Giant Woman
  • Giant Woman
  • James Roach (orig. Rebecca Sugar)

Steven Universe - Giant Woman (chiptune cover)

(track art by merrigo)

I loved rebeccasugar’s song from this weeks Steven Universe so I did a cute little bossa cover!

I’ll put it up on my youtube channel later this week, with a download link!


Capturing Brazilian Sounds with @brasilmostratuacapa

To see more of Layana and Antônio’s vinyl recreations, follow @brasilmostratuacapa on Instagram. For more Brazil stories, check out @instagrambrasil.

(This interview was conducted in Portuguese.)

Layana Leonardo (@layleonardo) and Antônio Adriano (@antonyadriano) originally set out to recreate Brazilian vinyl records through portrait photography. “But then, we realized we could do something more relevant, something where other people might even participate,” says Antônio. Layana’s passion for music and Antônio’s love for photography inspired them to create @brasilmostratucapa, a project where they use Brazilian album covers as faces and also feature submissions from the #sleeveface hashtag. Their creative process is very collaborative: “To portray the cover, we try to find the perfect clothing and venue to take the photographs.” From the beginning, paying homage to Brazilian sounds and visuals was very important. “When we started out, the #sleeveface hashtag was already really popular, but there were almost no photos of Brazilian records,” says Layana, who describes herself as totally addicted to Brazilian music, from the old to the new. “I have a lot of vinyl records, and most of them are Brazilian. It’s very hard to resist nice vinyl records and their beautiful album covers. It really is an addiction!”



From the upcoming episode “Island Adventure” airing (I THINK) the 23rd!! I’m PUMPED!!!

Art by merrigo, great to work with her again!

download link on the youtube page!