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So I was looking at lackofa’s tumblr on her Andalite concept because I was working on my own version and stumbled on a rabbit bot fly picture (big shoutout go see her gallery). And I thought huh, that’s an interesting form for an Andalite’s jaw. 

So out of boredom instead of working on my other Animorphs concept, I took a photo, liquified and warpped it, drew a draft then a rough lineart and then colored it up.

So yeah. Still, I think I might more his eyes down and narrow his ears.

But yeah. Andalite, based on a rabbit bot fly. :P

Lights! Cameras! Vibe and Kid Fl…action! We’ve been picking up the superhero slack since Barry sacrificed him to the Speed Force and Caitlin bailed to figure things out. I have to say, in the face of so much loss, we’ve been a pretty dynamic duo.  Hey Hollywood! Feel free to launch an entire Vibe and Kid Flash film franchise and don’t forget the Big Belly Burger Kids Meal toyline tie-in.  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re still ironing the kinks out of the operation.  While we always get the job done, it’s been taking longer than it did when The Flash was leading the charge.  This means zip, zilch, zero downtime. It’s so bad that I’ve missed every single summer movie blockbuster. Epic fail!

Then finally, after a whole day with no sign of trouble, I rolled the dice and bought ten movie tickets to binge-watch the day away.  As I strolled up to the theater, naturally, Iris sent an alert.  A new criminal mastermind was on the scene.  He wasn’t a meta, but rather a run-of-the-mill-genius-robotics engineer who built these coconut sized metal spheres that seemed harmless at first, until they opened up and released flying mini-bots with razor sharp teeth.  They’re basically pokeballs filled with death instead of cuddly creatures. Iris pinpointed the metal spheres attacking the gala opening of a graffiti-tagger-turned-legit artist’s gallery.  It was filled with the richest hipsters of Central City, along with their fat wallets primed for robbing.    

Cue Vibe and Kid Flash, ready to take on… sigh.  Okay, sidebar. Wally kept begging to name a baddie, and Iris suggested I give him a go.  Wally took one look at all of this guy’s gadgets and named him… Steve Jobs!  Steve Jobs?  I flipped out! Steve Jobs was a brilliant tech-influencer, not the inspiration for a super villain name. After running through a list of alts: Evil Bill Gates, Evil Elon Musk, he finally landed on The Robomanipulator.  Don’t worry. Part of Wally’s superhero training going forward will be a crash course in naming villains 101, taught by yours truly.

At the gallery, Kid Flash sped around and swatted all the flying mini-bots into my breaches. Can’t rob people if all your thieving bots are frozen in Antarctica!  Yes, it was a job well done…  if you ignore the online news articles reporting how the super-speeding and breach action sort of (immensely) frayed all the artist’s one-of-a-kind prints.  But a win’s a win, right?  Besides it allowed CCPD to track down Steve Jobs Robomanipulator and throw him behind bars.  

Still, even after saving the day, it’s clear it’s not just exhaustion weighing us down.  I wish we had Barry and Caitlin back. Not just for the superhero stuff.  TBH, spending the day in a movie theater isn’t as fun if you aren’t there with your best friends.


This will get under your skin. Guy has two or three bot flys in his back and his friends take them out.

Battle Wounds

I just wanted to say thank you guys for participating in Drabble Night. I had a lot of fun writing those and I feel like writing quick things helped my progress through my writers block. Requested by an anon for a Loki x Reader: “ someone attacks the avengers when they don’t expect it and their lover jumps in front of them getting injured like hell in the process,they survive of course but scare the living daylights out of their lover” Requests are closed at the moment. Enjoy!


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(bc you haven’t seen this GIF enough) 

I laughed, doubling over to ease my cramping stomach. A cold hand rubbed my back gently, soothing any pain that was there. I straighten up after a few seconds wiping tears from my eyes. “Oh my god Loki I can’t believe you actually did that.” I said falling against his hard chest, pushing his back further into the cushy couch. He wrapped his arms around me, reducing the space between our bodies. I rested my head on Loki’s shoulder and sighed, my abs sore. I felt his cool hands grip my hips, as his lips ghosted over my neck. I shuttered from the slight contact and tilted my neck, giving him more room to work with.

Loki hummed happily and attached his lips just behind my ear, sucking gently. I moaned quietly and gripped his hands. Satisfied with my response, he nibbled the bottom of my ear before kissing it. I tried to turn around on his lap, only to find his hands held me in place. “Loki” I whimpered squirming as he sucked on a pressure point. I heard him let out a satisfied puff of air before releasing his hands and helping me turn around.

Just as I was about to finally connect his lips with mine, a grey robot drifted into the room. I jumped off Loki’s lap and grabbed his hand, pulling him down as the robot shot a laser beam at the couch denigrating it. I pulled a hand gun from the waist band of my pants and shot at the android. My bullets bounced off harmlessly. “Why isn’t the alarm going off?” Loki whispered, suddenly in full battle armor. I tilted my head to the side in thought, realizing that Loki and I were the only two who knew about the robot. “TONY!!!!” I screamed, my voice echoing through the tower. “Damn, their out on a mission today.” I whispered to Loki who nodded in agreement.

I rolled as the bot shot another beam right where I would have been if I hadn’t moved. Loki stood, his cape somehow flowing though there was no wind. “I am Loki of Asgard, and I demand-” he began. “Ahhh Loki. Yes” The bot said. I froze as I heard the bot’s voice. “I know all about you.” I peeked out from behind the couch to see Loki standing tall and proud, his scepter grasped firmly in his hand. He stayed silent, sizing up the bot. “You’re from Asgard. Yes that’s right I know about Asgard. You’re beloved home.” Loki snorted, a sneer on his face. “I don’t know where you have gotten your information, but you are mistaken.”

The bot fixed its metal face into a grin that sent shivers to my core. “My mistake. I had forgotten that you were banished by none other than your older brother Thor.” I bit my lip knowing that if the bot kept talking, Loki would loose his temper and probably reduce the tower to dust. I unsheathed a knife and crept around the sofa, behind the bot, making sure to stay out of sight. “Always second best to him. It seems that even when you tried to please your father, you failed. You would never be good enough to rule a kingdom. So Thor got to rule, even though he’d much rather be out fighting like some brute.” Loki stood stiffly, his eyes trained on the bot’s metal ones. “Who are you?” He hissed, his grip on his scepter turning his knuckles white. “I an Ultron.” he said spreading his hands out. “And I am truly sorry I have to do this, but that little friend you were just with has an incredible resume.” Loki tensed his jaw, at the mention of me, and began discretely tilting his scepter at Ultron.

I crawled onto the balcony above Ultron and Loki, quietly unnerving my boyfriend. “My research also tell me she has an incredible body that will come in handy when searching for new recruits.” Ultron said, eyes full of malice. I jumped from the balcony and drove my knife into Ultron’s neck, before I pulled it out and stabbed him again, ferociously trying to gain access to his wiring. Through all the chaos I saw Loki trying to aim his beam without hitting me. “Stay back.” I yelled as the bot began to fly through the air. I swung me knife as he turned harshly, making me slice my own hand. I yelled out and fell from the air; falling onto the hard tile floor of the kitchen. “Ughhh” I groaned forcing myself to get up. “Stay down love its alright.” Loki said softly rubbing my shoulder. I brushed his hand off and threw my knife at the bot as it flew by. “Ow.” he said, running into a wall.

I pounced as the bot fell, ignoring the pleads from Loki to rest.  I ripped my knife out and jammed it where the heart should be, satisfied when a pained sound escaped Ultron. Repeating my motions over and over again, I felt my wrist crack from the repetitive actions but I didn’t stop until the light had died from Ultron’s eyes and Loki grabbed my wrist, making me yelp in pain. “(Y/n) stop you’re going to hurt yourself.” he said placing his hand on my hip and firmly pulling me towards him. I fought to control my ragged breath, as I slumped against his chest, giving in to the exhaustion. He gently picked me up bridal style and placed me on the burned sofa. He tore a strip off of his cape and took my bleeding hand in his. I flinched as the rough fabric touched my hand. “This is only until Bruce gets back and he can fix it properly.” Loki said sternly meeting my eyes with his blue ones.

A ding from the far side of the room made me jump, wincing in pain as I twitched my sore wrist. “What the hell happened in here? Why is there blood all over the floor?” Tony yelled as he and the rest of the team emptied into the living room from the elevator. I grimaced as I opened my mouth to explain the damage I caused. Loki stood and turned to the team. “Why don’t you tell us Stark?” he said pointing to the ruins that was once Ultron.  

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If you don't mind me asking, what's your hc for cybertronian reproduction?

I don’t mind at all, I love talking about this stuff. :)  GET READY FOR ANOTHER LONG POST.

Step 1:  Two or more bots spark-merge (press their sparks together, letting the outer layer mingle.  This transfers CNA back and forth between their sparks.  (But bots can also produce a viable spark without ever having spark-merged with a partner, so this is kind of optional.)

Step 2:  One of the bots engages in “raking”, which is the act of opening their chest panels and rubbing the outside of the spark until little sparklets (small poofs of spark) condense off the spark.  (This is not painful and the spark will naturally regenerate the lost material.)

Step 3:  Traditionally bots let them fly away on the wind like dandelion poofs.  They float easily, having just enough mass to catch a breeze.  BTW it’s considered really gauche to do this in an urban area, so urban bots generally save raking for camping trips, etc.

Step 4:  The sparklets eventually settle on the ground.  If the ground contains the right nutrients, they will ‘root’ in the ground and start building a protoform centered around the spark.  Fertile areas are called hotspots.  Hotspots deplete over time as the nutrients are used up, but new ones develop in other areas.  It’s the CIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIFE!  Tampering with a hotspot, or even walking through one, is STRONGLY taboo.  (But that didn’t stop both factions from ‘harvesting’ hotspots when the war got really desperate.)  Sparklets that land in infertile areas will dissipate within a few days.

Step 5:  The rooted sparks build their bodies until they are full size, then separate from the soil. Newly separated protoforms are pretty ‘formless’ compared to ‘adult’ bots.  They have a sort of hard carapace, no alt mode, and usually shamble around awkwardly and fall down a lot at first.  At this stage, their intelligence is about on par with a feral cat’s.   Protoforms have very sharp teeth and get their nutrients from eating rocks and plants, mostly.  TFP’s Megatron’s teeth are similar to typical protoform teeth.  (He had his dentae altered to look more appealing and ‘cute’ back when he and Orion were still doing the ‘peaceful revolution’ thing.) Over time protoforms develop more nuanced forms and intellects, based on what they observe around them.

Step 6:  You know how chicks instinctively follow a hen?  Protoforms instinctively follow each other.  They form loose groups called cohorts.  The members of a cohort will eat together, play together, nap on top of each other, and protect each other from danger.  They are instinctively wary and distrustful of ‘adult’ bots and will flee them.

Step 7: However, eventually this will pass and they will become intensely curious about adults.  This usually happens around the same time as they begin to gain true color in their plating.  What usually happens is that a protoform eventually follows an adult to a village or city.  (Before Cybertron went to shit, the cities would send out ‘lure-bots’, bots who would slowly drive through areas where cohorts hung out in order to be sure that the older protoforms had an opportunity to see / follow an adult back to civilization.)

Step 8: At this point the protoforms graduate to being called newsparks. They develop quickly, learning language and then societal norms. They begin interacting with adults.  They finish developing their alt mode.  They form a new cohort, and this one acts more like a group of teens as opposed to a group of critters. Adult bots communally care for the newsparks (feeding them, teaching them to drive or fly, providing medical care, etc.)  The antics of newsparks are viewed indulgently, which is good because they tend to break a lot of stuff. (Especially the larger newsparks, like shuttles.  And Primus help bots who have to deal with the ultra rare city-former newspark.)

Step 9:  At some point the newspark will again separate from their cohort, desiring to be regarded as “mature” and enter fully into Cybertronian society as an adult.  Before Functionism, this would entail a newspark asking for an apprenticeship or applying for a job.  In the Functionist regime, a newspark would be shuttled into a job based on their alt-mode, size, and maybe proficiency tests.

Whew, that was long!  But yeah, that’s my headcanon. :)

My brother in law’s buck he got last season! It has some interesting antlers, including a hole in the beam. I’ve never really seen that before, but was told it’s due to a parasite rather like a bot fly.

My brother in law has typically only hunted for food in the past, but since this is the biggest rack he’s gotten so far he also got it mounted.

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G1 red alert, prowl, mtmte tailgate, and rung finding out their Bot S/o can fly, by them throwing themselves off a very tall place that could kill them if they hit the ground. But just flying up and around after almost connecting with the ground like nothing happened. (Their alt mode is a car)

Oooooo, that’s a good one!

Red Alert:
-He freaks out “no! Don’t jump! I don’t care if you can fly, please stay next to me!”
-When you jump he pretty much starts bawling and when you start to fly he just gets worse because all he can think about is what if you didn’t fly?
-Hug him afterwards, he was worried about you and you pretty much did give him a panic attack

-Without skipping a beat, he reminds you that your alt mode is a car
-When you fall back off the building he contacts someone to catch you but quickly calls it off when you start showing off
-He honestly isn’t that mad, he just wishes he knew how talented you are

-He paniacs, “BUT YOUR ALT-MODE IS A CAR!”
-He is begging you not to jump but down you go and he almost jumps after you but then you fly back up being a little show off
-He hugs you and tells you how back in his day that wasn’t a thing

-When you tell him, he believes you
-You think he’s bluffing but he’s not, he read your face and knew you weren’t joking
-When you land he applauds you because he thinks your tricks were beautiful

so im still new to the fandom and i dont really have all the lingo down but im confused over the term “Seeker”

like its it just a term for a decepticon with jet alt form??? or just any bot with a jet form?? or any bot that can fly??? in that case why doesnt anyone call Cyclonus a “seeker” in fics??? is it cause he wasnt /really/ a decepticon??? or is he the wrong jet form??? or from a different city than where these “seekers” come from??? 

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tododeku + #34 please 🙏🏻

34. Before we jump

“You realize this is hands down the stupidest plan we’ve ever come up with,” Midoriya says, clutching his stomach as a wave of queasiness churns his insides. He pointedly does not look out the helicopter windows.

“It’s our only choice,” Todoroki says. He flashes a thumbs up to Tokoyami. It’s returned by both Tokoyami and Dark Shadow.

“I’m scared of heights, uh, a bit,” Midoriya confesses. Ever since he sent the gimmick bot flying during the entrance exam.

“That’s okay,” Todoroki says. “You can look at me while we’re free-falling.”

Free-falling. He says it so casually. Midoriya swallows thickly and looks at Todoroki. Steady, heroic Todoroki. Was he scared of anything?

“Are you actually scared of oh, I don’t know, anything?” Midoriya asks him.

“I’m scared of losing you,” Todoroki says. He turns to talk to the pilot. Midoriya’s jaws hangs open. Todoroki turns back to them. “It’s time,” he says.

Tokoyami opens the door and Midoriya leaps across the helicopter, latching around Todoroki’s waist in desperation. Todoroki pats him on the back, awkwardly.

“I, um,” Midoriya says. “I want to tell you before we jump out and kill ourselves, I…uh, I love you?” Midoriya says it like a question, all his bravado fading in the face of two completely calm heroes and an open helicopter door. “Yeah,” he says. “I love you.”

“The feeling is mutual,” Todoroki says. He smiles. “After this mission, I’ll take you to dinner, if you’d like?”

Midoriya doesn’t hold out any hope of surviving the jump, but the thought is nice. “I’m an expensive date,” he blurts. “After nearly dying, that is.”

“I think my wallet can handle that,” Todoroki says, wrapping one arm around Midoriya and the other around Tokoyami’s shoulders.

And then they jump.

Unusual Upbringing (Part 12)

Prompt: Imaging growing up with the Maximoffs and falling for Pietro

Word Count: 2310

Warning: language, poverty/despair/wartorn country, pain and violence, death, all aboard the angst train

Note: The events in this fic will take place before, during, and after Age of Ultron…Beta’d by literally the best person in the world @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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Steve informed everyone what their job was. Stark was to find Ultron and figure out what he was doing. Vision knew that he was going to Sokovia but no one was sure why. Everyone else needed to evacuate the city.

The ride over for you was tense. It scary. You weren’t sure what you were walking into. What you, Pietro, and Wanda were walking into. Any of you could be hurt…or worse. You were terrified, but you needed to do this, you had to do this.

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The future is amazing.

I haven’t been writing much because my free time has been utterly consumed by a new toy.  I bought a HTC Vive.  Normally I am not an early adopter of technology.  I get on the curve early, but not this early.  However, after trying a VR headset for myself, I broke with my tradition of waiting for the next generation.

You see, it is the most immersive experience I’ve ever had.  When I held a sword after defeating my enemies and a dragon flew overhead, I felt like a hero.  When murderous robots flew out of the dark at me I panicked and called my brother to get on his headset and play multiplayer with me so I had someone to watch my back.  And when three flying buzzsaw drones came at me I emptied my assault rifle at one, threw the empty gun at the other instead of reloading, and then screamed and hid under the table with my eyes closed until I died and it all went away.

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Bugging me.

Hera took another sip of her caff and continued reading the datapad, examining the details Fulcrum had pulled from the Imperial database with a thoroughness honed from years of researching these things.

They were all still winding down after the mission to Garel and another, shorter mission to some swampy backwater world that only had a numerical designation.

Sabine was off ship with Zeb, catching up with Ketsu as they shopped for supplies in one of the underground markets.

Kanan and Ezra were on ship but they were out of her way, Kanan napping and Ezra…

Hera’s thoughts trailed off as the padawan trudged into the common room with his face twisted into a grumpy grimace and a hand scratching at the back of his head.

“Oh, hey Hera.” He said with a wave as he started searching cabinets for something.

“Looking for something?” Hera questioned.

“Uh, yeah I’m just looking for some of those headache pills.” Ezra replied as the short padawan tried to reach one of the top shelves.

“Why do you need one of those?” Hera asked raising an eyebrow.

“The back of my head’s been hurting since way early this morning, it’s like an insect bite or something.” Ezra said as he started to try and climb up onto the counter.

“First, Ezra down. Second, let me take a look.” There were several species of biting insects on Ryloth and she’d been bit by all of them more than once.

“It’s fine Hera, I’m sure it’s just-”


Ezra let out a huff and climbed down as Hera walked over. She turned him around and took a look at the skin he’d been scratching, parting aside blue hair too take a peak.

There were three bumps, each was crusted over with dried blood and other gunk and it looked like he’d been scratching at them nonstop.

“Oh Ezra, how much have you been messing with these?” She asked, already pretty sure what the answer was.

“I may have scratched at them a little.” He admitted sheepishly.

Hera ‘mhmmed’ and kept looking at the bumps, she could’ve sworn one of them twitched very slightly.

“Huh, alright I need to clean all this stuff off the spots too look at them, put your head under the faucet Ezra.”

“Hera it’s-”

“It may or it may not be, Ezra Bridger, but double checking never hurts.” Hera said in a voice Kanan jokingly called the 'mom voice’. It worked well for cutting off an errant crew members whining.

“Fine.” Ezra grumbled as he stuck his head, face down, under the faucet in the sink.

Hera stood off center, grabbing some detergent from underneath the sink. It was basically the same as shampoo if Kanan was to be believed.

“This might sting a bit since I’m pretty sure you scraped all the skin off back there.” Hera admitted as she turned the water on lukewarm. It flowed across Ezra’s scalp and down his bangs.

“Ow! You were right!” Ezra hissed as Hera poured some of the detergent onto the spot and started scrubbing, cleaning off the dried blood and gunk covering the bumps.

The bumps looked like massive pimples once cleaned, and Hera began to wonder if maybe Ezra had been stung by something-

Oh. Holy. Gods. The pustules were moving, what the..?

Hera almost dropped the detergent bottle as the realization hit her.

Boots fly larvae from the swamp planet, she’d told all of them about it in the report but never expected any of them to get one, or any for that matter!

But sure enough, the butt end of three larvae were sticking out of the back of Ezra’s head.

“Ezra, do you remember the booga flies I talked about in the briefing?” Hera asked calmly as she opened a cabinet and grabbed the medkit inside.

“Yeah?” Ezra asked nervously.

“Well, sweetie, don’t panic but three larvae are in your scalp.” Hera said gently.

“What!?” Ezra shouted and tried to rise up from the sink. Hera stilled his movements with a calming hand on his back.

“Easy Ezra! It’s nothing too serious, but we do need to pull them out. Now what I’m going to do is grab the tweezers here and do just that. I’m going to need you to be still, okay kiddo?” Hera asked. She was grateful he nodded in answer and steadied himself.

Hera grabbed the butt of the wiggling larvae and pulled, trying hard not to notice Ezra’s whimper as the little spines ringing the worms body scraped the enflamed hole. It tried several times to go deeper but Hera redoubled her grip on it and finally yanked the ugly little worm out, before tossing it down the drain.

One down, that only took almost ten minutes and Ezra almost crying a couple of times.

And here she went again.

“Thanks Hera.” Ezra mumbled from beside her as he took a drink of hot chocolate with cinnamon, which Hera thought he’d probably deserved after…ugh those worms were creepy.

“No problem sweetheart, I know that wasn’t any fun. Luckily we caught them early though. But next time you got to a tropical world you’re wearing a helmet.” Hera replied as she scrolled through more of Fulcrum’s information.

“Yeah, can we never speak of this?” Ezra asked.

“Absolutely, after seeing that I don’t even want to see an ant crawling on my ship.” Replied with a grin. Ugh those worms probably would’ve even given Chopper the creeps.

Unless the droid thought they’d make a good weapon of terror, so no mentioning this to him for sure.

Jak Fandom! Listen! (Long Post)

Brother! Sisters! Siblings of no particular preference! Lend me your ears! Eyes… Whatever!

So, I was playing through the JD trilogy again, as is my yearly tradition, and as I was playing Jak 3 I got to the Precursor-Bot fight. I beat it fairly quickly and was excited to get the Arc Wielder. I know it’s not the best gun, but shooting a whip of lightning will always be cool. Anyway! I realized something realized something in the cutscene immediately after the fight.

Link to said cutscene here:

So, the Precursor-Bot explodes, parts fly everywhere and Jak and Dax are looking pleased with themselves for destroying yet another a priceless artifact. The usual. The Arc Wielder mod falls at Jak’s feet, keep in mind that this seemingly random piece of machinery just came from an old as dirt alien robot, and it takes Jak all of two seconds to go “Cool, I can put that on my gun and wreck stuff!”

So, starting from the top.

1)      Jak can identify machinery that is compatible with his morph gun, even if that machinery is of Precursor origin.

2)      Jak can identify which gun mode said machinery should be applied to. (The Vulcan in this case)

3)      Jak can apply said machinery to his morph gun without tools or referencing schematics for any of the parts involved.

4)      The gun and mod works perfectly for the rest of the game.

This shocked me until I went into the secrets and realized the largest section of the secrets menu is dedicated to gun mods. No, you don’t understand. It’s huge. Gun mods account for 34% of the secrets in general and about 59% of the secrets that actually effect gameplay.

Guys, what if Jak is selling the precursor orbs he gathers for parts so he can personally mod his guns?

I mean, thinking on it now, it makes so much sense on Jak’s part to learn how to mod guns, both as a logical progression and as an emotional one. Jak’s usual supplier of mods (Krew) is dead, and as Jak looks around as the dust of Jak 2 settles, he sees all of his friends just continue with their lives. Ashelin and Torn have the city to run, Sig goes back to his usual Wastelander business, Tess and Dax are running their new bar, and Keira goes back to her job at the stadium and Jak is just like… What now?

Because, let’s face it, Jak had no plans for himself past killing Praxis. He probably just assumed the dark eco would kill him or drive him insane so making plans seemed pointless. But then the end of Jak 2 rolls around and he is not only alive, but sane. How do you live after knowing, accepting that your life was coming to an end?

Worse than any of that is Praxis’ last words to Jak in J2. “You are the ultimate weapon, Jak, and I made you.”

What skills, besides racing and fighting, does Jak actually have? Jak was raised, at least in part, by Samos, who knew he needed to bring Jak up as a fighter or the future would be destroyed. Was he raised with any other path but that of a soldier in mind? Probably not. With his friends all going on leading relatively normal lives while he just tries to figure out what to do, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Jak feeling lost and like nothing more than the weapon Praxis made him to be.

So imagine Jak just sitting in a booth at the newly christened Naughty Ottsel just working with his gun. He had to have learned how to take proper care of it for it to work as well as it does, and maybe one day Jak’s just like “I bet I can make this shoot faster”. And he does. It takes him a while the first time around, but as time goes on gun modding becomes a hobby Jak can fall back on when Daxter is working the bar and he just needs to do something. Jak quickly discovers he’s not good at making new guns from scratch because when he tries to plan one out he gets the gun equivalent of writer’s block and just winds up staring at a blank paper for hours, so he sticks to just upgrades.

Upgrading guns eventually becomes second nature to Jak and he’s amazing at it but seeing as he’s not the social type, very few people actually know about his new skill. Daxter finds out because he’s Daxter and no secrets exist between these two. Tess finds out because of Daxter and starts looking into making guns herself, both as a new hobby and something to bond with Jak over when Dax is too wasted to talk to them. Jak shows Sig when he needs advice about Peace Makers, and Torn and Jinx find out while doing mission work.

Giving Jak materials for new mods becomes the standard present you give him when you want to cheer him up or need a particularly dangerous favor and modding may not be an actual job for Jak, but for the first time since arriving in Haven City Jak’s making things instead of destroying them, and he finally feels like he’s moving forward.

And then he gets banished.

He’s stripped of all the work he’s done over the past year as his gun is confiscated and his room at the Naughty Ottsel is sieged as Veger tries to put up more “evidence” of Jak’s connection with Krew and the metal heads. Then he’s dropped in the desert without as much as a standard pistol.

He’s picked up by the Spargans, tossed into the arena. He’s given a basic blaster, and all at once Jak realizes he’s got a fresh start in Spargus, and the worn, old blaster in his hands is a symbol of that. So he starts from square one again and tests his mods out in the arena regularly and the people of Spargus quickly catch on the fact that Jak’s gun has got some real oomph to it. Wastelanders start coming to him on the regular for tweeks and upgrades and this time around Jak’s actually getting paid for it. The payment’s not always in things like orbs or skull gems, but Jak’s more than happy to get booze for increased ammo capacity. Damas even makes his job official by giving a booth in the bazar to work at when he’s not doing missions.

It’s a little hard to keep working there after Damas dies, but Jak’s father told him to make war his own. To make his own life. And as hard as that may be sometimes, he going to honor his father’s advice. Jak cherishes the old Blaster Damas gave him as much as he does the armor and seal of his family, and the sting of losing his last gun to Veger hurts a little less now.

Okay. That’s my rant. Sorry it’s so long.

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At bay

Word count: 1,533

I blame @hidaulie and Jongdae. More notes below.

Your name reaches your ears and you shrink into yourself.

God, please, no.

You pick up your pace, making your way through the crowded corridor, pushing flybots out of your way. You nearly trip over some bot lying on the floor and its owner screams both at you and nothing, seeing his work so close to be destroyed.

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Nothing But Thieves

Had this idea whilst listening to some Royal Blood and wanted to create a fic which was the opposite of a few Reader x Quill things I’ve read on here, to add diversity. I made this bad gif cause I couldn’t find any of this scene.


Warnings; Mild swearing

Synopsis; A series of unfortunate events winds up to you meeting Quill and things go quite the opposite as to how Quill would have liked, not everyone falls for his charm. 

Small stands of various trinkets and souvenirs came crashing down behind you, people frantically trying to get away from the commotion you were causing. Sirens blared, causing the smashed glass that lay scattered on the ground to tremble, all from the store you took the rare commodity from. Your satchel swung behind your legs as you sprinted for your life, your facial expression changing from smirking to open mouthed worry, the excitement and adrenaline never leaving your blown pupils. Patrols of large, orange and green beasts perused you, wearing heavily armoured suits and carrying charged weapons trying to get a clear shot. Pushing people out of your path, you swung from one of the stands hoping that it would fall on one of your perusers but you didn’t have the time to turn around and check as they were hot on your tail.

There was something about Xandar which grated on you, whether it was the ‘happy-go-lucky normal folk’ that lived there whom all believe they were prim and proper or whether it was that there was nothing ever fun or dangerous going on, you were a thrill seeker and growing up on Xandar made you feel like a caged lion, so after speaking to a few ravagers one evening in a down town bar who knew some guy Yondu, you decided that you wanted their lifestyle, one of adventure, not doing a basic everyday job. You had soon joined up and been given your own pair of ravagers clothes which included a small blue jacket which you adored. It was basic gear with basic escape equipment though you tinkered over the years and ‘found’ new equipment making you one of Xandars top wanted criminals.

The patrol grew from five to seven as you briefly turned around and laughed obnoxiously before diverting around an ally way past a crowd of people. Quickly dropping to your knees and twisting your metallic D350; disguiser, turning you into a mere beggar who sat praying, whom, to passers by, would have thought nothing more of it. You smirked, remaining face first, eyes closed, legs folded and hands together as the stone looking beasts ran past, shouting orders at each other to find you. Once recognising that you had fooled Xandars Star Command morons, you turned your ring, ever observant of your surroundings as tiny silver swirled designs clicked into place. You slid back up the wall to your feet and burrowed into your satchel, a proud grin stretching across your face as you pulled out a glowing crystal that was shaped as a lions head and had eagles wings coming out from it’s mane. It shone a multitude of colours ranging from the deepest purple to the most blazing orange you’d ever seen, this is going to earn you a lot of units. You swiftly placed it back in your satchel before brushing yourself down and straightening out your jacket.

“Well, you sure went to a lot of trouble getting that.” A tall man, with wispy light hair and piercing green eyes spoke, startling you. By the looks of him he was a ravager too, perhaps he knew Yondu. You watched him carefully, calculating whether he was a threat or not, slanting to one side you shrugged and placed a hand on your hip, watching his own hands as he threw a silver orb in the air.

“Eh, fooling those morons is hardly troubling.” Your sarcasm bemused him, causing him to chuckle, take a step closer and nod in confirmation. Your eyes flicked from his movements to the silver orb and the cogs of your mind began turning ‘if you brought your buyer this crystal as well as that orb, you could be a millionaire. It’s gotta be worth something, right?’ You smiled innocently, batting your eyelashes at your new target. You knew straight of the bat what type of man he was, the self proclaimed ‘lady killer’, or as you knew, the local town idiot. 

“You threw out some nice moves though, I must say.” He arched a brow, attempting a smoulder which would have probably stopped most women dead in their tracks, though you couldn’t help but laugh at it. You stood up straight, twirling your hair and putting on an innocent giggle at his words, you were sure he’d be fooled by your act. He was. 

“So, Mr.Charmer, what’s that you got there? I can only imagine the danger you had to go through to get it.” You took a step closer to him, slowly closing the gap between you and bit your lip, looking into his eyes and placing a hand on his chest. Better get some info on this thing before you blindly take it, you wouldn’t want to take this much painful effort to get something that’s worthless.

“Oh this?” He threw the orb into the air before catching it one handed.

 “It’s pretty special, I was going to give it to someone except the guy just backed out of a deal on me. If there’s one thing I hate it’s a man without integrity. The names Peter Quill but most call me Star Lord.” He smirked looking you up and down and you reciprocated his smirk. Bingo. You were going to be rich.  

“Well Star Lord, you are certainly a man of integrity though by that, I mean you’re a fool.” Your retort was soon registered by Quill though by then it was too late. Kneeing his gut, his reflexes betrayed him, his hand opened throwing the orb into the air. You caught it and began sprinting in the opposite direction, soon to be noticed by the big brutes once chasing you. ‘Great, now you have Star bitch and the goons on you.’  You darted in and out of ally ways barging past pedestrians. Turning to face your chasers briefly, you pulled out your gun and began firing, though it was blindly.  Facing forward you sprinted faster now aware of your fatigue, calculating your escape route was especially difficult now that drones had got involved. Small, red and black armoured flying bots with almost excellent precision began firing at your legs though you retorted by throwing a electrolysis tag on to one, shorting its circuits and causing it to come crashing down to the ground, rolling behind you and tripping one of your hunters. 

It only took two seconds of diversion for you to be tackled to the ground by Quill and surrounded by him and the others. Panting you put your hands up and shrugged as they circled you. You placed the orb in your satchel and put on a charming smile.

“C’mon guys, it was just a bit of loose change. Surely we can all have a few beers and talk this out…no?” You constantly and steadily spun on your heels so that none of your hunters could pounce as your hand snuck into your back pocket and pulled out more electro tabs. Holding them in a ball in your hand your chasers took a step towards you and you furred your brow.

“Guess not.” You dropped the tabs and slid through a large orange aliens legs, tripping him up and detonated your tabs causing all your chasers to drop to their knees in pain. You darted round a corner to find a large orange, blue and silver ravagers ship. It looked similar to your own except much larger and considering yours was on the other side of town, past the laser weapons and horrible creatures you had no other option than to hijack this one. 

Quill by then had, had enough. He shot to his feet, racing after you, it wasn’t everyday he was outwitted and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let you keep doing it. A look of pure determination etched its way across his face and he threw himself on to his Milano just as you had managed to lift it off the ground. Rolling onto his ship, he picked himself up before rushing to his pilots chair. Upon seeing you he didn’t even flinch or brace himself, he placed one of his own tabs on the back of your neck, causing you to scream out before you fell into unconsciousness. He hauled you from his seat as the Milano plummeted to the ground, quickly bracing for impact he squinted and gritted his teeth, desperate to cause as little damage to his ship as possible. 

Brilliant orange rays lifted it from crashing to the ground at the last moment and Quill groaned looking back at your sprawled out body that was slowly regaining consciousness, you sat up, rubbing your head and glaring at Quill when a booming voice spoke.

“By the authority of the Nova Corp you are under arrest.” 

You simultaneously sighed; “Oh crap.” 

anonymous asked:

in your au what kind of bloggers would the kids be?

John - He has one blog where he shares piano doodles as audio files, reblogs bunny rabbits, ghosts and ghost stories, and chatters about video games. He has a queue a mile wide and usually only shows up sporadically to shitpost in Japanese. A lot of people ask him if he actually speaks English. He likes to pretend he can’t as a prank.

Rose - Aesthetic-heavy writing blog where she posts her thoughts and doodles for her wizard books. She also makes nigh-unreadable walls of text walkthroughts of video games she’s played in separate pages on her blog, like her GameFAQ in canon. She has a video let’s play series where she under-reacts to horror video games, and usually goes completely off-topic a la cr1tikal and instead inputs huge poetic diatribes mocking the events onscreen. Dave is the one who edits it. It is full of memes.

Dave - Before he moved in with the Egberts he already had a blog where he mostly just babbles about absolutely nothing in his attempts to make commentary on stuff that happened in the 90′s, which he has no actual ability to comment on because he was born in 2003 and has absolutely no idea what it was like to be alive in the 90′s. Post-AR-Rescue, his blog is mostly about things he actually cares about, but mostly photography. He also had more interaction with his followers after it and started accepting advice from others who shared his interest.

Jade - If Jade were allowed on most blogging sites (which she is not at the moment because she is 8 years old) she’d pretty much just post videos of herself talking about highly complicated subjects that frustrate her, such as trying to get Dream Bot to not constantly fly and deplete her uranium energy source too quickly so she can minimize her carbon footprint.

And, just for funsies:

Karkat - A very shitty aesthetic blog where he posts things that he thinks look cool, regardless of if it actually matches anything else on his site. Once tried to change the color of the backdrop on his main page and destroyed the entire blog, leaving it an ungodly mess of buttons and grayscale pictures of farming equipment.

recharging fliers

○ Fliers losing some of their motor function during recharge, and their wings constantly tapping on their berths for the most annoying woodpecker-esque noise you can imagine

○ Wings smacking berthmates unintentionally.
○ Wings showing their emotions during a dream.
○ Thrusters firing for a split second from dream spooks and leaving scorch marks, either on the berth, wall, or an unfortunate berth mate.
○ The grating sound of cockpit glass scraping across the berth.
○ Three bots to one berth when you bond with a seeker, and you weren’t expecting the entire trine to come with this one mech.
•   Having to deal with THEIR cuddle customs at night. 
○ Being the go-to bot when they’re having a dream about falling and unable to fly.
○ Being OK with being the smaller spoon because otherwise you may crush your berthmate’s wings. 
○ Having to sleep nearly falling off the edge of the berth because your wing friend likes to sleep closer to the wall because there’s an air vent there and flying bots need air currents so that they don’t go stir crazy and feel claustrophobic.
•   At least that’s what they SAY, but you really know it’s because they don’t want to fall off and dent their wings because ouch.