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I had the pleasure of meeting Meaghan and Brian for the first time [in person] for their engagement photos at the Boston Public Gardens, but Meaghan and I actually became good friends through the magical world of Tumblr

We met on the site through our many mutual passions: our love of all things French (Paris especially), our obsession with Marie Antoinette, our affinity for the vintage classic style, and other odd similarities (she’s originally from Florida but came to Boston for school, I’m originally from Boston and went to college in Florida).

You’ll notice the love for France popping up throughout this shoot. Brian actually proposed to Meaghan atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Talk about romantic?! So it was a lot of fun to weave little Parisian hints in, throughout the shoot.

Meaghan brought a lot of great ideas to the shoot, and you can see how much she and Brian really care for each other and how much they enjoy being together. It’s always such an honor and a pleasure to capture true love.