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Canon queer relationships in podcasts?

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But, alas, since I planned on doing another list of podcasts with LGBTQ+ characters anyways, here you go! Please be aware that not all of these put a huge focus on the queer relationship. Some do though ^__^)

Also, check out the previous list we did!

  • Return Home
  • The Penumbra Podcast 
  • Greater Boston
  • Freed
  • Big Data
  • Welcome to Night Vale (though I don’t think I have to recommend that one anymore, right?)

(Since you asked specifically for canon queer relationships, I only listed those where there is at least one canon queer pairing, and not just a character expressing attraction to someone of the same gender.)

I’m pretty sure there are plenty more, but I haven’t listened to them yet, so I can’t recommend them at the moment. Also, sorry about not including links and brief descriptions like I usually do, but I’m so so tired.

Hope you’ll find something you like!

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I’m Noah, an illustration student at Lesley and an (aspiring) arts organizer. I’m also a trans man in a gay relationship. My friend Boon and I are curating an LGBTQ art show to submit as a proposal to Boston LGBTQIA Artists Alliance (BLAA), in response to their call for show proposals. 

We’re looking for trans and queer artists who are interested in exhibiting their work with us here in Boston this summer or fall. Please message me or email if you’re interested!


April 2, 2016: Husky Boys’ Dickies, Jill McDonough

Husky Boys’ Dickies
Jill McDonough

WTF texts Josey, and I text back OMG. We had to tell Maggie what LOL
meant– it’s not Lots Of Love, though that almost always fits. Major
emailed LMAO when I assumed his inbox gets dealt with by an underling,
some undergrad, assumed it was Major’s minor who invited me to read but
“can not pay much sum of monies.” Sum of Monies? I emailed back.

Who wrote this? Your assistant’s a Nigerian prince? WTF.
For a while we just played with these, joking, like I tried on
Wicked when I moved to Boston, called Lisa Liser, pizza pizzer, said
Fucken, wicked, pissah, dood. But before you know it, it’s part
of how you talk, how I talk, fucken guy. Dude. When my ex

student saw me she said Sick a dozen times, amazed, delighted, meant
it’s super I’ve moved back, and, whoda thunk it, come in to her cafe.
She checked out Josey, my instant street cred. Josey bought new pants
for work with a cell phone pocket; the cell phone pocket pants
are Husky Boys’ Dickies, which I can’t get enough of, laugh every time

I think of them, or try to name them out loud. Josey wears
Husky Boys’ Dickies. My darling, my husky, my husky little boy.
Hey, Husky, we say, around the house, just waking up, just bumping
into each other en route from basement to garden to kitchen. Hey,
Husky, do you want coffee? Hey Husky, Hey Bunny, Hey Hon.

When I’m helping my students translate Sappho’s Fragments 1 and 31,
I get them to make a list of many-colored things, so they don’t feel stuck
with colorful throne. One girl can’t think of anything but Skittles. Terrific, I tell her,
you’re breaking product placement ground. Then I ask them to think of voices
they love, the voice of someone they love. It’s hard to describe a voice, but

I ask them each to try, put his or her beloved in the place of Sappho’s, make her
theirs, more real than just sweet-voiced and lovely-laughtered. You have
three minutes. Get something down,
I tell them, some adjective or comparison,
even if you just write the same word over and over again. 5:47 p.m. on a Wednesday,
me saying Do your best and You could just say husky husky husky husky husky.


Also by Jill McDonough: Accident, Mass. Ave.

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I saw your eyes today
they were hidden behind the skin on someone else’s face, 
yet somehow I still saw you looking for me.

Caught up in conversation their eyes shifted from the people around them to mine and then back to the people around them again. 

They laughed,
and it rang in my ears loud enough to resurface all the ways you made me feel over all our months,
over all our many months,
the way you made me feel came back and pressured the water behind my eyes to spill out again.

But instead,
all I did was smile.

And every time they laughed I smiled again.

Before I knew it this train ride became the reunion of us I didn’t know I had been craving.
The seats beneath us with colors dancing like how we did in terminals on late nights after the T had stopped
held her with an empty seat beside, begging to be filled with daydreams every time my eyes would close to blink.

I was tempted to go over and ask if you wanted to dance with me again, but again I remember that in our dreams our body stay put for a reason,
and my reality is that there is no way her hands can feel anywhere as close as to the way yours do in mine.
Or did..

But I still looked back at her,
She - with your eyes but not quite your smile
I - Intrigued by the possibility of your bloodline being in front of me maybe
Both of you - so beautifully unknowing of it all
Yet blissful and bringing a lightness to air surrounding her and I today.

Two of us physically
Three of us, in the three feet between the two
One, only made aware of the space between you and I again

Happy 1st day of pride to all my LGBTQ homies, I love & support you all. I hope y'all had a great day💕💕💕

I like you
In a way that a precence is something I do not fear.
Like how I picture a first date to be
Or how I’d wish for first dates to be.

I like you
Like how a love letter should sound.
Filled with enough words to send chills up my spine instead of fear.
Every one wrapping around the hairs that are already standing on end.
I move,
and let every word you say spread through parts of me I did not know existed yet.
Wake up cells that died at times where I thought I had been put back together,
Now I lie, with what I thought were puzzle pieces ripped apart with you gently guiding each part of me back into place without a single touch being laid upon my skin,
Yet I am tempted,
to consume you like chocolate.
That which I should not eat but am going to anyway.
I will take in all of you at once instead.
I’ll keep from breaking us into smaller pieces,
because we are too lost in rebellion to even think about gaining control now,
but control is something I have always gotten anxiety from trying to gain when lost.
So what if now
I decide to float in my fear.
Strip the wrapper that is keeping you from my tongue,
what if for once I let you Melt
and without chewing taste the flavor spread and absorb amongst each of my taste buds.
and bleach each red flag to white.
Cleanse the thrill yet still remain victim to it.
Keep my heart beating faster,
So if this is what we need to keep the two of us alive,
and lean on me.
And I will be there to turn broken roads raw.
Walk till I’m running on the ash of each of our burnt pasts
and let the friction give life to where we used to keep our souls.

Undo seals.
Destroy airlocks.
And let fear breathe deeper
so together we will reclaim our names.

—  Indulgence. (Whenthefuturearrives)

A woman and her son walked over to us and the woman said
“excuse me, can you please explain to my son that girls can skateboard too” considering my girlfriend had her longboard in her hand,
“of course they can” she said and showed him
“thank you,” the woman said, “he has two moms, he should know girls can do anything boys can.”