Before going to a friend’s show in Boston last night, I stopped by the garden to take a look at the bench from “Good Will Hunting” and pay my respects.

I guess I wasn’t the only one with that thought, though, because the place was packed. But silent. Respectful. Healing.

What had started with one quote written in front of the bench had overflowed into this beautiful chalk memorial that kept being added onto.

These were some of my favorites.

It was just a really beautiful thing to be a part of for a few minutes. I know he’s just one man and this isn’t the end of the world and there’s so many other terrible things going on, but peace was so present there. It wasn’t about ourselves, it was about everything that is so much bigger, everything we don’t understand. A group of strangers took some time to stop and reflect on laughter and life.

Thanks for that, Robin.
Thanks for sharing your verse with us.
You’re still helping to shape ours.