Do any cases hit extremely close to home for anyone? Not psychologically, but geographically? Three hit extremely close to me:

Sandy Hook Shooting: Two hours away from me, and a family friend was inside the building at the time.

Boston Bombings: An hour away from my house, and I was on my way there. My friend left the finish line 10 minuets before the first explosion.

Stoneman Douglas Shooting: Thirty minutes away from our beach house in Delray, I was visiting during the time of the shooting. My dad’s cousins granddaughter (confusing, I know), works in the Broward Sheriff Office.

Anyone else in the TCC have cases close to home?

Tyler Seguin

Height: 6′1″ 

Most Famous For: Canadian professional hockey player for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL)

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I didn’t post anything about yesterday’s ultramarathon for a few reasons: 

1) I was having so much fun (fun for me = phone is out of sight) 

2) My phone’s power level was pretty much toast after 4+ hours of music

3) I was busy either finishing the race, cheering on the folks in my running group who were doing a relay version of it, cooking and eating lunch, hanging out with my girls, or resting my head and legs.

And now, I’m awake with a sore, but unbelievably happy body. 

My alarm went off around 5:30 a.m., relatively late for a race, Saturday morning. We drove to the course, which would be a four-loop compact-trail type of run. 

This trail 50K took me roughly 4:25 to finish — which I’m thrilled about. The course was beautiful, and one I was very familiar with. It was four loops, which means I got to see my group three times! (Also means I had to run under the finish line three times before I could actually finish, had to pass the sign reading, “26.2” before I had actually gotten there, etc.). I made many friends along the way, and pushed myself harder than I thought I could. And when I crossed that line, with “FINISH” written proudly across it, I realized I had gotten first in my age group, so I got a second medal on top of the finisher one!

It was an awesome first go at ultrarunning and a memory I won’t forget. It was certainly difficult, and my legs were tired afterward, but I was so happy it didn’t really matter. I was surrounded by people I love, doing what I love. And then the ladies got together for a girls night! 

What more could I ask for?!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Now, for real this time, it’s time to focus on BOSTON. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

10 Reasons We Love Boston

As an urban University, the city is our campus. Terriers are as much a part of Boston as Boston is a part of them. This #OneBostonDay, we reflect on our love for the city we call home. 

1. No City Has Better Fans (or Teams!)

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If sports are your thing, you’ve found the best place in the country to watch elite athletes and passionate fans alike.

2. We’re on the Cutting Edge of Research

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Boston is particularly strong in innovation in the technology and life sciences fields. The cures to some of the most prevalent diseases in the world are being researched right here. 

3. …As Well as Education 

No where else in the country will you find as many colleges and universities packed together. We’re all learning from each other, educating future leaders and helping to give Boston its spirit as a college town. 

4. You Can Walk Nearly Everywhere

On a nice day, it’s not unheard of to walk from Kenmore Square to shop downtown and get dinner in the North End. 

5. History is Around Every Corner 

Not only does Boston play an important role in American history, the opportunities to immerse yourself in it on a daily basis are endless. 

6. It’s Unpredictable 

You never know whether to expect snow in April or a heat wave in February. Boston’s weather keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

7. It’s Just the Right Size 

Boston is  small enough to feel like a community, yet it’s big enough to offer endless sources of entertainment. 

8. It Has Distinct Neighborhoods

From the grittiness of Allston to the authenticity of the North End, each Boston neighborhood is unique.  

9. We Punch Above Our Weight

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Though relatively small in population and overall size, Boston exercises tremendous influence in research, politics, arts & entertainment.  

10. Its People

We’ll never forget the events of April 15, 2013 but what’s become an even longer lasting memory is the generosity, kindness and spirit Bostonians showed one another in the aftermath. Thanks to our neighbors for making this city great and for being the place we’re proud to call home. 


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April 15th marks the beginning of a new annual Boston tradition: One Boston Day. This day will be a celebration of the resiliency, generosity and strength of the people that make Boston the great city it is.

What will you do???

i will be kinder today. And let my heart soften for someone who needs it…