Coattier Aradia by blackoutballad Homestuck

Cosplay Iceskating 2014


The main body of the coat is 100% wool. Very warm for how thin it is overall. I had bought 3+ yards of a different red wool, but it ended up too orange, so I spent 80+ dollars on another 3-and-some-odd yards of red fabric which ended up a tiny bit too pink. So I gambled those $80 on dyeing it about two shades darker. Luckily it ended up the perfect red color. The lining is a dark red anti-static, the dark red accents are premium cotton, the light red accents are also premium cotton, and those little side flip-flaps (the ones between the side slits) are a bright red two-way stretch knit with very little stretch. I wanted that part to be very flowy.

For the pattern I spliced together a few different patterns. I used the puff sleeves from the princess dress and a the base pattern of a steampunk jacket. I made sure to make the pockets actually functional so I had a place to put my phone. It’s a bit high and kind of an awkward angle to stick my hands in, but it’s the perfect size for my small necessities. I was admittedly a little bit lazy during the mock-up/fitting stage so it ended up a little bit too loose around the waist, so I modified the original design a little bit to have a corset back instead of the band and buttons. That, coupled with the zipper front makes the jacket really easy and comfortable to adjust on the fly.

Yeah those front eight buttons, plus the six on the sleeves, and the four on the hips as well as the 16 on the spats are all absolutely useless. They don’t do anything. Just look pretty. The only two that are actually functional are the ones on the hood for the horn opening. I made them so that I could easily remove the hood without disturbing my horns in case I wanted to take off the coat.

Aspect symbol

I was originally going to just paint it onto my shirt, but then I realized that her shirt under the coat is actually a button up, and that was a whole bunch of headache that I didn’t want to deal with, so I used a really heavy duty iron-on craft stabilizer on some red fabric and then cut the gear out of that. It was then secured to my shirt via safety pin once I had the shirt on and buttoned up.


The spats are double layered white target with 8 useless buttons per spat. I had some ready made patterns for spats, but I didn’t want to deal with them so I just wrapped my leg in plastic bags and masking tape and then cut it out. In order to make them fit my foot and leg snugly I had a slit up the back of them and had them corset up as well. In total I used 28 white grommets on the spats and 18 black ones on the coat.


Those are actually my shoes from my Halloween Miku cosplay. I just painted them red on the bottom. I roughed up the surface with a buffing dremel before painting them in red vinyl/leather paint and they didn’t chip off at all. They’re very comfortable :)


So this was my first attempt at making homestuck horns, and while I like the way they look and the size of them, I need to find a better way to attach them to my head. I had initially attached them to little hair combs, but they would wibble and wobble a lot. I’m still weighed the pros and cons of various methods of attachment. The core is tin foil wrapped in duct tape then that was all covered in air dry clay. It cracked a lot after the first layer dried but that was easily filled by smearing on some more clay. I then covered them in a couple layers of Mod Podge before painting them. I have since ripped off the clips and dropped my right one (the one on the left) on the ground. I will be fixing them up for the next time I need to be a Megido.

Final Notes

I have a huge boner for coats. Like a huge, massive boner. So when I saw these designs on tumblr I had to jump on them. They’re all so beautiful, and I have every intention of making one of each class, even if I never actually have any intention of cosplaying the character. This coat is very warm and comfy and I am totally wearing it out and about whenever I can. It’s just really pretty and stuff. Did I mention how much I muthafuckin love coats? Cus I do.


More photos taken at the Homestuck meet up and photo shoot! if you see your self feel free too tag your self!

God tier Dave- me

God tier John- tavrosisemo

God tier Jade- daysinthelifeofafangirl

Crockertier Jane- justpeacheyy

Playboy Dirk- rdbeccabee

Playboy Jake- oh-amanderr-panderr

God tier Roxy w out mask- stress-queen

God tier Roxy w mask- @roguefired

Dave in boxers- vviddershins

Turtleneck Karkat- renn-t

Davepetasprite^2- kiyye

Anime Boston (informal) Barstuck

So this isn’t a formal event by any means, but we’ve gotten a few asks about if we’re hosting a barstuck event at Anime Boston.  While we unfortunately won’t be holding a long, organized event, a bunch of us will definitely be heading to the bar on Friday night in Homestuck cosplay.  No shared tables, no big checks - just grab a drink and hang out.  Everyone is welcome to cruise over at your own leisure, and our group will be at the HIlton hotel bar (Forty Dalton Lounge) starting at around 9:30PM Friday night. Again, this isn’t an official event by any means: just a heads up that a bunch of Homestucks will be hanging out around this time, and if you’d like to join in, feel free!

This also means a slight change to our cosplay lineup, so keep an eye out for the folks in 50stuck:
AAC 2015 Ancestor's Panel Application

For AAC 2015 me and wisekrakken are co-hosting an Alternian Ancestors panel for AAC this year. We’re still very much looking for people (Since I’m going to be the Psiioniic and he’s going to be the Signless) and would love to have people audition.

This is going to NOT be a questions/answers panel, this panel is scripted and will have some specific skits. We have everything worked out but the scheduling of what goes where at this point. We also have a general Skype group for easy discussions and ideas (I’m also going to give out my number just in case).


  • Signless: wisekrakken
  • Handmaid: – (OPEN)
  • Summoner: – (OPEN)
  • Psiioniic: princevampy
  • Disciple:  – (OPEN)
  • Dolorosa:  – (OPEN)
  • Redglare:  – (OPEN)
  • Mindfang:  – (OPEN)
  • Darkleer:  – (OPEN)
  • GHB:  – (OPEN)
  • Dualscar:  – (OPEN)
  • HIC:  – (OPEN)

If you have any questions, don’t feel nervous about popping a question in my ask box.


Hey guys! Check out the video I made for Anime Boston this year. It’s mostly Homestuck as I was Serenity on Friday and Sober!Gamzee on Saturday. (I did not attend on Sunday.) I hope you like it and I’ll probably have pictures posted soon.

It’s that time of year again! Homestuck ask panel auditions for Portcon 2015 are OPEN!! It’s been an amazing few years and we’re excited to give it the best we’ve got (yet again) for…

[S]: GAME OVER: Ask A Homestuck

While we have a lot of returning guests, we are still looking for auditions for this year’s panel! **We are also looking for someone to help us film!**