boston innovation district

I first noticed it in a neighborhood of Boston aptly called the “Innovation District.” On a crumbling corner of an old brick building, there was a gaping hole created by about 15 missing clay bricks, filled in with about 500 Lego blocks.

I was determined to find out who the artist was.

“I don’t know!” I was told by folks working in the building. Their property manager had no clue, nor did the people at Lego. “If you hear, let us know,” said brand relations manager Amanda Santoro.

“It’s a mystery,” says Emily O'Neil, executive director of the Fort Point Arts Community, a group of artists who’ve long occupied the old warehouses in the neighborhood. “When we first saw it, the reaction from the community was literally, ‘How wonderful, guerilla art has come back!’ ”

One day, I came across an Instagram picture of the Lego patch — in pieces.

Unraveled: The Mystery Of The Secret Street Artist In Boston

Photo: Tovia Smith/NPR