bosto kingtee

Update~ after seeing a lot of comments online I don’t think I’m in love anymore. It seems like the newer models are better than the originals but still outside of one rep named Jeff it seems like Bosto customer service doesn’t have the best track record. So if anyone is still lookin for a Wacom Cintiq alternative why not check out the new Yiynova msp22u or msp19u+ (from accounts online getting a xxU model is important!) Of the alternatives Yiynova seems the most expensive but also the best regarded. Another popular alternative is Huion and their new gt220 ISP monitor (for better viewing angles).

I’m  in love…
It’s a 22HD Cintiq alternative that’s less than a grand US, including shipping. Can’t wait to see some reviews and work done with this beaut or hehe they could send me one and I could test it out and promo the heck out of it hehe

Quick Update: Bosto Kingtee 22HDX

After receiving a few requests to review the Bosto Kingtee 22HDX monitor tablet, I have contacted the company via email. Their service seems to be very busy these days because it takes them a while to reply, but I am now in direct contact with Andrey Belkov from Bosto. I hope that I’ll be able to review the 22HDX soon!

I am also in contact with Huion (another company creating graphic tablets) and they have told me, that they are currently working on a new product and will keep me updated. I am looking forward to hearing from them because I’ve always been satisfied with their devices.

frappetau-deactivated20160517  asked:

I was wondering what kinda tablet do you have? it looks fancyyyy O vO

oh it’s Bosto Kingtee 14wx. It’s kinda a cheap version of Cintiq (kinda like yiynova, huion, etc) But I guess this tablet is the closest to Cintiq. It’s wireless battery-less pen and it’s IPS display so the color would not distort.

you can look it here if you’re interested