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4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

A great weekend at the Syracuse Half Marathon, very happy with the race performance, was just right - not too slow and not too fast for this point in the prep for Boston.  Did not rest up for it, using it as a fast tempo run with a steady pace, simulating the middle to latter half of a marathon, and it went as I had hoped.  The results: 1:17:56, 5:57 mile pace, 17th overall, 1st Master finisher, 5k @ 18:50, 10k @ 36:54, 15k @ 54:46.  The pace was pretty even the entire way, around 6 minute/mile pace, passed a dozen runners along the way.  Didn’t feel sharp, some lack of leg turnover due to fatigue from past week, but made up for it with strength.  Finished strong and felt in control through the finish line.

The training’s progressing according to plan, and with additional taper and some more speed work, should put myself in good position at the start in Hopkington.

Must make a plug for my girlfriend, Kim, who, after a 5 year break from racing, killed it with a 1:57 at this her comeback debut!  I think was more nervous and excited about it than she was…


Thousands of protesters march against Trump across the country

Protesters took to the streets Wednesday night across the U.S. to mount a rallying cry against Donald Trump’s imminent presidency. In New York City, thousands marched from Union Square to Trump Tower in Midtown. Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Boston also saw large protests. Video shows their emotional displays and powerful rallying cries.


Washington DC, St. Louis, Denver, New York City, Boston, Seattle Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Montpelier VT…

Progressive women built this in 2 and a half months from nothing with the power of passion and social networks. So yes, we believe we can still win this.



care package


4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Received this care package that I’ve been waiting for in the mail today, and just what I asked for inside!

15 miles in the park and around Buffalo this evening ahead of the Syracuse Half on Sunday.  Not sure how much time I’ll have to run tomorrow and it’s supposed to be wet, so glad to get in the miles today.  Was a little concerned about no speed work this week and not being rested, but then remembered that the half marathon will be the speed/tempo run of the week, and must remind self that this isn’t the goal race…so run it well, smart, and not be too concerned about time and placing…instead thinking of it as more of a romantic getaway…

Whether they’ll appear in the film or not, I can’t say, but as for Godzilla: Kaiju Planet’s history… Rodan confirmed! And Anguirus, Dogora, Dagahra, Orga, and Kamakiras! [x]

I can’t translate all of this, but it seems the timeline is more or less like this. Someone more fluent–or more willing to spend time looking up kanji– can help.

May 1999 - Kamakiras attacks Boston/NYC area. 2.5 million deaths
September 2002 -  Dogora in London. 3.9 million deaths
November 2005 - Rodan and Anguirus. Maybe something about Hedorah. 8.2 million deaths
December 2017 - Dagahra in Australia. 6.7 million deaths.
May 2022 - Orga in Turkey. 11.5 million deaths.
2030 - Godzilla appears.

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5 weeks til Boston

Though not as hard as along the Atlantic coast, the snowstorm hitting the northeast barreled through Buffalo today, leaving difficult footing for a 12 miler to the park and back that felt more like a 16 to 20 miler, tired arms and legs.  I always say the snow is Buffalo’s equivalent of high altitude.

Looks like I’ll be doing the Syracuse Half in a couple of weeks, at the end of March and the start of the taper, the timing looks right, a good long training race just a few weeks from the marathon.

A running friend from Boston, who I’ll be staying with for the marathon, was nice enough to post the above chart from New England Runner mag, info I wasn’t aware of, listing the top Boston qualifiers for each age group from these states, tickled to be listed 3rd among the ‘senior’ category (not thrilled with the label), the 50-59 group from New York state.  Just glad to be in the mix, that’s all I ask for heading into the race, then it’ll give me a chance to do something in the age group on race day.


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6 weeks til Boston

I learned a long time ago that I have to run.  All the appurtenances - Boston, New York, medals, trophies, PR’s…- are simply valuable by-products, scraps that can be used for a tasty broth.  My body requires running as much as it does a liver, to rid itself of the toxins of the distant past, through every perspiration, exhale, to restore the body as they would a fresco from the Renaissance, inch by inch, layer by layer.  And it’s come a long way.

The progress continued today, through extra daylight, with a smooth 16 miler in the park, running into a friend, a local elite master running with his little boy, a sweet scene, we caught up briefly on our running, he wished me luck in Boston, then we each headed back home for dinner.

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4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

10 easy paced relaxing miles in the park tonight in a suddenly winter-like temp in 20’s, it’s only temporary but I didn’t like it.  But the start of taper is going well.  Was home today with some free time, had a beer, and it knocked me out a little bit.  Been pretty good about alcohol intake during the past months of training, and looks like my ability to handle it has gone down…maybe inversely proportionally to my ability to handle mileage…


So I met this very lovely human being yesterday and it was so lovely and he was so sweet. He was so amazing and came even though he has a concussion. chrisakridge keep doing you

feeling like a marathoner


5 weeks til Boston

14 miles in the park on a sweetly warm overcast day, an easy pace with no additives.  We went out last night after the tough 16 miler, had some Pho, a Vietnamese stew with veggies and lean beef, just what I needed, with a couple glasses of red wine, and that was all she wrote for me, slept through the night and then some.  Felt better but the residue of marathon training remained during today’s recovery run.

After running and a shower, sat down on the couch for a moment and realized I’m starting to feel like a marathoner, all the sweat along with any excess matter washed and trained away, and what remains are just the solids, the bones and muscles…bare like a marathoner.