I've had it!
  • (Scroll by this if you don't wanna hear bout the marathon bombing my followers)
  • Wtf!? They are charging Jahar? He can't freaking defend himself! All this 'proof' they say they have on him being guilty, is complete bull shit, show us the evidence then!
  • I've seriously had it with the government these past few days. While Jahar, who is only a suspect, is gonna get charged for something I believe he didn't do, the real culprit could still be out there.
  • What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"????
Alright I'm gonna have a dig..!!! <-Exclamation points

Alright the Boston bombing getting more air time and coverage than the bombing in the middle east. 
-America is a global super power, of course their story is going to be told..Look at elections, we get all the boring details! 
-It’s rather unsafe to be a journalist in the middle east, stories don’t get covered well, I also doubt they have high speed internet connections to make getting the story out easier.
-When something happens again and again people get desensitized to it and stop caring, It’s human nature.
-Watching the news today, they had a story about the middle east bombings not getting as much coverage as Boston….YOU COULD HAVE CHANGED THAT TVNZ! Why not a story about the bombing instead of the coverage? STUPID! maybe people don’t want to know? so they don’t mention it.
-The world is still a very racist place
I’m bored of the media! I don’t think they are doing a good enough job presenting us with all the news, instead picking and choosing what they think we, want to see…..I’m done with this, bring the hate! I’ll throw cats with tactical belts at ya mums face!