Anime Boston (informal) Barstuck

So this isn’t a formal event by any means, but we’ve gotten a few asks about if we’re hosting a barstuck event at Anime Boston.  While we unfortunately won’t be holding a long, organized event, a bunch of us will definitely be heading to the bar on Friday night in Homestuck cosplay.  No shared tables, no big checks - just grab a drink and hang out.  Everyone is welcome to cruise over at your own leisure, and our group will be at the HIlton hotel bar (Forty Dalton Lounge) starting at around 9:30PM Friday night. Again, this isn’t an official event by any means: just a heads up that a bunch of Homestucks will be hanging out around this time, and if you’d like to join in, feel free!

This also means a slight change to our cosplay lineup, so keep an eye out for the folks in 50stuck: