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How to get notes by NHL team
  • Anaheim Ducks: Make sure to voice your opinion on the Getzlaf thing especially if you're straight.
  • Arizona Coyotes: Jakub Chychrun's jaw bone and grandmother !!!!
  • Boston Bruins: I can't believe Brad Marchand saved The Gays
  • Buffalo Sabres: #eichelisbetterthanmcdavid
  • Calgary Flames: Ha Ha Johnny Hockey is small he eats skittles and puts pucks in his jock
  • Carolina Hurricanes: *gifsets of jeff skinner smiling*
  • Colorado Avalanche: This isn't FUNNY ANYMORE
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: John Tortellini
  • Dallas Stars: Omg Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are SO IN LOVE and their girlfriends are evil it's true i have this unnamed emotion when ever i see Katie and idk what it is so she must be evil.
  • Detroit Red Wings: *some deep quote about The Joe and Octopuses*
  • Edmonton Oilers: Connor McMVP
  • Florida Panthers: screenshots of Roberto Luongo Tweets
  • LA Kings: just a bunch of pictures of Kopitar's dog
  • Minnesota Wild: Dubnyk's Vezina nomination was SNUBBED
  • Montreal Canadiens: #FireTherrien, oh wait they did that? #firebergevin
  • Nashville Predators: Carrie Underwood !!!! and Pk Subban dancing!
  • New Jersey Devils: we have taylor hall now
  • New York Islanders: They have no ice and no matt martin (these notes will mostly be out of hate)
  • New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist is the King and also we promise it's pronounced "Shay."
  • Ottawa Senators: it's impossible to get more than 5 notes - a like and reblog from both of the sens fans on here and a bruins fan adding "FUCK THE SENS."
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Grilled cheese and TK!
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Marc Andre Fleury could literally shoot my child in the head and I would still blame the defense.
  • San Jose Sharks: here's my Martin Jones impression: O.O
  • St Louis Blues: Parayko = big. Selling your best dman and still making it two rounds into the playoffs = Bigger
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: just...give us...our...players...back
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Literally just fucking...mention one of the rookies fuck this is so easy. someone with 3 followers could get notes this way.
  • Vancouver Canucks: When your GM uses reddit to see if it's a good trade.
  • Washington Capitals: nicklas backstrom is the most underrated player in the NHL
  • Winnipeg Jets: Listen i'm not saying Matthews isn't great i just think Laine was the better pick *Shrug emoji*

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Seriously some of the few best moments of my life spent with my idols. Tim Curry held my hand and told me I was absolutely gorgeous. Nell gave me a huge hug and we held hands while we walked to get a Pat for our picture. Some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I couldn’t ask for a better day. It was more than an honor to have the opportunity to chat with these lovely people. ❤️👄

I just finished Episode 23 of Greater Boston and Wow, what was that. I hadn’t expected to be hit like this.

The way things are piecing together and coming down is amazing.

Powell’s whole talk with Charlotte was incredible. The way she talked about the lack of opportunity to get angry, the judgement that her, that black women get for it, and the way it disconcerted Charlotte all together was awesome.

Also, I really, really love that she’s never limited to her activism. As she said, she’s a person with hobbies and a life outside it all. That’s something media frequently erases, transforming people into ideias, images of what they stand for only; forgetting that there’s always more, and erasing the importance of it. And, seriously, I’ve never seen a more badass exposition about being a Trekkie.

The most relatable part for me, though, was Nika’s monologue at the end. Omg, was it heartbreking. It was so well-done I’m shaken until now. You could just feel the helplessness of losing her brother, and with him, all the order and help and attention he brought to ho her life (and pretty much personified). 

Then, the maddening loneliness, the craving for attention, any attention. And, in face of an uncaring world, an ambivalent, revengful anger. An anger towards the world itself, and how messed up it is, towards the people that ignore you, that don`t seem to care about your suffering at all. How can they not do anything?? But, at the same time, an anger towards yourself, because, wow, you`re being so selfish and ridiculous, you can`t even get it all together on your own… that must be something wrong with you for people not to care like this, there has to be. You`re annoying and stupid. You deserve it. And, as a product of this contradiction, the blind dedication to anyone who brings care and attention. Anyone one who seems to bring back what you`ve lost. And, in one way or another, an outlet of everything you’re feeling.

Nika’s whole work in the lottery, wanting people to feel something, to share her suffering was so, so sad. I legit cried with “Why the lottery?” “Because that’s what it felt like… when someone finally noticed, when someone finally seemed to care… like winning the lottery” (and wow, her VA is SO GOOD). It really showed how a badly handled depression, how loneliness and not being able to get through difficult events can destroy a person. And I don’t remember seeing it as well done as this.

I just really love Nika for, after everything, wanting to help Michael and it being what moved her to talk to Louisa. I really hope Nika will get the care she deserves from now on, and manage to get better. (and get a lot of hugs in the process) 

Black history month day 10: Crispus Attucks.

Crispus Attucks was the first American casualty of the Revolutionary War, specifically the Boston massacre. He is believed to be of African and Native American decent. He was a dockworker and there is some historical debate on whether he was a free man or a runaway slave. He became a martyr in the anti-slavery movement during the 1800s, hailed as an example of bravery and strength.

Attucks was buried with the others killed in the Boston massacre, and his grave remains to this day.

  • normal person visiting boston: I can't believe I'm in this historic city, site of the boston tea party, home of the Red Sox and John F Kennedy
  • me visiting boston: I can't believe I'm in that city what they used as a placeholder name for the Baudelaires' hometown in the 2 seconds you see their address written down in A Series of Unfortunate Events the Movie (2004)

The Bourne Identity // TLSP // House of Blues Boston // 7.31.16

I’ve been trying to think about what to say about Alex and what to wish him for his 31st birthday… but I just don’t know. He’s too special and too amazing for me to ever do him justice with a few words. What I’d like to do is bake him a cake, give him a hug, and ask him if he knows how very special he is, and if he knows how much he means to all of us. Instead I’ll just share this video of him performing The Bourne Identity because it was such an incredible moment for me and even though I wanted to keep it to myself; I think it’s too good not to share. Especially because I don’t know how many times they actually did this song live. 

Happy 31st Birthday Alex!! Thank you for everything. It’s been fun growing up with you these last ten years. xx 💕

the rotten fucking assholes who organized the “"free speech rally”“ in Charlottesville are rallying on Boston Common tomorrow and it’s really really upsetting

anonymous asked:

do you have to screen shot of Michelle stating the hosts sexuality i know its from a while ago but i can find it anywhere

Unfortunately the only resource we having discussing the hosts and their sexualities comes from a panel Michelle attended in Boston. I believe the answers were:

Gil - Gay

Ava - Bisexual 

Maggie - Straight 

Odin - will be revealed later…..

I believe Michelle would be more than happy to answer a twitter question of this nature if you framed it in a polite and respectful way.