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I am rambling

I want a significant other to watch hockey with. Just nights filled with “who’s playing?” and “(team) or (other team)”. I don’t want to feel weird or annoying for talking about teams I like or loudly cheering during a game even if im at home in my bed. I want someone who doesn’t question my superstitions of “i did this last game and we won so im doing it again.” I want someone who understands I love players, but i like them more.
Sure I want the other amazing things of a healthy happy relationship, but hockey is a huge part of my day and i want someone (besides my amazing friends holy cow my hockey friends are amazing and precious) to share it with.


Helltown is an area in Boston Township, Ohio. It was formally known as “Boston, Ohio”. Local legend associates the area with Satanists and hauntings. These stories are generally considered folklore, resulting from the empty buildings that stood as a result of mass seizure of homes for a national park. 

The homes were boarded up and listed as property of the government, some standing for years before being demolished. Rumors began to surface that the government was trying to conceal a chemical spill. Other people, especially tourists, did not know of the eminent domain proceedings, and mistook the empty buildings for a long-standing ghost town.