His eyes wondered around as he saw trees swaying in unusual ways, and the winds spinning in place up ahead.

It was so dream like, as he looked forward to see Amy in what looked like a park, wearing a big hat, before it was swooped away by the wind.

She turned to profile a beautiful surprised smile, and giggled as she raced after it. “Give it back! Hahaha!” She laughed, chasing it as it spun around and almost flapped it’s big sides to keep itself out of reach.

She looked like she was having a summer’s dream.

She continued to race after it and stopped abruptly when she saw a gloved hand reach out and grab it.

“Looking for this?” Sonic smirked.

Her expression changed, as Sonic strode up to her, putting it back on her head.

“Heh…” he struck a confident pose, admiring the hat on her, and placing a hand up to his chin, leaning on his other leg. “It suits you!” he winked with a compliment.

“…Sonic…” Amy’s eyes drooped down, and her ears flicked a little. “… Are you mad at me?”

Sonic was shaken slightly by that, but calmly just put his hands behind his head, looking down. “No, why would I be?”

“…I didn’t wake up.”

His head rose up, and he quickly faced her, his arms lowering back down.

“…So… you know?”

“Yeah, I know.” She smiled weakly. “I’ve seen Silver spying on me, and I think it’s because I haven’t woken up yet.”

“…You need to wake up.”

Her face looked hurt by his comment, and she looked away.

“I want too.”

“Then do it.” His eyes narrowed, his head lowering slightly.

“…It’s not that simple…” She turned away from him, facing him with her back, and having her arms behind her and holding the others hand.

“What’s so hard about waking yourself up?” Sonic gestured his arms out, trying to lighten up the mood and not have it so dramatic and tense. “I’ll even pinch ya if you want!”

Amy giggled, before turning around with tears streaming down her face, “I’ll be in a lot of pain if I woke up.”

The rolled a silent hum from above, as Sonic stared at the most beautifully tragic scene in his life.

“…Heh.” He lowered his head again, his eyes covered in shadows. “Why does everyone have to be so… so dramatic?!” He flung his body around, not wanting her to see the distress in his eyes, knowing full well that there were times she could read exactly what he was thinking or feeling.

He folded his arms as she lowered her head.

“I’m sorry, Sonic. I’m so sorry.”

He clenched his teeth, grimacing with a glare.

“I can’t endure that pain again… I-“

“I get it.”


She reached out for him.

His voice was harsh, but she knew why…

But how could he be so cruel?



He put his hands down to his hips, and looked up.

“It’s a nice world you got here.” He looked around, then down.

“I wouldn’t mind exploring it.”

She sucked in her breath.

“…Mind if I come again?”

He kicked the ground, seeing as he wasn’t making much of a dirty dent in it, but it kept him distracted from looking up at her again.

“…Heh…” She smiled through her tears. “Yes! Come back anytime!” she tilted her head cutely.

Sonic didn’t even nod.

He just kept testing the ground out.

Before long he raised his head, letting a big breath out from his nose.

“When it doesn’t hurt anymore… you’ll wake up?”

“Of course…”



“I know.”

She held her hands out in front of her, clutching them close to her face.

“…When will you be back?”


He then turned around with a cheeky grin and wink, “But not that soon! I’ve got an egg to scramble! Tell you all about it when I get back.”

He wasn’t being selfish.

This was the hardest thing for him, to let go.

To say goodbye.

It wasn’t the end, of course.

But he knew the pain wouldn’t leave her anytime soon.

This is what Silver meant by, ‘she couldn’t wake up’.

Not yet anyway.

He wouldn’t force that on her, that wasn’t like him to do.

No matter the pain of not being able to save her this time.

Time would have to do that for him.

He walked back up to her, not a footfall was heard, as he faced her and smiled kindly.

“…If you love me…?” he tilted his head, teasingly.

“…Then you won’t come back… till the job’s done.”

Amy also tiled her head, smiling from ear to ear.

He rolled his eyes at her answer. “…And?” He leaned his head forward.

“…And…” She looked away, and giggled fondly at his charm.

“I won’t tell you what to do.”

“Sleep well, Amy.”

“You too… Sonic…”

“Now, just because I wondered into your dreams to say hello, doesn’t mean you can ‘dream jump’ through mine or anything, got it? There’s already too much pink in this place, don’t start coming in and planting all your flowers and stuff in mine!”

“Ohh~ You’re world would do nicely with some color!”

“Just don’t mess with the coolness, alright?”

“Oh, you’d be happy to see me in your dreams!”

She stomped a foot down, playing along and right into his hands as he smirked, getting ready to leave from Silver’s constant mental tugging.

He turned from walking away from her with an irresistible playful grin.

“You’re just thrilled to have me here, aren’t you? The real me, not some fantasized bozo prancing around on some fancy white horse..”

“How ‘bout I visit you with fancy white horses?”

“Dream on!”

“Hahaha! Promise me you’ll dream of white horses! That’ll make my night!”

“…I’ll dream of something.”

As he was about to fade away, the spiral returning, Amy shouted-


Grabbing him from behind, she gave him one last hug.

…See you in your dreams… Amy.”

Silver broke the connection, and looked to Sonic with a weird look in his eyes, “…Horses?”

“It’s to lighten the mood.” Sonic rolled his eyes, and pushed Silver away, “Eavesdropper.”

Silver complained about not really being able to give them any ‘privacy’ because he was the link between them two, but Sonic just walked on, having some closure, and hoping to give Amy some exciting stories when he next sees her again…

When it’s hopefully… all over.

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in your au what kind of bloggers would the kids be?

John - He has one blog where he shares piano doodles as audio files, reblogs bunny rabbits, ghosts and ghost stories, and chatters about video games. He has a queue a mile wide and usually only shows up sporadically to shitpost in Japanese. A lot of people ask him if he actually speaks English. He likes to pretend he can’t as a prank.

Rose - Aesthetic-heavy writing blog where she posts her thoughts and doodles for her wizard books. She also makes nigh-unreadable walls of text walkthroughts of video games she’s played in separate pages on her blog, like her GameFAQ in canon. She has a video let’s play series where she under-reacts to horror video games, and usually goes completely off-topic a la cr1tikal and instead inputs huge poetic diatribes mocking the events onscreen. Dave is the one who edits it. It is full of memes.

Dave - Before he moved in with the Egberts he already had a blog where he mostly just babbles about absolutely nothing in his attempts to make commentary on stuff that happened in the 90′s, which he has no actual ability to comment on because he was born in 2003 and has absolutely no idea what it was like to be alive in the 90′s. Post-AR-Rescue, his blog is mostly about things he actually cares about, but mostly photography. He also had more interaction with his followers after it and started accepting advice from others who shared his interest.

Jade - If Jade were allowed on most blogging sites (which she is not at the moment because she is 8 years old) she’d pretty much just post videos of herself talking about highly complicated subjects that frustrate her, such as trying to get Dream Bot to not constantly fly and deplete her uranium energy source too quickly so she can minimize her carbon footprint.

And, just for funsies:

Karkat - A very shitty aesthetic blog where he posts things that he thinks look cool, regardless of if it actually matches anything else on his site. Once tried to change the color of the backdrop on his main page and destroyed the entire blog, leaving it an ungodly mess of buttons and grayscale pictures of farming equipment.

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You know, Kate & Chels were pictured together at polo events just hangin out on the grass area yet no pics of MM anywhere near the tent nor pics of her mingling w/ Wills & PH. Pinkdye from the DM is full of shit when she said there was a pic of Wills talking to MM. Now idk where Kate was during the polo event but the fact that there was not 1 single photo of all 3 of them mingling together, shows PH is still not comfortable being seen w/ her. Privacy is a BS excuse at this point.

She is a stalker imho, bot fly on Harry ass, parasite

recharging fliers

○ Fliers losing some of their motor function during recharge, and their wings constantly tapping on their berths for the most annoying woodpecker-esque noise you can imagine

○ Wings smacking berthmates unintentionally.
○ Wings showing their emotions during a dream.
○ Thrusters firing for a split second from dream spooks and leaving scorch marks, either on the berth, wall, or an unfortunate berth mate.
○ The grating sound of cockpit glass scraping across the berth.
○ Three bots to one berth when you bond with a seeker, and you weren’t expecting the entire trine to come with this one mech.
•   Having to deal with THEIR cuddle customs at night. 
○ Being the go-to bot when they’re having a dream about falling and unable to fly.
○ Being OK with being the smaller spoon because otherwise you may crush your berthmate’s wings. 
○ Having to sleep nearly falling off the edge of the berth because your wing friend likes to sleep closer to the wall because there’s an air vent there and flying bots need air currents so that they don’t go stir crazy and feel claustrophobic.
•   At least that’s what they SAY, but you really know it’s because they don’t want to fall off and dent their wings because ouch. 

Stony Prompt #10

“This is probably a bad time, but marry me?”

Tony is done with everything.

One would think that asking the person you like out for a date is the hardest part – but whoever says this has clearly never tried to propose. And maybe whoever says this is also not a superhero.

Three years ago, Tony actually thought that the scariest thing he’d ever do was to ask Steve out for a date and oh, how had he been mistaken. No, the scariest definitely is happening right now as they sit in a small restaurant. The brunet has big plans for today, big plans for Steve and his heart it beating so fast, he wouldn’t be surprised if it leapt right out of his chest.

He has the ring in his pocket. The waiter is instructed to bring them a special dessert (one that Steve loves with passion and that isn’t available at this place, but well, genius, billionaire here – Tony made it happen) and then it’ll be time for his big question.

Steve smiles at him from across the table, this sweet, beautiful little smile that makes his eyes light up and Tony once more realizes just how gone he is for this man.

Everything goes smoothly. Dessert arrives and as expected, Steve is beaming in joy, if not a little surprised. Tony’s heart thunders against his chest. He licks his lips and carefully reaches into his pocket, it’s now or never, he’ll really ask now-

Steve’s phone goes off and effectively ruins the moment. He gives Tony a sheepish smile and mouths an apology, ready to ignore the call – but then his expression changes into dead-serious in a matter of second and Tony knows their evening is over.

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