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I don't know much about Sam Adams. Would ya please tell me some of your fave facts about him? Thanks!

mmmMMM let’s see what i can do

  • so most people remember sam adams for a) beer and b) the boston tea party. the funny thing is, he didn’t do either of these things. his branch of the adams family were maltsters, not brewers, and he didn’t throw any tea into the harbor either. some people try to claim that while he wasn’t present at the tea party, he organized it in some way, but y’know what, he probably didn’t
  • some historians, like joseph ellis in first family, also say that he probably provoked the boston massacre so that he could make propaganda off it. i hope to hell that’s not true i mean jeez. people died, saMUEL
  • he was pointedly okay with john adams defending the soldiers in the trial that followed the massacre, and thought it would be Good Publicity to show everyone that boston was not lawless and even hated redcoats could get a fair trial. there is a hint that he explicitly put the word out that people who weren’t okay with what john adams was doing were to leave him tf alone like?? can you imagine?? “hey guys don’t mob that nerd, he’s cool he’s also my bby cousin”
  • couldn’t hold down a job bc he was too invested in politics
  • he and john adams didn’t actually hate each other. upon meeting him, john adams thought he was great, dedicated to the cause, educated and truly Of The People. he just thought that sam should take more care of himself and his family and not put politics over that
  • while many other founding fathers were rich, or at least somewhat wealthy, sam adams had like $3
  • one time, some asshole tried to gift him a Black girl, y’know, as a slave. he and his wife were like *nervous laughter* “what is going on” and freed her. like can you imagine giving someone a human being as a gift??? perverse
  • you know that copley portrait, the one of him in the red coat?? i always suspected that hancock commissioned it for him, bc sam adams hadn’t the money and just wasn’t the kind of person who would have a giant portrait made of himself. AND I WAS RIGHT. IT WAS TOTALLY HANCOCK
  • the only thing that p much all sources agree on: sam adams didn’t dress well. his clothes were usually worn and out of fashion (he either couldn’t afford new ones or he just didn’t care) and he had to rely on the kindness of friends (probably hancock again) to buy nice stuff for him when he was going to philadelphia
  • except for the journeys to congress, he never left new england in his life
  • he and hancock kinda started out as mentor and protégé, being 15 years apart in age. they later had a huge falling out about…. idk, something, but they didn’t talk for several years. apparently sam adams was pissed that hancock was “acting like an aristocrat” or whatever. he was like super puritan and thought that a good leader in a republic had to be humble and not extravagant like hancock apparently was. it really distressed him that the people liked hancock anyway and kept electing him as governor. they reconciled tho and were antifeds together
  • supported jefferson and the demrepublicans in 1800, didn’t give A Shit that the other guy in that election was his own cousin
  • his sad demise in 1803 was the reason john adams was so scared of dementia
  • i’ve got more!!!!

the Boston B Party vs. the Maine Calamity Janes was such a good game! it was so close the whole time and it was back and forth with the minor leads and then boston came back from being behind like fifty points and then won the thing at the last second, beating maine by like twelve or fifteen points!

the whole freaking arena was going NUTS. i had such a good time! and my dad did too, he was whistling and cheering everyone on like crazy!

also, i was really impressed by all the new skaters that had joined the league, i can’t wait to see the massacre’s debut!

Derby Butts

Hey so just a general life journaling post focusing mostly on Derby but also on a few other things. 

I start my online summer classes today, and i’m not pumped. I have two assignments due tomorrow/day after so i’m gonna try to get a bunch of the initial/earlier assignments out of the way today. I won’t have time to do them tomorrow, because Becca and I will be on the road back to Pittsburgh for a few days! 

Went to the Boston vs. Texas bout on Saturday and it was the most kick-ass bout i’d been to in a long time! I’m surprised but happy that nobody got severely injured at this game. Boston B Party vs. Hell Marys. It was really intense and I was really thrilled about this particular bout because i’d wanted to see Texas roll for a long time. The game was neck and neck through halftime, and then afterwards Boston took a solid lead, ultimately winning the bout. 
Every time I go to a bout I feel the strong desire to do roller derby growing inside me. My only issue is since i’m back and forth between Boston and Pittsburgh all the time, I’m never around for try outs or training…

Hopefully after graduation when i’m settled somewhere, I can try out. Because I need to get back into a sport…it’s been too long. And I’ve fallen in love with Derby. 

Speaking of Derby, i’m gonna (fingers crossed) hopefully make it to the last Pittsburgh home game of the season, because I haven’t seen Pittsburgh roll yet either, and they’re my home team so I gotta see them. 

I need a shower. 
And my school books so I don’t fail these classes. 
And money so I can buy derby gear. 
And tickets to bouts.