boston 5k

For the sad pop punk kids on Valentines day (or anyday)

  • Stay - Mayday Parade
  • Jasey Rae (acoustic) - All Time Low
  • If I’m Lucky - State Champs
  • Navy Blue - The Story So Far
  • Rare - Man Overboard
  • Melrose Diner - The Wonder Years
  • Have Faith in Me - A Day To Remember
  • I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends
  • A Part Of Me - Neck Deep
  • I Hope He Kills You - Handguns
  • Your Graduation - Modern Baseball
  • Sleep - Citizen

What a year! When you run so many miles and train all the time, everything kinda mashes together in your memory. The Goofy Challenge at Disney World back in January seems so long ago!

I achieved some of the goals I set for myself — 2000 miles, 2:55 marathon, and sub-5 mile. I didn’t make the 1:20 half or 17-minute 5K. Those will definitely go on next year’s list again.

It doesn’t seem like I run a lot of races with marathon training taking up most of my time. Here are links to the recaps for the 12 races I did this year:

Disney Half Marathon (1:44:50)
Disney Marathon (3:24:07)
Shamrock Shuffle 8K (29:18, adult PR)
Boston Marathon (3:01:26)
Darien Dash 5K (17:25)
Daisy Dash 5K (17:36)
Gummerson 1600m (4:57, adult PR)
Oak Brook Half Marathon (1:30:34)
Plainfield Harvest 5K (17:21)
Chicago Marathon (2:55:07, PR)
Veterans Day 5K (17:29, first place)
Fox and Turkey 4M (23:00)

I’m not going to set an official mileage goal for 2015. If things go well and I stay healthy, I should surpass this year’s 2100. I’m going to try to run the 3 US marathon majors — Boston, Chicago, New York — assuming I can get into NYC. I’m thinking about really pushing hard for Chicago this year. Maybe all the way down to 2:45. We’ll have to see how the year progresses.

Thank you all for your support, inspiration, and assistance. I’ve learned a lot from my tumblr relationships. Hopefully I’ve passed on some knowledge too as I keep trying to figure things out. May all your 2015 races be happy, healthy, and fast.