bosstiel replied to your post: I know I said I was done with queerbaiting for now but I have one more question -

I could be wrong, but I thought Jensen said it was to Feminine a line for Dean to say. And actually the line was kinda OOC for Dean. Not that I really have an opinion on queerbaiting. I just never see this mentioned.

I think the line was very OOC for Dean and - unpopular opinion - I’m glad they cut it. I think just handing the trechcoat over in silence says MORE anyway.

Jensen may have gone on to describe the line and/or the action as feminine as well, but he definitely started out describing the dialogue and action in the scene as ‘unmanly’ and then switched to 'gay’ due to really quite strong audience pressure.

I felt really bad at the time for all the wank he was getting because people really seemed to believe Jensen was saying being gay = being unmanly, when that just WASN’T what he said at all. He was not besmirching the idea of Dean having gay feelings towards Cas, it was the EXPRESSION of those feelings he felt was too unmanly and thus OOC for Dean. And isn’t that fair? Gay feelings don’t always have to be verbalised in unmanly/effeminate and/or feminine ways.

I can see how it all got confused though, but just… ack.

It seemed to me Jensen was trying REALLY HARD to get it right, he pauses a little just before saying 'unmanly,’ like he’s really thinking about it and has chosen the word carefully so as NOT to fall into the trap of using 'gay’ in the wrong context (I grew up with 'gay’ just being one of those words, right? 'oh, that’s so gay,’ and I had to work to unlearn that as part of my vocab, I know how easy it is to let it trip off your tongue in the wrong way). Only then everyone in the audience is screaming 'no no it’s GAY it’s GAY!’ So what’s that telling Jensen? This really mixed message. He was trying to understand when it was appropriate to use the term. He thought he’d got it right, and imo he HAD. But then a v. large group that are renown for their connections to the LGBT community is telling him otherwise… Of course he was going to take their word for it and go 'oh, okay, if you say so - it’s gay.’

And then people STILL shouted at him for it :(

I understand these things can cause offense on a knee-jerk, emotional level and if you feel offended by it I can’t tell you otherwise. But I sometimes wish people weren’t so quick to jump on every little thing perhaps before they’ve examined all the details. People were calling Jensen a dick for this. And while I agree he made a mistake it doesn’t follow that Jensen is, overall as a person, a bastard and a homophobe.