boston meetup

Do you like Voltron?
Going to Anime Boston?

Then come on down to the Voltron: Legendary Meetup!

Join us and your fellow paladins for a cosplay photoshoot, memery, shenanigans, and more!

Help find everyone’s favorite Space Dad™ in a game of Shiro Hide and Seek!


[[ Voltron: Legendary Meetup • Saturday, April 1st, 2017 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (or longer! • Anime Boston • Fenway Ballroom @ Hilton Hotel ]]

We hope to see you there!


Some of my favorite pics from the Voltron meetup at Anime Boston! Thanks so much to @relatablepicsofvoltron for organizing the event!

If you’re in any of these pics please let me know and I’ll tag you!

Had an absolute blast keeping it weird as Ronaldo Fryman from Steven Universe at Anime Boston! The SU meetup was so much fun and everyone was super sweet! I loved being my favorite crazy human and running around telling people to “FOLLOW MY BLOG!” If you haven’t already you should definitely check out the official blog keepbeachcityweird!


Anime Boston 2015 - Achievement Hunter Meetup 

Just some of the photos. I had so many xD Everyone was so awesome *v* If you see yourself feel free to tag yourself!

*whispers* you were all amazing

fixedtemporarily  asked:

For the meetup tomorrow, I know it says "Down the large flight of stairs outside Patriot Place @ the logo", but I'm not sure where that is. Can you please help me get a better idea of where it is?

Publishing for others to see.

Directions - you go down the giant flight of stairs, find The Hall at Patriots place, and you’re literally there. The Patriots logo is on the ground at the bottom of the stairs. It’s directly in front of the floor entrance, so the area may be a bit crowded on he day of the show, but the stairs are literally impossible to miss. 

You can see it’s right in front of the floor entrance:

This is what the stairs look like (Patriots logo at the bottom). The stairs are next to the building that says “CBS Sports” if that helps. The majority of people will be heading this way anyway so like I said it’s really difficult to miss.

From above

And here’s an overhead view - this might help if you’re trying to find your way there from the parking lot.

Hope this helps ! x

anonymous asked:

SInce the controversy with liam is going around, is it too late to organize something like taking rainbow signs that say "ITS ABOUT FEELING SAFE" during the shows (im going to boston and I want to do this but not be alone)

We think this is a great idea! There are 132 participants going to OTRA boston so you definitely won’t be alone. You can find all our boston participants here and check out the Boston Rainbow Direction meetup here - feel free to get in contact with them and make this happen!

I was talking with danradcilffe​ and we thought it might be a cool idea to do some sort of meetup in Boston! There are probably enough people on here who either live in Boston or live close enough to Boston to be able to get there for a meetup. So why not try?

There’s no date or time for this yet, I’ll figure it out if there are actually enough people to do this. Theoretically we’ll meet in front of Comicopia or some other comic book shop. This is meant mostly for the comic book and comics related tv/movies fandoms, but if you’re in a different fandom and want to join, you’re welcome to!

If you’re interested in meeting your fellow Tumblr-ites, please fill out this spreadsheet with your info!

If there are enough people, I’ll send out a poll for times/dates! There’s also an option to add your Skype on the spreadsheet, so if I get enough Skype names, I’ll start a chat group as well! If you really want this to happen, reblog the post to get the word out!

insteadofthatthis  asked:

Oh dear lord it is your favorite Tumblr dolt here. I have managed to put an order in to ship a bunch of flags to Molly who is coordinating the rainbow direction meet up in Boston. Hopefully they get there in time. If not we are going to send them on to the UK – 75 of them. If you can post this and encourage people to go to the meet up that would be awesome! Have so much fun and bring all the rainbows everybody! Can't wait to see your pictures! THANK YOU TMHFN volunteers!!!!

Everyone going to Boston, please try to make it to the meetup and take a flag with you to help turn the stadium in a a sea of rainbows!

You can contact the people doing it here

Sometime after Halloween, my wife and I would like to do a cosplay meetup for Merlin, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and the Avengers.

We’d like to do it at the Prudential Center in Boston, and I just wanted to know if anyone might be interested? I’ll also be posting about this in the Anime Boston forums later, but I just wanted to see how many people would like to join us.

Wow. I just made myself incredibly upset just looking at the Anime Boston tag. ;A;

I miss everyone I had the honor of meeting at AB.

Especially from the DMMD meetups. ;////;

You all were incredible cosplayers and I really hope to form a dmmd Boston meetup this summer! If you’re interested let me know! I would defiantly love to go back to Boston and have the chance to cosplay with you all again~

Who knows? Maybe I’ll crack out maid Aoba for it. ;)

Or Maid Ryuuhou…Who knows?

allonsyforever  asked:

Hello ! So, I signed up to participate at the Boston show on September 12. I know you received an anon about it the other day but I haven't seen anyone else organizing anything, so I wanted to put it out there that people can feel free to contact me **on my side blog, thisicanpromiseyou, to stay organized** so we can try to arrange to meet up. I'd love help in organizing it but I just wanted to put it out there that people can contact me. Thanks !

That is great news! Boston participants who want to get together for a meet up at your show, please get in contact with thisicanpromiseyou.