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So deep in the Kylux trash pile...

I’m already deep in the trash pile with no shame so….

Who else is eagerly for when a/b/o sneaks its way into Kylux? (It gets every ship eventually. :3)

I’m personally hoping for bossy badass omega!Hux. Especially one where tricking Kylo into bonding to control him but falls in love anyway. Then you have kinky evil mates ruling the galaxy together!

Im curious. Anyone else have an a/b/o idea for Kylux they would like to see?

I’ve seen people saying that Mary is already a better parent than John because while John acted more like an autorithy, Mary asked for their opinions and valued them. 

I don’t think the comparison is fair, though, because back when John was alive Dean and Sam were either kids/boys or unexperienced young men (in season 1 they didn’t seem to be able to do much except dealing with the regular salt and burn, and they seemed used to hunt with John, not on their own, judging by Sam’s surprise when Dean told him that he was on a solo hunt), so I think it’s pretty understable that John took the lead.

I do think that it’s great from Mary’s part to listen to them and let Dean take the lead at times, but you do have to consider that:

  • Sam and Dean have now spent like ten years hunting on their own, they are experts and grown-ass men, not little more than boys;
  • Mary has just been brought back to life in a world she knows nothing about, she has to adjust and it would be stupid to not take a step back;

So. I loved how they made her protective and accepting of her sons’ abilities at the same time, but I don’t think it has anything to do with John, there is no ground for comparison here.

3x01 recap
  • Clarke : Grounder AF, Panther hunting, lesbian sex, badass
  • Bellamy : bossy bell is back, where is Clarke, new gf
  • Raven : stop the pain
  • Octavia : wants to be trikru
  • Lincoln : wants to be skaikru
  • Monty : best friend goals
  • Jasper : drunk af, where is the hair, where is happy Jasper
  • Jaha : completely crazy, just stop with your City Of Light
  • Murphy : f*ck u Jaha