The many faces of a fangirl (ft. Boku no hero academia)

The ‘starting to like the fandom and ships’ face

The ‘on the normal fangirling stage’ face

The ‘actually don’t know what to ship’ face

The ‘angst between my OTP is coming’ face

The ‘I want to kill anybody that flirts either one of my OTP’ face

The ‘finally my OTP is canon’ face

And last but not the least

The ‘my OTP will never be canon’, ‘One of them is already dead and I can’t move on about it’, ‘his/her love is unrequited’ or ‘everything hurts’ face (and whatever reasons that will make you cry. Can also be used as ‘finally my OTP is canon’)

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bossuhime  asked:

I'm so glad you started playing FE recently, your art looks perfect for fe charas! Who's your fave character? Is it inigo?

Ahhh thank you! I just got the game and finished my first playthrough recently. It’s my first game on a 3DS and I really like it!

I think we all went through the chrom phase but now that I’ve recruited all the characters, my favourite is Inigo. Him and his blushing feroxi family 

 What did it for me was his B support with dad just ugh my precious tiny child going to start my second playthrough soon. can’t decide if i want to s support inigo or be his dad

anonymous asked:

I just want to ask you about your current OTP list :D

Woohohoh thanks for asking anon!

- [ NARUTO ] Naruto x Sakura

- [ FAIRY TAIL ] Natsu x Lucy

- [ BLEACH ] Ichigo x Rukia

- [ ONE PIECE ] Luffy x Nami

- [ BEELZEBUB ] Oga x Hilda

- [ SKET DANCE ] Bossun x Himeko

- [ GINTAMA ] Gintoki x Tae

- [ SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN ] Anyone x Anyone, but mostly Eren x Levi. My ships are amazing, aren’t they (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)


Sket Dance 30 days challenge- Day 14: Favorite ship: Bossuhime <3

They’re soulmates, absolutely perfect for each other :)

For Himeko, Bossun is her hero, the prince who saved her when she was in a deep darkness, when she didn’t believe in anyone, Bossun appeared and showed her that people is good, that is ok to trust in others, that is ok to want to help and protect people. In summary, that is nothing wrong with her, that she’s perfectly fine :). He made her recover her faith in herself, and with it, in people.

And don’t ask me why I love you
It’s obvious your tenderness
Is what I need to make me
a better woman to myself
to myself, myself

“Save me from myself”-Christina Aguilera

And for Bossun, she is the one. His partner in life. The person who shares the same ideals as him. She’s always supporting him, and this is so important, because we all know Bossun is insecure and she made him believe in himself. She does think that Bossun is the best and never doubt to make him know. She’s ready to follow him in whatever he wants, but if he took the wrong path, she wouldn’t doubt to hit him with Flagrance xDD

I can’t with their perfection ;____;