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Women are more likely to be killed in states with higher gun ownership

A new paper, written by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health, is the first to examine state homicide rates against gender, state gun ownership levels and the relationship between victim and killer. The study reported that for each 10% increase in state-level gun ownership, the rate at which women died as a result of gun violence in the state went up 10.2%. The same could not be same for men.

Helen Magill White (1853-1944) was the first woman who earned a PhD in the United States. She achieved this in 1877 as a graduate of Boston University, specialized in Greek.

Born in a Quaker family, she was raised with the belief that women should be educated to the same high standards as men. As a child, she was the only female student of the Boston Public Latin School, before moving on to university. She also attended the University of Cambridge, and worked the rest of her life as an academic.

School is in session in Boston! To celebrate the beginning of the new school year, here’s a 1901 photo of a science class at Dorchester High School.

Dorchester High School Science class, Dorchester, Boston, MA, circa 1901,  Dorchester High School photographs, Collection # 0420.027.

This photograph is in the public domain. Please attribute to Boston City Archives. For more photos from this collection, click here


Students and parents reflect upon their experiences at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts and the impact of El Sistema on their school life and on their future.

School goes back into session this week, so here’s more Boston School History for our followers!

In1925, the Boston’s Evening Schools were attended by students born in Syria, Russia, Poland, Japan, Latvia, Armenia, China, Latvia, and many other countries and regiions. Take a look at this table to see all of the nationalities.  Does anything stand out to you? Surprise you?

Countries of Birth of Pupils in Evening School, School Document 10, Report of the School Committee, 1925,  School Committee reports and documents, Collection 0405.001, Boston City Archives