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on the road to new york

Hello! Came back from Boston last night, been on a tumblr mini-break for the past 3 days, here’s what I’ve been doing:

Tuesday morning: Per our routine when we visit family in Andover, my son Adam and I run my high school cross country course plus the rest of the campus, and so we did again on this sunny hot Tuesday morning, about 3 miles.  Always on this route with Adam, I’m flooded with billions of emotions.

Tuesday afternoon (2nd run of the day): In Boston, we stayed in Allston, between BC and BU, where I lived when I attend BU grad school 25 years ago; I redeemed my Fathers Day present with an awesome afternoon run with Adam down Beacon Street in Brookline, retracing miles 22 to 24 of the Boston Marathon with my son - the best gift - and then down to Fenway and back to our hotel.  About 8 miles.

Wednesday: Ran around Boston and Brookline again with Adam, past Fenway again and by the Gardner Museum, site of the infamous art heist over 20 years ago, then through the medical area and back through Coolidge Corner.  About 12 miles.  Heavenly.

Thursday: Adam needed rest after running more than usual the past few days, so I took a solo run around Allston, on Commonwealth Ave, past favorite spots of my graduate days.  

Being back in Boston, especially in Allston, always energizes me, reminding me of the hopes and ambitions of those days…and inspires me today, always.

Today: A 10 miler around the park on a humid but cooler evening in Buffalo, might go for a track workout tomorrow….

I can’t stop with the tropical manis. Warmer weather has me focused on summer ☀️ I used:
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Washington DC, St. Louis, Denver, New York City, Boston, Seattle Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Montpelier VT…

Progressive women built this in 2 and a half months from nothing with the power of passion and social networks. So yes, we believe we can still win this.



A prisoner writes “THEY BEAT UP THE INMATES” on his window at the Nashua St. Jail as protesters gather outside. Millions March Boston, MA. 12/13/14.

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office:

Twitter: @bostonsheriff

Phone: 631-852-2205


A little snippet of my interview with @colefromboston about my “modeling mission statement!“ For me, it’s always about empowering women from all backgrounds and experiences to feel beautiful and to feel confident in their uniqueness. Being different from the norm is okay. Being plus sized is okay. Being dark skinned is okay. Looking unconventional is OKAY! And pushing myself to do bigger in an industry that’s set against me is okay, too. The expectations and standards of others should never stop you from being your complete self and reaching for levels that are historically only reached by certain people. Our differences are what makes us necessary! You’re beautiful and capable so don’t think otherwise.✨Full interview will be up on my YouTube and my website tonight at 10pm est!

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Whether they’ll appear in the film or not, I can’t say, but as for Godzilla: Kaiju Planet’s history… Rodan confirmed! And Anguirus, Dogora, Dagahra, Orga, and Kamakiras! [x]

I can’t translate all of this, but it seems the timeline is more or less like this. Someone more fluent–or more willing to spend time looking up kanji– can help.

May 1999 - Kamakiras attacks Boston/NYC area. 2.5 million deaths
September 2002 -  Dogora in London. 3.9 million deaths
November 2005 - Rodan and Anguirus. Maybe something about Hedorah. 8.2 million deaths
December 2017 - Dagahra in Australia. 6.7 million deaths.
May 2022 - Orga in Turkey. 11.5 million deaths.
2030 - Godzilla appears.

2017 boston marathon recap


Here is what I remember of April 17…the weekend began with friends and hosts Kevin and Mariani taking me out for seafood pasta on Saturday night, then a perfectly cooked sirloin steak dinner out on Sunday night to get set for Monday morning’s marathon.  Slept okay Sunday night, too much going on in the brain to completely relax.

Kevin dropped me off at the Red Line Alewife station early Monday morning, 6 am, to head down to the Commons for the buses to take us to the start at Hopkinton.  Seemed everyone on the train was either running or cheering for the marathon.

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The Baychester Avenue Station on the No. 5 Line.



care package


4 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

Received this care package that I’ve been waiting for in the mail today, and just what I asked for inside!

15 miles in the park and around Buffalo this evening ahead of the Syracuse Half on Sunday.  Not sure how much time I’ll have to run tomorrow and it’s supposed to be wet, so glad to get in the miles today.  Was a little concerned about no speed work this week and not being rested, but then remembered that the half marathon will be the speed/tempo run of the week, and must remind self that this isn’t the goal race…so run it well, smart, and not be too concerned about time and placing…instead thinking of it as more of a romantic getaway…


vacation post-Boston


Visiting my son in New York, walking around on The High Line and the rest of the city, protein loading at the local burger joints, recovering from the Marathon, still high from Monday…the race recap is in the works…

thank you!


on the road to new york

Took the first strides today since Boston, gentle 8 miles of combined run/walk, walking anytime it felt like I was pushing it or the legs were tightening up too much.  A day or two ahead of when I thought I was going to start back, couldn’t pass up this gorgeous sunny afternoon in the 70’s.  It even got hot when I got to the park.  But felt good to be back.  A long long way off, but I guess today were the first steps towards this fall’s NYC Marathon…

And yet, still savoring the Boston experience and grateful for friends who followed and supported me throughout, including, of course, all my Tumblr friends - some of whom have been nice enough to read this stuff since I began blogging a 4 years ago -  who were in my thoughts during the hard miles in training and certainly on the roads from Hopkinton to Boylston Street.  Thank you, love you guys!

Well, this is a blog so I might as well treat it like one.

This last year has contained more than its fair share of milestones. In no particular order: I got a full time job offer, injured myself, recovered, graduated college, left the east coast, navigated heartbreak, got my wisdom teeth pulled out… you get the deal. Point is, it’s been a big year. And the next few months to come are going to be even crazier. 

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