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Things to not dress up as this halloween:
  • ISIS (people are doing this, don’t)
  • Ebola (people are also really doing this, again don’t)
  • Any sort of legitimate tragedy (do not be that girl that dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim)
  • Sexy Indian princesses
  • Geisha
  • Mexican sombrero dude
  • Blackface
  • basically anything racially or culturally insensitive. if you have to think about it, don’t do it

Seriously, have fun without being an asshole.

True Crime Books List

I’ve seen quite a lot of posts recently asking for tips about true crime books, so I decided to do a list with some of the books I’ve read lately. I didnt like all of these books, but most of them. I added a few books about 9/11 too, bc i found them interesting. So, in no particular order:

If I did it: confessions of the killer by O.J Simpson
How I helped O.J get away with murder by Mike Gilbert
A death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger (Boston strangler)
Restless Souls by Alisa Statman (Manson family)
The Bundy Murders by Kevin M. Sullivan
Chasing the devil by David Reichert (Green River Killer)
Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss (Jeffrey MacDonald)
Ghettoside by Jill Leovy
The stranger beside me by Ann Rule (Ted Bundy)
The zebra murders by Prentice Earl Sanders
The serial killer files by Harold Schechter
Boston Strong by Casey Sherman (Boston Bombings)
The Devil’s Defender: My Odyssey Through American Criminal Justice from Ted Bundy to the Kandahar Massacre by John Henry Browne
No easy answers by Brooks Brown (Columbine)
The Spiral Notebook: The Aurora Theater Shooter and the Epidemic of Mass Violence Committed by American Youth by Stephen Singular 
A mothers reckoning by Sue Klebold (Columbine)
The general by Ahmed Errachidi (Guantanamo)
Oklahoma City by Andrew Gumbel
102 minutes by Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn
Parkland by Vincent Bugliosi (JFK)
Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi (Charles Manson)
One of us by Åsne Seierstad (Breivik)

These are basically fiction, but I think most of them are worth reading:

Dear Charlie by N.D Gomes  (School shooting, just read it, its awesome.)
Give a boy a gun by Todd Strasser
Nineteen minutes by Jodi Picoult (School shooting, and its so fkn good)
House rules by Jodi Picoult
Finding jake by Bryan Reardon  (School shooting, also fkn awesome)

columbinebrat  asked:

Y'all idk that much about Jahar can y'all educate me?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “Jahar”


  • born July 22, 1993 in Kyrgyzstan
  • Father: Anzor Tsarnaev
  • Mother: Zubeidat Tsarnaev
  • Brother: Tamerlan Tsarnaev
  • emigrated to Russia, later to the United States

On April 15, 2013 Jahar and his brohter Tamerlan detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon. Three people died and several hundred were injured. The reasons for the attack were religious. The two brohters were angry about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the death of Muslims there. They were captured on CCTV and on April 18 the FBI released the images of the two brothers.

On the run they killed the policeman Sean Collier, kidnapped a man in his car, and had a shootout with the police, leaving two officers severely injured. Tamerlan was shot several times and Jahar even ran him over while escaping in the stolen car. Tamerlan died soon after. 

This is Tamerlan.

On April 19, around 6:00 p.m. Jahar was discovered by a Watertown resident. He was wounded and hiding in a boat in his backyard. Jahar was shot by police while still in the boat and then arrested.

He appeared to struggle for consciousness and then he was hauled down to the grassy ground by a SWAT officer. Medical staff helped him immediately.

He was later treated in Boston for severe injuries in the intensive-care unit, being in a serious but stable condition but unable to speak because of the wound to his throat. According to one of the nurses, he had cried for two days straight after waking up.


  • Skull fracture
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Injuries to the middle ear
  • Injury of the mouth
  • Injury of the throat
  • Vascular injury

He was convicted on April 8, 2015 and sentenced to death on May 15, 2015. Jahar is currently on death row, and no date has been set for his execution.


Facts about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  • He is twenty-two years old.
  • He’s an ethnic Chechen.
  • He was born in Kyrgyzstan.
  • He is in the Islamic Faith
  • He is supposedly 5 foot and 10 inches tall.
  • His last known address is at 410 Norfolk Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • He was a student-athlete of the month for wrestling at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.
  • He had “foreign military training.”
  • He was popular and untroubled in high school, according to a friend.
  • He’s a “second-year medical student” (and “an angel”) according to his father, who lives in Russia.
  • He smoked pot, and was also a marijuana dealer on his college campus.
  • He was born on July 22, 1993
  • His parents are Anzor Tsarnaev and Zubeidat Tsarnaev
  • He has two sisters; Ailina Tsarnaev and Bella Tsarnaev
  • His brother Tamerlan participated in the Boston Bombing with Jahar.
  • After 14 hours of deliberation, the jury of five men and seven women came to its decision; he was sentenced to death by lethal injection on June 24, 2015.
  • He worked as a lifeguard as well
  • If you’re feeling generous, you can send him a book.  Here’s the link  and the guidelines.
  • The Daily Mail edited his picture to make him look more ethnic.
  • He was incredibly popular and had lots of friends.
  • He remained silent during his trial (except to plead guilty) until he released his statement, apologizing for his and his brother’s actions and for the victims, the survivors and their families. You can read his statement here.

**This is an on going list*

When I saw that the death toll in Las Vegas was over 50, my first thought was, “Is that big for one of these shootings?” So I looked it up, and it is the biggest in modern American history. But I shouldn’t have any concept of ‘one of these shootings.’ Mass shootings should not be so normalized to me that I have so many others to compare it to in memory, the way one would think, 'Is that big for a Ferris wheel?’

I was barely 7 when the Columbine shooting happened, and I learned about it in church. I was horrified but, in the way that small kids do, I accepted that this must be something that happens sometimes and moved on. Two years later, at age 9, I learned after a very strange day at school that terrorists had crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. My first reaction was, “I hope nobody in the plane got hurt.” I had never heard the word 'terrorist’ before.

Barely a year later, we were kept indoors instead of playing outside or trick-or-treating because a sniper was driving around the DC metropolitan area and shooting people. I was quickly realizing that murder was just part of the backdrop of my life, never directly affecting me, but there all the same. Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Tuscon, the Oslo murders… I started to confuse them in my memory, and so did my friends.

I saw it happening to the next generation, too. James Holmes attacked a movie theatre showing the newest Batman movie while I worked at summer day camp for elementary children. It was horrifying, sobering, but nothing I hadn’t heard of before. I almost didn’t realize how upset I SHOULD be until my little campers came in crying, scared of being shot, drawing disturbing art to deal with their fears, coming to me with questions about what we would do if a gunman came in to summer camp. “You’ll be fine,” I told them without even thinking. “This camp is in a school. We’d have a lockdown like we practiced and we’d make sure you all stay safe. If anyone tried to hurt you, I’d get in front of you. You have nothing to worry about.”

A few months later, I heard the news of the Sandy Hook shooting at an elementary school. I imagined the scared faces of my summer campers, imagined myself in the shoes of the classroom teachers, really pictured myself putting myself between the shooter and the kids, and hated myself for being so dismissive of the threat of a shooting.

But so many mass killings have happened since then– the Boston Marathon bombings the day before my birthday, the Navy Yard shootings down the road from a preschool where I’d once worked, Charleston, Colorado Springs, San Bernardino, Pulse (while I had friends living and vacationing in the neighborhood), all of these intervening years peppered with stories about bombings and terrorist attacks and shootings in other countries and cities… mass killing have become something that occurs so regularly that posting a message of concern and horror on facebook feels like a rote responsibility like commemorating the birthday of a friend every year– muscle memory takes over and the statuses type themselves.

Growing up in the age of internet and 24-hour news, hearing about mass killings is just part of my life as a millennial. But 50 lives being taken, over 200 people injured should never be normal.


Trailer: ‘Stronger’ - Sept 22

Directed by David Gordon Green, written by John Pollono, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, Clancy Brown and Miranda Richardson.

“Good wombs hath borne bad sons.” - William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2, Page 6

Remembering and acknowledging the mothers of some of history’s most notorious serial killers and mass murderers. No one can truly know how they would react to their own flesh and blood committing acts of true horror unless it actually happens to them. Let us hope it never happens to you. But to these women it did. Their own sons went out and committed acts of unspeakable cruelty and malice. In some cases they defended their own son’s guilt in the face of irrefutable evidence out of the blindness of love, others have been brave enough to learn from their son’s acts and speak out, others have understandably hidden from the public eye, and most tragic of all - some of these women were the victims of their own sons.

Clockwise, starting from the top left.

Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold - On April 20th 1999 Sue Klebold’s son Dylan called out ‘Bye!’ to her before leaving the house unusually early. This was the last word she would ever here from him as later that day he murdered five people during the Columbine High School massacre. Sue is perhaps the most well known of these women, speaking publicly several times about her son and writing a book ‘A Mother’s Reckoning’ about her son and her experience as well as campaigning tirelessly for greater recognition on mental health issues.

Eleanor Louise Bundy, mother of Ted Bundy - Eleanor Louise Bundy gave birth to Ted unmarried. His true father is unknown and for many years during Ted’s childhood he lived under the masquerade that his mother was actually his sister. Eleanor long proclaimed her son’s innocence even during his Florida trials, describing Ted as the ‘perfect son’. Bundy murdered at least 35 women and was executed in Florida in 1989. Eleanor Louise Bundy died in 2012.

Joyce Dahmer, mother of Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer - During much of Jeffrey’s childhood his mother Joyce and father Lionel were embroiled in bitter arguments contributing to Jeffrey’s descent into alcoholism. Joyce Dahmer stayed in contact with her son Jeffrey during his incarceration, stating that in her weekly phone calls whenever she conveyed worry for her son Jeffrey would answer with comments to the effect of: “It doesn’t matter, Mom. I don’t care if something happens to me.” Joyce Dahmer died in 2000, six years after her son was murdered in prison.

Kathy Harris, mother of Columbine High School Shooter Eric Harris - Kathy Harris has, unlike Sue Klebold, made no media appearances since her son’s murder of eight people during the Columbine High School massacre and his subsequent suicide. Sue Klebold has stated that she had been in contact with the Harris’ since the massacre but would not want to speak on Kathy or Eric’s father Wayne’s behalf. One can only imagine what a heartbreaking experience Kathy has had.

Peggy Brady, mother of Moors Murderer Ian Brady - Described as ‘Britain’s most evil serial killer’ Brady was responsible for the murder of at least five children alongside his accomplice Myra Hindley. Ian was born to his unmarried mother Peggy in Glasgow, Scotland in 1938. The identity of Ian’s father remains unverified and he was given up for adoption to a local couple a few months after his birth as Peggy was unable to raise him alone. The mother and son remained in contact however, Brady even being permitted to leave prison in 2013 to visit his mother aged in her 90′s. Ian Brady died earlier this year aged 79.

Kitty Menendez, mother of Erik and Lyle Menendez - Mary Louise Menendez worked as a teacher until she quit after the birth of her son Lyle. She attended the University of Southern Illinois where she met Cuban emigre José Menendez. The couple married and had two sons: Erik and Lyle Menendez before moving to California. Kitty and her husband José were murdered by their own sons. Kitty was shot in the leg and several times in the arm, chest and face leaving her unrecognisable.

Nancy Lanza, mother of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza - Nancy Lanza was married to Adam’s father Peter until their divorce in 2009. Nancy suffered from health problems, having to visit New York for treatment for her MS. Nancy loved art, music and going to baseball games being an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox. On the morning of December 14th 2012 Nancy was asleep in her bed in her pajamas when her son Adam shot her in the face with a shotgun before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 children and 6 more adults before committing suicide.

Clarnell Stage, mother of Co-Ed Killer Edmund Kemper - Edmund was Clarnell’s only son. Clarnell separated from her husband (and Edmund’s father) in 1957 wherein Edmund was moved to Montana to live with his mother permanently. Clarnell exhibited abusive behaviour to her son, forcing him to sleep in a locked basement, calling him “a real weirdo” to his face and refusing to coddle him because “it would turn him gay”. After a span of killings that took the lives of 9 others, Edmund bludgeoned his mother Clarnell to death in her sleep and cut her throat with a knife on April 20th, 1973. He then turned himself in to the police.

Arlene Holmes, mother of Aurora Theatre Shooter James Holmes - Arlene has spoken publicly since her son’s massacre in 2012. She is currently working to increase awareness of mental health issues stating: “The way that I want to honour [the victims’] injuries and their distress is to try and help prevent something this bad from happening again.” She has urged more importantly than anything else that those suffering from mental illness seek help immediately.

Zubeidat Tsarneva, mother of Boston Bombers Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -  Zubeidat has long protested her son’s innocence. She has remained unwavering in her support for him and stated in 2013 that America were “the real terrorists”.

Li-Chin Rodger, mother of Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger - Li-Chin is a Malaysian Chinese emigre who met her husband Peter Rodger whilst working as a research assistant for a film company. They had two children: Elliot and Georgia. Li-Chin and her husband divorced in 1998 less than two years after they had moved to Los Angeles from England. Li-Chin saw her son’s youtube videos wherein he complained about the unfairness of females not noticing him. Because of their content the police were alerted, they interrogated Elliot but made no arrest or further investigation. Elliot murdered 6 people and injured 14 others before committing suicide.

Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, mother of Ed Gein - Augusta married George Phillip Gein but came to resent him later in life due to his alcoholism and inability to hold down a steady job. Augusta was a zealous Lutheran Christian, preaching to her son Ed frequently about hell and immorality whilst they lived together in complete isolation on a 155 acre farm they owned in Wisconsin. She would often choose the most graphic old testament verses of the Bible to read to young Ed. After Augusta had a stroke after her husband’s death she required constant care from Ed. She became enraged when Ed took her to visit a nearby farmer to buy straw and witnessed him living with a woman to whom he was not married. Augusta died of a second stroke on December 29th 1945 causing Ed Gein irrevocable devastation - he had lost his one friend and love in the entire world.

Marion Elaine Robinson, mother of John Wayne Gacy - Gacy was abused by his alcoholic father and sexually abused by other members of his family during his youth. He also suffered from a heart condition which Gacy’s father denied existed. Gacy however had a good relationship with his mother. She never doubted his illness and was sure to get him the help he needed. Additionally when he stole at a young age his mother publicly forced him to apologise and return the items. However this led to him gaining the reputation of being a ‘mama’s boy’ and a ‘sissy’. Marion remained in contact with her son even after his incarceration. She died in 1989, five years before her son’s execution in 1994.

Mercedes Ramirez, mother of Night Stalker Richard Ramirez - Mercedes Ramirez had five children with her husband Julian Ramirez. She was a Catholic Christian and raised Richard in the same faith. She and her husband emigrated to El Paso, Texas in the United States from Mexico. She worked in a factory wherein she was exposed to chemicals without a face mask during her pregnancies. Her carrying and birth of Richard was difficult but he was born a seemingly healthy baby boy. Mercedes was devastated by her son’s crimes, travelling to California to speak in court.

Well there you go, I wrote all this and made the image so don’t delete my caption or use it uncredited. We should all take a moment to remember how the atrocities committed by murderers destroy the lives of not only their victims but also all those around them.

Listen, you guys.
These are the coolest fucking things ever.
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And the stickers really are such high quality, it’s a shame Redbubble turned out to be such a shitty and unprofessional vendor with no respect for the artists who make them money.
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I remember where I was during 9/11.  I was in middle school living in Chicago and my mom picked me up and drove me home because she didn’t believe I was safe.  I remember that the sky looked green that day.  My uncle was in the FBI and his wife was a flight attendant, I remember him and my mom and the rest of her family going to every extent possible to try to figure out where she was since all communication had been cut off.  My aunt was on a different flight and was ok.

I remember where I was during the Virginia Tech shooting.  I was in middle school in Connecticut and my mom picked me up from school at the end of the day and held my hand from the front seat the entire way home because she needed tangible proof that her own child was still with her.

I remember where I was during the Boston marathon bombing.  I was in my first year of college living in Boston and I had just gotten off the train. I had been at Copley Square not even twenty minutes before.  I remember how lucky I felt to have left the scene before they went off.  I remember being kept under lockdown in my house for days, we couldn’t even take out the trash without being ushered back into our homes by the police.  The streets were completely silent.

I remember where I was during the Orlando shootings.  I was drunk on a rooftop in Boston, watching the sky get lighter as the sun started rising.  I was making my friends listen to my favorite Bright Eyes album and we chain smoked cigarettes as the sunlight sobered us up.  I woke up a few hours later to a text from my mom “did you hear the news?” I felt my lungs drop into my knees and I wished I could feel marginally safer in my own city a thousand miles away from Orlando.

Before now the killings were indiscriminate. They involved the people who just so happened to be there at the time, they hid behind a veil of happenstance and impulsiveness.  This time it was different, this was simultaneously a mass murder and a hate crime.  The ‘audience’ was planned and calculated.

This shooter did more than just massacre over 50 people.  He took away every single safe space for LGBTQIA+ people in doing so.  He knew exactly where and how to find us because we did not feel the need to hide.  He went into our safe space and he destroyed it.  I am mourning the loss of every single life that he took, and I am mourning the security of explicitly queer spaces.

I have lived through too many mass killings in my lifetime already.  So have you.