bossy burger

The front door swings in with a rather loud bang and Matt trundles in from the nighttime chill, followed shortly by Edd and Tord. Edd kicks the door shut with his heel, his arms currently occupied by a tuckered out demon.

There’s no answer to Matt’s call. The house is still and quiet. Tord raises his head from Edd’s shoulder and sniffs, tired eyes suddenly sharp.

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The Bossy Burger
Parents: please be advised that the following menu item may not be appropriate for children under 13.

Inspired by a 1991 performance by legendary artist Paul McCarthy, this is one burger experience that will have your child running… back for more!

Donned in a rubber Alfred E. Neuman mask and covered in ketchup, our very own chef will present the Bossy Burger to your child, and then dump mayonnaise and hand cream all over your whole family! This whimsical performance gets you in on the act, making it perfect for birthdays and parties. It’s a meal you’ll never forget, no matter what you do!

Raw Bossy Burger………….$9.00
Cooked Bossy Burger………$12.00