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#AusYAChallenge August Book Photo Challenge:

Day 4: Long Term TBR.

So these are the books that I hardly ever feature in my photos because they’re stored in a storage box I have under my desk. I keep forgetting about them because of where they’re kept, haha. But I will get to them…Sometime…. 😂❤️📚👏🏻📖😍👍🏻

Join us at Boswell Books Monday, August 29th, as we welcome Ernest Cline and his novel, Ready Player One, to their second Milwaukee stop on the tour! This is guaranteed to be a geeky good time. We’ll be bringing some 80s-themed merchandise to get everyone in the right state of mind! If the staff recommendations for this book aren’t enough to sell you, talk to Margaret! She read the book and loves it!

August 29, 2011 - 7pm
Boswell Books - 2559 N. Downer Avenue

We’ll see you there!