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“Dear sister, We are both well and hoping you all are. Dont know when we will be home but I hope sometime. I am working in a better place now getting more money. And tips I made dollar & a half last week besides my pay. We stay home all the time getting good. From your loving sisters Jennie & Emily. Ans. soon.“
Boston, MA
Postmarked 1912

Headcanons for Dallas and His Mother’s Relationship

A/N: These were pretty sad, but I really enjoy writing about Dally’s past. While I sometimes wish SE Hinton had talked more about Dally’s past, I kind of enjoy making the stuff up myself!

Word Count: 331

Headcanon Count: 20

Warnings: Death mention, murder mention, alcohol mention, abuse mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x His Mother (in a mother and son way, of course)

- Dally is a spitting image of his father

- His mother had jet black hair and green eyes

- But they had the same smile

- Dally grew up in a rough, poor neighborhood in Boston

- His parents were incredibly in love until his father got fired from his factory job and began drinking away his misery when Dally was six

- Despite these hardships, Dally’s mother tried to give him the best childhood possible

- Dally’s mother would often play trucks with him

-They also baked together

- Dally’s mother (whom he called Mama) loved reading and read him every book imaginable

- Dallas loved his mother more than anything in the whole world

- When Dally was 9, his mother took him to the drugstore so she could buy a new book to read with him

- As they left the drugstore, unbeknownst to them, a man Dally’s father had angered was following them

- The man ducked into an alley, pulled out his gun and shot Dally’s mother

- At age 9, kind and gentle Dallas Winston witnessed his mother’s murder on a cold street in Boston 

- Dally collected his most important belongings from home that night: his mother’s class ring from high school, a photo of him and his mother and a teddy bear his mother had made for him

- Dallas put those three things in his pockets and ran away that night

- He knew that his father couldn’t afford a funeral and would be more abusive because he had lost the love of his life, so there was no point in sticking around

- Dally mourned the loss of  his mother that night as he took a train to New York

- The next day, Dally joined a gang at the age of 9 after the leader took Dally under his wing

- After joining that gang, Dally never had or needed much, but he had his three things from home

- Dally could never let go of those three things

- And he probably never would 

Here’s a list of A/B/O fics I collected to read/ re-read/ rec.

These fics were recently recommended to me, so if you have more that you think I’d love, please reply with a title or link :D Doesn’t matter if I’ve read them before. Also please everyone is more than welcome to rec me your own alpha!Dean and omega!Cas fics!

Here are just the fic titels and links, below the cut you’ll find summaries and some initial blurb by me.

Take On Me by Powerfulweak

How To Keep Warm In Winter by WingIt

Poisk Istiny {Finding Truth} by CassondraWinchester, lotrspnfangirl (pdlessard07)

The Old-Fashioned Way by cheeseburgersmakemeveryhappy

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean

Bonded by Luciel89

Disclaimer: All fics are alpha!Dean and omega!Cas ♥

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