boston pride week

Happy Pride Month!

As most of you know, Pride month is the month where the LGBTQA+ community takes pride in their differences, and celebrates! Often times states have Pride Festivals every year. So I’ve compiled a list of nearly all the Pride celebrations this year.
These are in no particular order honestly, but it’s pretty easy to pick out.

Orlando, FL - Gay Days Orlando - May 30-Jun 5
Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Pride Festival - May 30-Jun 4
Waynesville, MO - Pulaski County Pride - Jun 1-4
Charlotte, NC - GayCharlotte Film Festival - Jun 1-4
Birmingham, AL - CAP PrideFest - Jun 2-11
Salt Lake City, UT - Utah Pride Festival - Jun 2-4
Pittsburgh, PA - Pittsburgh Pride - Jun 2-11
Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Pride Festival & Parade - Jun 3
Indianapolis, IN - Circle City IN Pride - Jun 3-10
El Paso, TX - El Paso Sun City Pride Parade & Festival - Jun 3-4
Fresno, CA - Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade & Festival - Jun 3
Sacramento, CA - Sacramento Pride - Jun 3
San Francisco, CA - Queer Women of Colour Film Festival - Jun 9-11
Milwaukee, WI - PrideFest Milwaukee - Jun 9-11
Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque PrideFest - Jun 9-10
Boston, MA - Boston Pride Week - Jun 10
Detroit, MI - Motor City Pride - Jun 10-11
West Hollywood, CA - LA Pride - Jun 10-11
Washington, DC - North Jersey Pride Festival - Jun 11
Albany, NY - Capital PRIDE Parade & Festival -Jun 11
Boise, ID - Boise Pride Festival - Jun 16-17
Philadelphia, PA - Philly Pride Parade and Festival - Jun 16-18
Bisbee, AZ - Bisbee Pride - Jun 16-18
Columbus, OH - Stonewall Columbus Pride - Jun 16-18
Chicago, IL - Chicago Pride - Jun 17-18
Anchorage, AL - Alaska PrideFest - Jun 17-24
Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Pride - Jun 17-18
Denver, CO - Denver PrideFest - Jun 17-18
Baton Rouge, LA - Baton Rouge Pride Festival - Jun 17
Miami Beach, FL - FUNdarte Out in The Tropics - Jun 22-25
New York, NY - NYC Pride - Jun 23-25
Omhaha, NE - Heartland Pride - Jun 23-24
St. Louis, MO - PrideFest St. Louis - Jun 23-25
Oklahoma City, OK - OKC Pride - Jun 23-25
Lexington, KY - Lexington Pride Festival - Jun 24
Minneapolis, MN - Twin Cities Pride - Jun 24-25
Houston, TX - Houston Pride Week - Jun 24
Nashville, TN - Nashville PRIDE - Jun 24-25
San Fransisco, CA - San Fransisco Pride - Jun 24-25
Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Pride Festival - Jun 24
Seattle, WA - Seattle PrideFest - Jun 25
Hilo, HI - Hawaii Island Pride - Jun 8
San Diego, CA - San Diego Pride - Jun 14-16
Rochester, MN - Rochester MN PrideFest - Jun 21-23

Feel free to add any other dates you know of!!

Boston Area Butches Shoot

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, and Boston Pride Week, I wanted to do something special and different with my photography. I wanted more experience photographing people, and I decided since I am a butch lesbian myself, why not feature other wonderful butch women in my area?

It took me a real long time to not only figure out I am a lesbian, but that I am butch too. It was not an easy process, and I know a big part of that was due to lack of representation. I didn’t know what it was to be butch, so how could I even begin to explore that? So this photo shoot is about showing other butch women that there are others out there like you. We all have our different fashion choices, beliefs, ages and life experiences, but we all share the butch label in a world that does not tolerate or want us. But we can be here for each other and we can show how proud we are for those who need us.

Through facebook I was able to organize and get 6 lovely butches to participate, which I greatly appreciate. They are all wonderful women and I’m so excited to show them to you! I will be posting 2 today in a few moments, 2 more on Wednesday, and the final 2 on Friday. I hope you enjoy. 

Note: I will also be at the Boston Pride Parade on Saturday taking photos.


If you can get to Boston on Friday, September 25th from 7:00-9:45PM then you should join the local bisexual community at Club Cafe for the BRC’s 30th Birthday Party & Celebrate Bisexuality Day event!

Find out what happened at the White House meeting on bisexual issues earlier that week, what the BRC is planning for the future, and who is getting this year’s Unsung Hero and Bi Ally awards honoring volunteers and supporters. And we will dance!

Sliding Scale: $5-10. Wear your pink/purple/blue gear with pride! And everyone who attends gets a Bee button. Because we are the B in LGBT!