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Are You Serious? - Tyler Seguin (#16)

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I looovveeeeee me some Tyler! Who doesn’t! Also this gif makes me so so so happy. I’m literally awful at writing about fights but I think this one turned out alright!  Let me know what you think guyssss!  Much love! <3

Word count: 891

Warnings: swearing, couple’s fighting

Request: “Can you do an imagine of tsegs like getting into a fight with his girl but then regretting it then acting all super nice and everything u kno u kno? ahhaha” - @boston-hooligan


“Hey babe” you looked over in Tyler’s direction as he stomped into the house and slammed the front door.  Tyler had just gotten home from practice and to say it went poorly was an understatement.  The Stars had lost a huge game at home, 5-1 and you never wanted to blame your boyfriend for anything but he took a couple really dumb penalties that led to some cheesy goals.  You knew he had more than likely had a strip ripped off him at the morning skate so he was less than thrilled.  “How was practice?” you asked meekly, not really sure if you wanted to hear the response.

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For the new eyes that are on this post, please just say hi to me and i guarantee you we can be homies. Just try, you can back out whenever you what, no cancellation fee. 


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that’s it, have a great day!! brett lawrie is hot!! okay bye

dougie-hamilton’s first follow forever!

i can’t believe it’s been almost a year since i joined the amazing hockey tumblr fandom! since i’ve been in my fair share of them and i want to show some appreciation for the blogs that i follow, i decided to do a follow forever! :) i love every single one of you listed, and you guys are the reason im still on tumblr, bloggin about my favorite teams ever :) extra shout out to my mutuals on here who don’t follow the boston bruins as much as i do, cause i appreciate you so much and im glad that you have stuck around with me even after all this time!!


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and last but not least, my entire blogroll/everyone else i follow :)

im so sorry if i missed people, i totally didn’t mean it and you mean so much to me. you all mean so much to me! thank you for making my time on tumblr time well spent. :)



omg guys,

I can’t believe i reached 2,000 followers, i couldn’t even imagine getting past 1,000 and all my followers are amazing for putting up with me. The hockey community on here has done so much for me. Sometimes things get nasty and it’s not always paradise but what is? I’ve grown so much as a person and all of you guys have come together to create a place where I felt comfortable enough to find my voice and who i am. I’m really emotional about this but seriously I don’t know where i’d be without any of you guys. You all have helped me so much you don’t even know. I seriously love all of you.



Trivia Crack Squad

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The rest of you sparkling diamonds


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special thanks to all of you bolded who have reached out to me and turned into really amazing friends.

seriously guys this means everything to me.

If i forgot you come yell at me.



In honor of reaching 888 followers, I have decided to compile a follow forever list! It’s a terrible list because I have definitely forgotten some people so this is the rough draft follow forever list. How ‘bout that? Also, hopefully the click through tags work as well as I hope they do… haha.

my rl friends & family: gottahavepride queenlundqvist slyjetprime84 sodamnsouth xmissvengeance7x

friends/those I have spoken to in bold (there aren’t too many, come be my friend!):


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