daikaiju-danielle  asked:

Quick question! If Boss were in the actual game, would she be an Offensive, Defensive, Tank, or Support hero? :O

omg people sending me asks about my OCs…..I’ve really hit the big time…..

ive actually,, thought about it some and I came to the conclusion that she’d probably be the type of Offense hero like Tracer and Sombra that specialize in “harassing” the enemy team - basically getting in, poking them a little, then getting back out throughout the match so the enemies are distracted from the rest of her team. 

of course she wouldn’t be able to be unkillable, but she could have a self-heal ability, and it could be like the healing animations in Far Cry and games like that.. have her picking bullets out of her arm or setting her own broken fingers lmfao (im kidding it obv wouldnt be able to be too graphic but it could be something like her bandaging herself up or w/e like a lot of shooters do)

as for her ultimate…hm…a lot of her character is focused around energy and how she can use it, provide it, and even become it - so maybe for an ult she could absorb the life energy from enemies in a wide AOE around her and gain a bonus to damage, defense and health (maybe dependent on how many enemies are around her at the time of activation). so basically she’d be powered up while also slowly draining the health of any enemy within her AOE. it would definitely encourage the harasser playstyle of getting right into the middle of the enemy team to break them all up.

thanks for the ask….really got me thinkin….and remembering how much I love Boss @Blizzard when are you gonna put! her! in!


Top 20 Favorite Records of 2015.

(left to right, top to bottom)

20. Rolo Tomassi - Grievances
19. Vattnet Viskar - Settler
18. Cloud Rat - Qliphoth
17. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
16. Pallow - Confined
15. The Body & Krieg  - S/T
14. Title Fight - Hyperview
13. New Order - Music Complete
12. Sick Feeling - Suburban Myth
11. Carla Morrison - Amor Supremo
10. Self Defense Family - Heaven Is Earth
09. Bosse-De-Nage - All Fours
08. Big Brave - Au De La
07. Wax Idols - American Tragic
06. Low - Ones and Sixes
05. Deafheaven - New Bermuda
04. Drowse - Soon Asleep
03. Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss
02. Sannhet - Revisionist
01. King Woman - Doubt

PSA: Fates in the Mists

I’m not sure how easily known this is yet, but there are two sets of FATEs dubbed “The White Dragon FATEs”. There’s some very good rewards at the end of them, including a barding for one’s chocobo! It’s best suggested that you join, or make your own, FATE party for these. You may have to clear others to force these FATEs to appear, like we had to.

The first set gives you a belt for a discipline (This doesn’t automatically give your class’ belt, had to do it twice while going for the barding). It starts with  Darkscale Descendth, Darkscale Devoureth, and lastly Darkscale Disappearth. These start at around 15,13, and involve two boss FATEs and a defense FATE.

The other requires a lot more work, as it seems to require that ALL ‘White Dragon’ FATEs are completed before this one appears. The other FATEs, End of the Rainbow, Mogicide, and Rastaban Vibration. Once these are completed,  hopefully Vedrfolnir Devoteth will appear on the island to the far Southwest, 11,36. YOU WILL NEED TO BE ABLE TO FLY TO REACH THIS FATE. Once the fate is complete, if you get a gold rank, you will get an Ishgardian Half Barding for your chocobo!