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Author: @punkof-pop
Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Words: 3,925
Warnings: None???
Request: Anon- if you’re writing imagines based off of the Halloween prompt list you reposted from itsaconquestofimagination (I think that was the tumblr) then I think numbers 25 and 16 would be cute for a fluffy/scary Theo Raeken imagine— where he’s trying to scare the reader and does one hell of a job. maybe something with a bit of angst but ends in fluff? idk. you can do whatever you wish to the plot line, I just thought I’d request it. 😂❤️
Prompts are from this list

A/N: I was happy to a get request from the Halloween prompts. Part of the description in this is actually based off of what happened at the Manteno State Hospital in Illinois. (The flashing picture gif is just pictures I took of the hospital before they tore it down). The story is kind of creepy and the building was also really fucking creepy (especially at night). I just wanted to take advantage of my own experiences so I hope y’all like it :)
Prompt list

It’s Halloween night. You would much rather be trick-or-treating, handing out candy to kids, or even just watching some horror movies with a bowl of popcorn. But, no, of course, that’s not how you get to spend your night. Your boyfriend, Theo, has managed to convince you that Halloween would be the perfect time to check out the closed down insane asylum. Beacon Hills police will be all too busy making sure no one gets kidnapped that they won’t even be focused on teenagers in a condemned building.

“Why are you so nervous?” Theo asks, taking your hand in his as the both of you walk through weeds so high they’ve grown above your knees.

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So freaking tired lol so have an incomplete sketch dump on a Pirate AU hurrhurrhurr

In which Boston and Mael are co-captains, Lucio is the cook, Mitch snuck on board their ship because he smelled Lucy cooking pizza and wanted to steal one but OOPS, the ship set sailed while Deluxe is the navy officer captain thing trying to track down and arrest Boss&Minion or something haha lol idk.

Might finish that gun point showdown between Mael and Deluxe some time. Or not. So tired today for some reason I wonder why…?

Boston c) chocolatechiplague

Mitch and Deluxe c) jay-song

Lucy c) Itsubun

Done for chocolatechiplague who seemed to have had a bad day. Oh honey, write more smut, that’ll cheer you up in no time o u o

In which Mael has learnt what to do whenever Boss-donno enters ‘The Zone’. 

1) Pull out the most comfortable chair he can find.

2) Set out the hot chocolate.

3) Clear the place.

4) Scarper.

What else did he miss guys? XD

Boston c) chocolatechiplague

Maelstrom c) me BP