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How to get notes by NHL team
  • Anaheim Ducks: Make sure to voice your opinion on the Getzlaf thing especially if you're straight.
  • Arizona Coyotes: Jakub Chychrun's jaw bone and grandmother !!!!
  • Boston Bruins: I can't believe Brad Marchand saved The Gays
  • Buffalo Sabres: #eichelisbetterthanmcdavid
  • Calgary Flames: Ha Ha Johnny Hockey is small he eats skittles and puts pucks in his jock
  • Carolina Hurricanes: *gifsets of jeff skinner smiling*
  • Colorado Avalanche: This isn't FUNNY ANYMORE
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: John Tortellini
  • Dallas Stars: Omg Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are SO IN LOVE and their girlfriends are evil it's true i have this unnamed emotion when ever i see Katie and idk what it is so she must be evil.
  • Detroit Red Wings: *some deep quote about The Joe and Octopuses*
  • Edmonton Oilers: Connor McMVP
  • Florida Panthers: screenshots of Roberto Luongo Tweets
  • LA Kings: just a bunch of pictures of Kopitar's dog
  • Minnesota Wild: Dubnyk's Vezina nomination was SNUBBED
  • Montreal Canadiens: #FireTherrien, oh wait they did that? #firebergevin
  • Nashville Predators: Carrie Underwood !!!! and Pk Subban dancing!
  • New Jersey Devils: we have taylor hall now
  • New York Islanders: They have no ice and no matt martin (these notes will mostly be out of hate)
  • New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist is the King and also we promise it's pronounced "Shay."
  • Ottawa Senators: it's impossible to get more than 5 notes - a like and reblog from both of the sens fans on here and a bruins fan adding "FUCK THE SENS."
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Grilled cheese and TK!
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Marc Andre Fleury could literally shoot my child in the head and I would still blame the defense.
  • San Jose Sharks: here's my Martin Jones impression: O.O
  • St Louis Blues: Parayko = big. Selling your best dman and still making it two rounds into the playoffs = Bigger
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: just...give us...our...players...back
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Literally just fucking...mention one of the rookies fuck this is so easy. someone with 3 followers could get notes this way.
  • Vancouver Canucks: When your GM uses reddit to see if it's a good trade.
  • Washington Capitals: nicklas backstrom is the most underrated player in the NHL
  • Winnipeg Jets: Listen i'm not saying Matthews isn't great i just think Laine was the better pick *Shrug emoji*
Open Book

“Here is your test, class. Remember, it’s open book.”

“Whoa, we can use our textbook during the test?”

“No, not your textbook, but you may use this book.”

“How to Make Cakes That Taste Like Pies? Is this a cookbook you wrote?”


“How will this help us on our history test?”

“It might not, but I can’t afford an editor, so you kids will have to help me out.”

“I think I just won’t use the book.”

“No! Anyone who doesn’t read through the book fails! And anyone who doesn’t catch a typo or grammatical error also fails.”

“Well on page 1 you spell butter with six T’s. And three B’s. And no U.”

“Good job, Brent. I’ll make sure you get into Harvard next fall.”

“I’m only 13.”

“I don’t mean for college. I mean I’m gonna sneak you into the Harvard library so you can leave hundreds of copies of my cookbook there.”

“Oh. Well a free trip to Boston is a free trip to Boston.”

“You bbbtttttter believe it!”

“What’d you just say?”

“I said ‘TEST IS OVER!’”

REBLOG if you’re a hockey ONLY blog, and I’ll follow you
a couple of random posts are ok, but NO politics, NO equality rants, etc
Just clean cut hockey (all I want on my dash is hockey)

Black history month day 10: Crispus Attucks.

Crispus Attucks was the first American casualty of the Revolutionary War, specifically the Boston massacre. He is believed to be of African and Native American decent. He was a dockworker and there is some historical debate on whether he was a free man or a runaway slave. He became a martyr in the anti-slavery movement during the 1800s, hailed as an example of bravery and strength.

Attucks was buried with the others killed in the Boston massacre, and his grave remains to this day.

anonymous asked:

do you have to screen shot of Michelle stating the hosts sexuality i know its from a while ago but i can find it anywhere

Unfortunately the only resource we having discussing the hosts and their sexualities comes from a panel Michelle attended in Boston. I believe the answers were:

Gil - Gay

Ava - Bisexual 

Maggie - Straight 

Odin - will be revealed later…..

I believe Michelle would be more than happy to answer a twitter question of this nature if you framed it in a polite and respectful way. 


Diet Drinks Linked to Increased Stroke and Dementia Risk:

Adults who have at least one diet drink a day are three times more at risk from a stroke or dementia, research shows. Scientists say they should no longer be regarded as the healthier alternative and urge the public to stick to water or milk. Their study of almost 4,400 adults also suggests diet drinks are more likely to cause strokes and dementia than those full of sugar. There was no link between sugary beverages and either of the illnesses - although the researchers aren’t encouraging us to drink them either. The team of scientists from Boston University believe the artificial sweeteners including aspartame and saccharine maybe affecting the blood vessels, eventually triggering strokes and dementia.

  • normal person visiting boston: I can't believe I'm in this historic city, site of the boston tea party, home of the Red Sox and John F Kennedy
  • me visiting boston: I can't believe I'm in that city what they used as a placeholder name for the Baudelaires' hometown in the 2 seconds you see their address written down in A Series of Unfortunate Events the Movie (2004)

I have this huge list of awesome classic rock songs & older music that need to be in The Darkest Minds movie and the other movies if they continue with the series. In no particular order…

A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan
Midnight Rider – Allman Brothers
Renegade – Styx
Jailbreak – AC/DC
Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top
Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas
Cold As Ice – Foreigner
Black Betty – Ram Jam
Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
Can’t Always Get What You Want –Rolling Stones
White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
Sympathy For The Devil – Rolling Stones
More Than A Feeling – Boston
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
American Woman – Lenny Kravitz
Take It Easy – The Eagles
Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
Hotel California – The Eagles
Fortunate Son – CCR
Cheap Sunglasses – ZZ Top
Hold On Loosely – 38 Special
Someday Never Comes – CCR
Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benetar
LA Grange – ZZ Top
Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger
Wheel In The Sky – Journey
Hold On – Kansas
Those About To Rock – AC/DC
Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
Barracuda – Heart
Tom Sawyer – Rush
The Joker – Steve Miller Band
Black Magic Woman – Santana
Bad Company – Bad Company
Magic Man – Heart
Runnin’ With The Pack – Bad Company
Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Yes
Just What I Needed – Cars
Don’t Fear The Reaper – B.O.C.
Back In Black – AC/DC
All Right Now – Free
House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals
Dust In The Wind – Kansas
Burnin’ For You – B.O.C.
Dirty Deeds – AC/DC
Feel Like Making Love – Bad Company
Crazy On You – Heart
Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
Runnin’ With The Devil – Van Halen
Fire – Jimi Hendrix
Rock N Roll Fantasy – Bad Company
Who’ll Stop The Rain – CCR
Fool In The Rain – Led Zeppelin
Refugee – Tom Petty
Limelight – Rush
Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions
Panama – Van Halen
Highway To Hell – AC/DC
Run Through The Jungle – CCR
Houses Of The Holy – Led Zeppelin
LA Woman – The Doors
Africa – Toto
Bad Moon Rising – CCR
Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy
Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N Roses
Blue Collar Man – Styx
No One Like You – Scorpions
Hold The Line – Toto
White Wedding – Billy Idol
Sweet Child O Mine – Guns N Roses
Blinded By The Light – Mannfred Man
Life In The Fast Lane – The Eagles
Hard To Handle – Black Crowes
Back In The Saddle – Aerosmith
What’s Your Name? – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bad Case Of Loving You – Robert Palmer
Time Has Come Today – Chamber Brothers
Janie’s Got A Gun – Aerosmith
Desperado – The Eagles
Lonely Is The Night – Billy Squier
Suzie Q – CCR
Hurts So Good – John Cougar Mellancamp
Burnin’ Down The House – Talking Heads
Fire Of Unknown Origin – BOC Take It To The Limit – The Eagles
Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones
Put A Spell On You – CCR
Lights – Journey
Hey Jude – The Beatles
Also a shit ton of Bowie, Queen & The Beatles.

And of course the songs that are played/mentioned in the books:

Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Beach Boys
Light My Fire – The Doors
Ramblin’ Man – Allman Brothers
Lovely Rita – The Beatles

I was only contemplating going again this year, then I got this email today, and booked my ticket for Saturday right away! Best news I got on my birthday.

I have loved Eliza Dushku since the minute she said…“I’m Faith.” Since I was 9 years I have watched everything this woman has been in. She’s a great actress and and even better human being, and meeting her is going to be a dream come true for sure.

Also, SPIKE!!! Ian and Paul from TVD, Katie Cassdy and David Ramsey from Arrow, The cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Karl Urban, who didnt end up going last year which was upsetting.