boston party

  • British taxation on America without sufficient representation: *results in Boston Tea Party, revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: These acts of property damage and militant resistance are justified and good =) because Britain was clearly tyrannical =) liberty needs to be fought for sweaty =)
  • Eight people control more wealth than half the world's people, climate change threatens to bring catastrophic damage to the planet, and a proto-fascist sexual predator was just made most powerful man in the world: *results in some shattered windows and limo bonfires, calls for revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: Um =\ violence is never the answer =/ protest is good and all =\ but this is taking it too far =/ can't you see you're just hurting any credibility you had =\ protests shouldn't interrupt my day =(

Its like, people are theoretically fine with protests, (Lord knows we go on and on about the fucking Boston Tea Party enough, and pay at least some lip service to MLK) until they think that it might actually negatively impact them in some way.


That’s the point.

Protests aren’t there to be convenient and comforting. 

If you aren’t part of the protest, it’s supposed to make you uncomfortable. It’s supposed to make you upset. It’s supposed to make you notice shit that you otherwise ignore. 

Pop punk problem #47

When you want to see your favorite band live but they broke up 10 years ago.

Where Were They?

One of the fun things to discuss about the Boston Tea Party is what our favorite radicals and redcoats were actually doing that night! Contrary to popular belief, the famous Sons of Liberty we remember today were not actually boarding those tea ships and chucking said tea into the harbor. As with most of history, it was really the working class that took matters into their own hands. It was the teenagers, the apprentices, the everyday folks that climbed onto those ships and made history.

So where was everyone else?

Samuel Adams- Sam made damn sure he stayed in the Old South Meeting House when everyone started running out to the wharves. He knew he’d probably get the blame for all of this, but if he stayed at the church with dozens of other people, he had a solid alibi. He was nowhere near the ships that night. Can’t really blame the guy.

John Hancock- He also stayed in the Old South, for exactly the same reason. Hancock and Adams seem to go hand in hand for rabble-rousing. He had to save his own ass. So he also stayed behind.

John Adams- Wasn’t even in Boston that night. Came home the next morning and his general reaction to the event was “I am gone one fucking day….”

Joseph Warren- Joe was finally starting to move up in the gang at that point. He was considered too important to the cause to risk arrest, so he too had to remain behind at the Old South Meeting House.

Paul Revere- Ok. Paul was there. Paul participated. Paul Revere was one of the people who threw the tea into Boston Harbor. Paul did the thing. He was there. He was so absolutely there.

The Redcoats: Generally speaking, in England, and not harassing the citizens of Boston at all at this point.

Thomas Hutchinson, the governor: At home, blissfully unaware that he was going to get fired because of all this.

Pop punk problem #44

When bands tour literally everywhere but near you