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My boss talked about me behind my back to other co workers, I was next to the window trying to turn my headphones on, when I over heard her talking about me. And I figured I’d step out and clock out I was already there her son proceeded to lean down and say something along the lines of I’m rite there, n she shouted out “I DONT CARE, I do not care”

Although I don’t want to go back, and I had no intention to go back, I’m facing leaving my sister at work with my truly mentally fucked up boss to face my not showing up, or show up and sit in silence like I’ve done every day since I started. Rough choices but I am happy to say I do have another job lined up and if I can fake it till I make it I’ll be okay❤️

Just you and I- A Kriss Boss!Scenario

Hello :-) Can I request a fluffy Kris scenario? Something maybe along the lines of Boss!AU >< [Kris in a suit is my weakness u.u] Thank you~ - Sarang

He called you into his office, with a stern expression, and for a moment you froze. You knew that look very well, and usually, it didn’t mean good news for whoever was receiving it, so you put your folder on the table, and said goodbye to the fellow employee that was currently talking to you, before making your way to Kris’ office. Your boss’ office.

“Is everything alright sir?” you asked him, as you closed the door behind you. Kris stood beside the chair behind his desk, and smiled at you cheekily.

“I like it when you call me sir.” He replied with a cheeky smirk. He walked up to you, and locked the door, before grabbing you by the waist, and pulling your body against his.

“Kris…” You whispered, as your eyes met his. He made you melt under his stare, so warm, so dark, and so passionate.

“I know, we are at work, and you don’t want anyone to think you got the job because you are sleeping with the boss, blablabla. But I missed you Y/N…” he cut you off quickly, holding you tightly against him, your face pressed onto his chest, as his hand grabbed the back of your head.

You blushed deeply at the sudden contact. For someone who looked so cold he could freeze oceans with his stare, he was damn loveable and cute when you were alone with him.

Suddenly it hit you. He hadn’t called you in just because he missed you, if that had been the case he would have called you earlier, under any random excuse, with a smile on his lips. He had called you into his office because he was jealous of you talking to that male colleague of yours. You smirked.

“You missed me eh? So this has nothing to do with the fact that I was so casually speaking to Mr. Kim?” You asked him, thinking about Minseok. You chose to refer to him by his last name, so Kris wouldn’t get too mad at you for being too familiar with the boy, and you honestly didn’t want to end up getting the poor boy fired because of Kris’ temper.

Kris froze the moment you asked the question, and coughed uncomfortably.

“Why would I be jealous of Minseok?” he asked as flatly as he could, in order to not give away his true feelings. You smiled, as you pulled away from his chest just enough to be able to look him in the eyes.

“Ah, but I never said anything about being jealous Kris…” you said with a laugh.

“Yah!! Stop being like that!” he told you frustrated, with a roll of his eyes, but in reality, he was amused by the way your mind worked.

“I missed you too Kris… All day. All I can do is think about you. How I want to hold you and kiss you and never let go.” You told him, caressing his cheek softly with your hand. He smiled at you, and for a brief moment, you saw something flash across his eyes.

“It’s funny you say that…. Because I just so happened to have booked two tickets, and a hotel, for us to travel to Rome, and spend a whole week there… Alone.” He told you, with a  slight smirk. You knew he enjoyed the little comfort and luxuries being the rich boss of the company provided him with, and honestly, you were glad you got to enjoy them with him.

Some people would have called you a gold digger, but honestly, you would have fallen in love with him no matter what his job was. Kris was the perfect man for you, and if he ever happened to lose his fortune, you would gladly build a small life with him, fighting alongside him. But until then, how could you possibly reject his gifts, when they made him so happy?

And they did, Kris was more than happy when he gave you something pretty, or fun, or luxurious, it made him feel better about himself, like he was worth you, like he had so much to offer.

“Really? Just us?” You asked him with a  wide grin stretched across your cheeks. Your eyes glistened with excitement as he nodded his head. You immediately squealed, and jumped on him, not caring about what others could think if they ever saw you.

“Just the two of us my baby…” He whispered into your ear as he held you closely against himself. He was proud he could make you this happy.

“Ah Kris thank you so so much!! But you didn’t have to do this!” You told him, smiling widely, your heart beating quickly with excitement.

“I know, but I wanted to. When was the last time we did anything alone? When was the last time we did anything romantic? Plus, you deserve it, you saved my ass the other day at the meeting.” He told you, remembering the last meeting his company had held with a potential partner company in a big deal, and how he had forgotten all of his folders, and information, and you had had to come to the rescue, presenting the information you yourself had gathered, and finally landing him the deal he needed.

You truly were a wonderful woman, and he was glad he had hired you in the first time, not only because through that contract he had met the love of his life, but because he had come across the best employee his company had ever hired.

“I did save you didn’t I? You should be glad I’m in your life.” You joked, as you gently kissed his lips. He returned the kiss, with a deep laugh rumbling in his chest.

“You have no idea…” He whispered against your lips, as his mouth melted into yours in a heated kiss. He thanked the heavens for having had the chance to meet the most amazing woman he had ever seen, he thanked the world for giving him the chance to make you his.

the thing that i love the most in this pic is that everyone’s lookin at the camera like they got some lowkey swag then we have the six in the back …,,,,…nice,,,amazing,,


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