boston tours

Favorite moments of the Dchovs concert from 2.22.17
  • Dchovs went into the crowd and hugged a random guy
  • He also went in the crowd as he was singing and dancing and waved to all of us up in the mezz (I blew him a kiss)
  • Covered The Band (and it was brilliant)
  • There was a drunk lady in the row over from us who shouted “YOU SEXY MOTHAFUCKA” and “YA SEXY BASTARD” (only in Boston, I s2g)
  • another sober lady tried arguing with the drunk lady because the drunk lady kept making ridiculous trill noises (literally their tiff went something like this: drunk lady made a trill noise, sober lady shouts “THAT’S ENOUGH” to which the drunk lady responds, “THAT’S ENOUGH OF YOU”
  • at one point, Dchovs noticed someone texting and was like, “unless you’re texting me, stop it! Be in the NOW!” 
  • after the show there were a group of guys smoking cigs and one of them goes, “it was so good I would’ve snorted a line of coke off David Duchovny’s dick” and as everyone is trying to process what they just said, takes a drag and continues, “or you know, whatever he’s down for”
  • every time Dchov danced (which was the entire time). it was white boy dancing™ at its absolute finest.
  • when he “forgot” about congratulating the crowd for the Superbowl win and then “remembered” later on
  • the slight political edge (totally a Mulder moment)
  • Someone threw something up on the stage, and he picked it up, looked at it, did the classic Duchovny smirk™ and kept on dancing
  • when he was like “is it hot in here” before taking off his jacket (YES, DAVE, YOU’RE THE HOT ONE, WE GET IT)
  • when he played a slow jam (which I was hoping for)
  • when he got the crowd to sing happy birthday to one of his band members
  • introducing the song “Stars” as “STAAAHS”

Sorry for the crappy phone camera quality, but I just had the most amazing time listening to this beautiful man sing his heart out. He is so fun to watch perform because you can see that he truly loves to sing and have a great time. His band is also so talented! I won’t ever forget this night and I’m still in shock that I got to see my favorite actor in person and see him doing what makes him happy! Fantastic!