Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x02

They referenced Agent Carter’s cancellation at some point when Coulson there are stories that have never been recorded

More Ghost Rider vs Quake (PURE AWESOMENESS)

#Coulson is stupid, why would you not want to be the public face of shield, why did you not take the offer. now whatever happens to may is because of you. you could have been the director and there wouldn’t be jeffrey to do something to may oh coulson….. whyyy

Daisy, Mack & Fitz reunion.. and Fitz is mad at Daisy

the new director of shield is an inhuman, woahw

i almost liked the new director, but then they showed him doing something to may which he says is classified. like fuck you

steve rogers was considered being the new director of shield. even more awesomeness