Wait, everyone? What’s so important that you need to talk to everyone?

I’m here to advertise a worldwide Homestuck-related event my poor, confused friend! 

To cut it short, this is a post I’m making on behalf of the brains behind the International Homestuck Meet Day, and I’d like to see as many people as possible reading it!

What’s International Meet Day?

Internationalstuck was originally an idea that came about in a Facebook group for Homestuck cosplayers.

The basic idea is that we have as many Homestuck meets across the world on the same date, take photos, film it, and post them online for other meet groups to see. The main point is to show how our meets differ, and to potentially bring us a little closer as a fandom.

After an hour or so, a date was decided, and by now there are over 3k possible attendees on the official event page!

When is it? Who is taking part?

So far there are meets in the UK, Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Norway, Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and more! There are also people from lots of other areas looking for meets to be created locally for them. The main event is on AUGUST 10TH, so save the date!

How can I get involved?

The easiest thing you can do (other than reblogging this) is check out and join the Facebook group and event page, included below. Other than that, adding suggestions for meet areas, organising individual meets, helping others find their local meets and finding potential meet organisers would be awesome! We only have three admins right now, and this is a big operation!

Who can I contact about meets? What if I don’t have Facebook?

You can contact any of our three current admins: Me, Annie or Em at our tumblrs, or just send an ask directly to the Internationalstuck blog.

So that’s basically it, and I hope you can help with Internationalstuck, even if that’s just by reblogging to spread the word!!

Internationalstuck Blog:

Event Page
FB Group

(art by tumblr user rakewn, used with their permission!)

Do You Like Homestuck? Do You Like Proms? NYC PROMSTUCK

Or do you at least tolerate each enough to attend one last Promstuck? You’re in luck, because we are organizing one for this September!

We are currently trying to determine the size space we need to fit those of you who want to come to this event, so here is the post to gauge attendance!

If you want to come to a Promstuck even in New York City, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! Even if you are not quite sure, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! Even if it is a slim chance, please REBLOG OR LIKE this post! 

More information on the way, so please track the “nyc promstuck” to stay posted!