bosses united for a cause

anonymous asked:

Would criminal bosses and amiibo units be beyond your scope rn? (Etc Candace, Marth) cause those would be very interesting

Captured units is definitely beyond the scope of the hack, but there are other hacks out there which add them in as fully implemented units. 

This hack does include adding the four amiibo characters as full units (i.e. no shield) so they can generate supports but there aren’t any conversations written for them, and we’re not doing conversations for them at the moment. Again it falls into the ‘more to do than time/resources to do it’ category. Something will probably come of the amiibos eventually, especially Lucina, but not right now. 

And of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t refer to the excellent Freyja/Lucina project co-authored by @hbreckel and UV :) Soon™.


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