How Sugilite Happened (Slight OOC)
  • Sapphire:Ok, so we need to destroy this tower quickly.
  • Ruby:I say we smash it to bits by forming Sugilite!
  • Sapphire:That could end poorly.
  • Ruby:But it would be faster.
  • Sapphire:That is true.
  • Amethyst:LET'S WRECK THIS JOINT! *Sugilite happens*
  • Ruby:Hey, Sapphy, check it out, I'm huge! *flex*
  • Amethyst:Totally! *mental high five*
  • Sapphire:I think we should listen to Pearl.
  • Ruby:We always listen to Pearl!
  • Amethyst:I'm tired of listening to little miss perfect! Thinks she's so much better than us.
  • Ruby:We listen to her all the time, Sapphy.
  • Sapphire:Maybe there's a reason we do.
  • Amethyst:Look over there! I bet we could smash that!
  • Ruby:Let's do this! Woohoo!
  • Sapphire:That rock won't be the only thing smashed if we continue this path.
  • Amethyst:She's right!
  • Sapphire:So let's unfu-
  • Amethyst:We can smash EVEN MORE STUFF!
  • Sapphire:.... *facepalm*
  • Ruby:Come on, Sapphy, we're finally taller than Pearl!
  • Sapphire:Ruby, we're taller than Pearl as Garnet.
  • Ruby:But now we're WAY TALLER!
  • *later*
  • Sapphire:I told you that this would end badly.
  • Ruby:That's what you say about everything.
  • Sapphire:... So what did you learn from this experience?
  • Ruby:That being Sugilite rocks?
  • Sapphire:... And?
  • Ruby:... And that she's dangerous.
  • Sappire:... And?
  • Ruby:... That we should have listened to you.
  • Sapphire:Thank you.

Not many people about the Hugo Boss red collection, it’s a relatively new brand. The new label is not the cheapest of the brand since it is above the casual Orange brand but it fits still below their black brand.

Black (classic), Selection (formal), Orange (leisure), and Green (golf & sportswear) these are all under the boss brands. The new red look is for the young professional in his 20’s looking for something with a slim fit. I will get a boss red suit as soon as I have the money to pay for it.

-Talk Of The Town, Nico Pozsgay-

quick little post before i go to bed because i feel like blabbing about stuff.

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went into the office, felt sick, took off early. while driving I thought, “I can go anywhere” but I only went back home. walked across the bridge, didn’t listen to music (unusual), enjoyed the thin sheen of sweat on my forehead and the clear sky. almost ran into two beautiful women in the grocery store (using my confident voice: oh my god! I’m so sorry! and we laughed), smelled nothing but everyone’s sunscreen. i feel fine, i think.

stillwiththem asked:

they hate us cuz they ain't us babe. fuck you gray faces (;

omg but seriously— I apologize if it wasn’t clear enough, I mean no harm. THIS WAS A POST ABOUT LOVE and I’m getting hate for the first time in my life… But I apologize if anyone was offended. 


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