Good Smile Company is well known for their quality figmas and figurines, especially for their Nendoroids series. If you don’t know what Nendoroids are, it’s these cute “chibi” figurines. You can learn more about it here.

Why am I bringing this up? The Good Smile Company is having an event for their 10th anniversary on their website, asking people what character they would like to see as a Nendoroid next. I think this is a great opportunity to ask the company to make Big Hero 6 Nendoroids, ESPECIALLY since BH6 doesn’t have much merchandise. I think it’s possible for the Good Smile Company to make some, especially since they made two for Disney’s Frozen.

And IIron Man from Marvel and possibly Captain America as well.

Please Signal Boost this!! And please vote HERE . 

I know this can be possible!

Je vous aime, pas d'un amour de vacances, d'un amour d'un instant, d'un grand amour dont je veux les tristesses comme les joies, d'un amour où je suis engagée corps et âme, si lourd, si précieux que parfois j'en ai le souffle coupé.
—  Simone de Beauvoir, Correspondance croisée avec Jacques-Laurent Bost

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Bordeaux 2016 | © Jessica Rodrigues/RB Presse

  1. Olivier Robert, QUENELLE DU PY and their groom
  2. Victoria Gulliksen & VIEGO LES HAUTS
  3. Roger-Yves Bost & PEGASE DU MURIER
  4. Marcus Ehning
  5. Patrice Delaveau & CARINJO
  6. Ludger Beerbaum & CASELLO
Okayyy this is getting out of hand

Everyone please block -Antireylothings- they are posting triggering content. It could be a troll trying to stir shit up, but also I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a real anti because I’ve seen shit like that before, also I’ve seen shippers being harassed into talking about their abuse experience and in the years I’ve been on tumblr, I’ve never been reminded of shit I’d rather forget as much as this past week thanks to them. Either way don’t engage with them (especially with that shitty blog), don’t go to their tag, it´s not worthy. 

Block them. Block every anti blog that post shit like this. You don’t deserve to be triggered.

Stay safe my lovies