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It’s funny, when I think about Bost I think also that if I meet up with him again, it’ll be a shadow — a meeting of shadows. But if I think about seeing you again, then life fills me anew — there’ll be earth and light again, and you’ll never be a shadow. O you little absolute, my strength, my only life! I’ll never pay too dearly — be it even by your death, which my own would closely follow — for this marvellous luck of being in the same world as you. My dear love.
—  Simone de Beauvoir, from Letters to Sartre

I saw a post by tachipaws being overtaken by antis saying naruto is “forcing his smile” or he is a “douchebag for bosting about being the seventh hokage” and “he cares more about the job then his family” well all i have to say is no matter how much you didn’t like the ending or the last that doesn’t mean naruto isn’t happy or a good husband and dad.


!! yikes!!! 

this is NOT MY personal encounter with tom, but this is my friend’s. she chose to stay anonymous. i WAS here while this was happening and afterwards, so i KNOW for a fact that she is telling the truth. i want EVERYONE to know about tom. she has already tried to speak to someone with significantly more followers and who many people rely on for news, but tom threatened legal action and they had to take all of the posts down. tom is a coward who will not admit to what he’s done. he was 20 years old while my friend was barely 16. she wanted to keep it strictly professional but tom would NOT take no for an answer and then blamed her for “leading him on”. call this shit out. 

ken-of-beans asked:

please please please help me. im not a popular blog and its really hard to spread my posts around. a close friend of mine from school (username is nomoredisguises) is talking about committing suicide. im talking to her right now and im really scared. can you possibly spread this around? i know youre a fairly popular blog >_< please ask people to send nomoredisguises positive messages

nomoredisguises need as much love as you have!

İnsan-ı mü'mine nur-u imân ile gösterir ki, mevt idâm değil,tebdil-i mekândır; kabir ise, zulümâtlı bir kuyu ağzı değil, nurâniyetli âlemlerin kapısıdır. Dünya ise, bütün şâşaasıyla, âhirete nisbeten bir zindan hükmündedir. Elbette, zindân-ı dünyadan bostân-ı cinâna çıkmak ve müz'ic dağdağa-i hayat-ı cismâniyeden âlem-i rahata ve meydan-ı tayerân-ı ervâha geçmek ve mahlûkatın sıkıntılı gürültüsünden sıyrılıp huzûr-u Rahmân'a gitmek, bin can ile arzu edilir bir seyahattir, belki bir saadettir.