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I’m actually not against Henry/Catherine (my favorite scene in Shadow of the Tower is theirs in ep10).  PG did absolutely nothing with them. No conflicting emotions, no true examination. Nothing.

i have nothing against a friendship or a warm (but platonic) relationship, since it seems that they were acquaintances and saw each other regularly after Elizabeth’s death. so yeah, something like that, i am very okay with it. but the way it’s depicted in fictions –Henry cheating on Elizabeth with the wife of a pretender (????? like for real??) and lusting after her and trying to seduce her– it’s just so ridiculous and so OOC when you know Henry a little.
so henry/katherine frienship : GREAT
but henry/katherine as lovers : UGH NO

I found a bunch of books through Wars of the Roses lists, so I wanted to pay it forward with a list of my own. Lancaster heavy, but includes Plantagenet, York and Tudor stuff. Go here for a York heavy list (and enjoy the spot on sporking of the awful-brilliant The White Queen by the op). Most files in pdf, others in epub (I recommend calibre). For educational aka fandom purposes.

There are bunch of books I couldn’t find electronic versions of but would like to mention anyway: John M. Ford’s The Dragon Waiting, Susan James biography of Katherine Parr, W. L Warren’s biography of King John, and The Fears of Henry IV, another biography, this one by Ian Mortimer, who appears a few times on this list. Find them and read them! They are amazing.

Biographies The Three Edwards by Thomas Constain The Plantagenets by Dan Jones The Perfect King by Ian Mortimer [Edward III] History of the Reign of Richard III by Thomas More Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir History of the Reign of King Henry VII by Francis Bacon The Winter King by Thomas Penn [Henry VII] Young Henry: Rise of Henry VIII by Roger Hutchington Blood Sisters [Women of the Wars of the Roses] by Sarah Gristwood

Historical Fiction Katherine by Anya Seton [John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford] Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell [Henry V] Queen of Last Hopes by Susan Higginbotham [Margaret of Anjou] The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory [Margaret Beaufort] To Hold The Crown by Jean Plaidy [Henry VII] Queen’s Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle [Katherine Parr] The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey [Richard III] Wars of the Roses by Conn Iggulden [Henry VI] Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantell [Thomas Cromwell] The Sunne In Splendor by Sharon K. Penman [Richard III] Knighthood In Flower by Charles Major [Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor] Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor Vampire Slayer by Lucy Weston

Extras The Enduring Appeal of Richard III by Harriet Jordan Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn Most Pleasant Song of Lady Bessy [Elizabeth of York] Shakespeare’s Histories - RII to RIII Medieval Intrigue: Decoding Royal Conspiracies by Ian Mortimer Polydore Vergil’s History - Volume 3 - Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck by Mary Shelley

Streaming Older Movies Tower of London [Richard III] Chimes at Midnight [Henry IV] Streaming Older TV The Devil’s Crown [Henry II to King John]  The Shadow of the Tower [Henry VII] Six Wives of Henry VIII Elizabeth R Princes In The Tower [Perkin Warbeck] By The Sword Divided [English Civil War]

+  The first episode of An Age of Kings.

Henry/Elizabeth Fic

Elizabeth POV, post-Bosworth pre-marriage. My attempt at romance, since there’s a severe lack of it for Henry/Elizabeth.  It’s more or less fluff, but with what I hope is a lot of good character stuff for Henry and Elizabeth. It should go without saying that this is (obviously) not true, and just my interpretation of their relationship in fanfic.

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Humours of the Vulgar - Henry VII - Original Chapter

Hello everyone. Some of you might remember me. I posted a few Henry and Henry/Elizabeth fics many, many months ago. Well, I’m back with another! This is the only completed chapter of my Henry VII book. I call it Humours of the Vulgar, a line from Francis Bacon’s History of Henry VII. HotV follows Henry VII and Elizabeth of York from 1483 to 1503. This chapter is very dear to me. I wrote it about two years ago and worked on it constantly (The Shadow of the Tower inspiration is all over this because I still rewatch it to this day). I ended up submitting it to a writing contest. Long story short: I lost, but what you’re getting here is the final of four drafts. My mentor tore it up and put back together in a wonderful way, so it’ll read different from the fics because this one was (mercilessly) edited. This chapter is the 4th in HotV and it starts with Henry at Bosworth until he reaches London. It was a labor of love that I decided to share with my fellow Henry VII enthusiasts because it’s been sitting in my HotV folder for months and months, and we all know there’s a serious lack of Henry VII fiction around. Feedback would be most welcome, and if anyone has questions about this chapter or Humours of the Vulgar, feel free to ask.

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Henry/Elizabeth Fic (with Arthur, Margaret and Harry)

Hey there. Here’s another fic from me. Elizabeth POV (I love writing her!). Set in early 1497 between the first Cornish Rebellion and the imminent threat of Perkin Warbeck in Scotland. I wanted to explore Henry and Elizabeth’s moods and thoughts during this specific time, imagining them as a little more fraught and haggard than my first fic where it’s romantic and they’re both lighthearted and hopeful. I also wanted to explore a bit of their relationship with their children (age 11, 8 and 6). I fell into a similar set up like the last fic (setting the main action within a game, this time chess instead of cards, since it’s a way to have them be alone together right away without much exposition), but I liked how it turned out. Hope you do too! Once again, complete fiction.

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Henry + Prince Harry Fic

for harritudur, who wanted something post-Elizabeth death with Henry and Prince Harry. This fic is actually from a partly-written outline of the last chapter of Humours of the Vulgar. I always intended to end HoTV with Elizabeth’s death and Prince Henry seeing his father right after, so this request was perfectly timed. It’s not very sweet, though. I hope you like it.

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Humours of the Vulgar - Original Chapter - Elizabeth POV

Hi there!  Here’s another chapter of my Henry VII story, Humours of the Vulgar. Takes place in 1484 and is in Elizabeth’s POV, so no Henry. You’ll still feel his presence because this chapter is about Elizabeth meeting with Margaret Beaufort. HotV alternates between Henry and Elizabeth chapters and this is chronologically before the chapter I posted many months ago. I hope you guys like this! I love writing Elizabeth.

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Short Henry Fic, 1483

The wind swept over his hair as sweat trickled down his back, the fierce creature comfortable between his legs. Nothing touched him during the hunt. Not his thoughts, not the future, not the hundreds of nobles who swore allegiance to his invisible crown. The past was gone as well, trampled underneath the hooves of his horse as they made their way east towards the rising sun. Two-dozen years of running turned the pain in his thighs to muscles that contorted to every jump over broken branches and scattered rocks. Nothing stood in the way of his kill.

When he was a boy Henry believed he was born in the wrong body, he never grew accustomed to running on his own two feet. He closed his eyes but never slept. He carried on his back a weight, growing heavier every day. He was always leaving, going, hurrying. One instant in silence, and the next in spurs. Surely God meant for him to be a horse with four strong legs, and some mistake was made in the ethereal realm that had him be born Henry Richmond of the long, thin limbs, forever tired in forever exile. He was not an exile here. Not tired either. Not a man. Not a king with the hopes of those who’d make him king. He was the horse and the ground underneath, the light touching the leaves that shook when his prey took careful steps to hide. Henry could hunt forever; there was a purpose after all, a road to take with a prize at the end, and he could run. Oh, could he run. The rest was a little harder, but he did it all the same. Did it as Jasper taught him. Slow down. Listen. Trust your breath. Trust the wind. Draw, notch, hold. Trust your instincts. Loose. Know you’ll sleep with a full belly for when you wake and must run again.

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It’s really too bad that she’s relegated to a plot device. She’s the perfect character to deal with about Perkin Warbeck, and she’s a way to humanize him and connect him to Henry. Wasted opportunity by Pgregs.

“Wasted opportunity” could be the title of PG’s biography ahaha. Catherine is a fascinating character tbh. Her life with Perkin, then at Henry’s court, then under Henry VIII’s reign with her various marriages. so many things to write about! the few fictions i know about her are just terrible. as you said, she is mainly used as a plot device. it’s sad… every woman during this troubled period is so interesting!