Another milestone achieved by #imam_shafie School - Bossaso.
A student from the school topped the list of the top ten candidates for Puntland Centralised Secondary Examination this year 2014-2015. And three out of the top ten being from the school.
The first milestone achievement was that of the 2013-2014 when a student from this school topped the list.
My congrats to the adminstration, staff and students of Imam Shafie School.
I also give Puntland’s ministry of education a pat on the back for their hardwork.

Another school Year is about to come to an end at Ras Asayr International School.
A school which gathered great number of students in one compus with the manifestation of Hardwork and Excellence.
My congratulations to the graduates of this year. And to those who passed to the next grades, too!
My congrats are also to the teachers and all staff members of Ras Asayr School.
(at El Ahly club - Nasr City)