boston harbor

“Commandant notified. All ships notified to increase security watch; Civilian Guard Armed and all visitors cleared from yard, 1600 Stationed Civilian Guard (armed) on Yd post Office, 1500 All visitors barred from N.Yard, Guard doubled at pump House, Power house, civilian Guards on Gates, Pump House, & Power House armed, Browning Aut Rifle placed at Pump House & power House.”

Thousands of miles away from Pearl Harbor, sailors in Massachusetts were reacting to the Japanese attack. This entry from the log book for the Boston Navy Yard notes the measure that were taken when news of the attack arrived at 2:30 pm ET.

Image: Log entry from Record Group 181 Boston Navy Yard, Commandant’s Log, 7 December 1941. National Archives ID 1175011. (Transcription by Joseph Keefe, archives specialist at the National Archives at Boston.)

I can’t stop thinking about flint’s Name Origin Story lately

Did I ever tell you where that name came from?…I told you of my grandfather who raised me…Well, in his youth he was a deckhand on a privateer off the coast of Massachusetts. And one night he was alone on the late watch at anchor in the Boston Harbor when he sees this man climbing out of the water and onto his ship. A stranger…The stranger approaches my grandfather and asks him for a little rum. Man said that he’d fled his fishing trawler. Accused of killing another man. And when asked his name, the man simply replied Mr. Flint. This stranger, he never said whether he was guilty of the killing or why he chose that ship or where he was bound, he just sat there. Eventually, he asked my grandfather for a little more rum from below. My grandfather went off to fetch it, but when he returned the man was gone…It was as if the sea had conjured that man out of nothing and then taken him back for some unknowable purpose.

I feel like they have to be circling back to this in some way. this idea that some iteration of treasure island flint’s end has already been told. a man named flint who asks james mcgraw’s grandfather to fetch aft the rum?!? a man who has been accused of doing dark things, but who seems nothing but a ghost, conjured out of the water and then taken back?!?

every time I read this I’m just……..can this story really end in any other way than with Flint™ being returned to the sea…….

“There may be ways of severing oneself in that way…sacrificing one part to save the other.”

or is part of the tragedy of it all that nothing is ever sharp enough to make the cut

[running around in circles]

  • No other day on tumblr is better than the fourth of July. I seriously came here to reblog USA stuff like our forefathers came here for freedom and a tea-filled harbor.
  • *chest bumps George Washington*
  • *moonwalks backwards while fireworks burst in the air*
  • *a marching band plays The Stars and Stripes Forever*
  • *morphs into a bald eagle*