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sighs the last pic is actually from the first hs photoshoot on sat and it was so dark

but yeah it’s my gift for you jadedave shippers - so canon

idk who anyone is??? please tell me so I can credit them

snowman actually has a tumblr! okay so that’s added

Some upcoming AU groups

Hey guys, we finally have a basic lineup for Connecticon!  Ctcon is still a month or so out, but I just wanted to post our groups and days, just in case anyone was interested in also cosplaying from the same AU:

FRIDAY late afternoon/evening: Derbystuck.  If you’re interested in hanging out and taking photos in derby cosplays, yes, please feel free to join!!  I’m really sorry to everyone who sent us an ask earlier about cosplaying as the other beta trolls, or humans/alphas - I know there were a few of you but for the life of me I haven’t been able to find them.  Please feel free to re-send them if you’d like, but basically if you want to cosplay any derbystuck character, yes, feel free!

EDIT: Right now we are confirmed for Team Adorabloodthirsty: Vriska, Terezi, Kanaya, Nepeta, Feferi, and Aradia…. and Team Earth AlphaBetas: Jade, Rose, Jane, and Roxy.

SATURDAY afternoon: Samuraistuck (Original AU and art by Myotishi).  Reserved folks are Karkat, Sollux, Terezi, Gamzee, Eridan, and Dave.  Everyone else is up for grabs.

Ping us if you’re interested, or just drop by the shoots!