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Yakuza!Hanzo with pregnant s/o? During the pregnancy and birth?

((SO I MADE THIS A LIKE TWO PART STORY BECAUSE YAKUZA HANZO IS LIFE….I also do an excessive amount of research on things for this and it FUELED my need))

From a hostess at an upscale bar to the wife of a Yakuza boss. It sounded like the storyline of one of those movies or TV dramas and yet, this was your life. You had drawn the eye of Hanzo Shimada; the sophisticated, suave man of few words who initially frequented the establishment when holding private business meetings. You could feel his eyes on you whenever you had been working and soon found yourself requested as a personal hostess for the sharply dressed man with the hawk-like gaze. Enticing professionality morphed into actual attraction; small gift of affections turning into a request to date you which soon led to marriage.

You counted yourself as lucky. Most of the other hostesses or former yankee girls ended up in loveless, violent marriages with men who wanted a trophy wife and punching bag all in one. Hanzo treated you like a queen; granting your any desire or wish, showering you in gifts and private displays of affection. You wanted for absolutely nothing and lived in the lap of luxury within the Shimada faction walls. Anytime you left, you were flanked by personal female guards and whenever Hanzo had important ‘legitimate’ meetings, you were on his arm as his doting and loving wife. He didn’t involve you with any of his illegal practices, you were an exquisite flower in the garden of his life and he planned to keep you safe. And his child that grew inside of you.


You smiled, Hanzo’s voice was still tinged by sleep, his hands lightly moving over your waist to rest on your growing stomach. You tilted your head to the side as Hanzo placed a gentle kiss against the side of your neck, his chin resting in the crook of your shoulder. You had neither been actively trying to conceive nor working to prevent it, letting fate handle any type of family planning you’d fall under. When he found out you were pregnant, he was ecstatic in his own ways; his eyes lit up, he pulled you to him and kissed you hard and openly in front of the doctor that made the housecall. Hanzo wasted no expense in making sure your pregnancy progressed smoothly; a personal chef on call 24/7, a masseuse that you could visit in person or request on the estate, your own private midwife and weekly spa trips to keep you ridiculously pampered and relaxed. He had even begun accompanying you more after you expressed that you felt lonely with him gone so often.

This is how you found yourself waking with him at least three days out of the week, enjoying a meal or two together as he answered calls and dispatched orders to his secretary who would then pass them onto whomever needed to hear them. You leaned back into your husband, humming contently as his arms wrapped tighter around your body. His lips pressed hard against the side of your neck again, drawing a quiet chuckle from your lips and a pleased sigh from his. Covering his hands with your own smaller ones, you massaged the back of his hands before deciding to speak.

“Good morning dear husband”, you teased playfully, earning a throaty huff of a laugh at the formal nickname. “I hope I didn’t wake you…”

“No dearest”, Hanzo started between another kiss, squeezing you again. He had never made you second guess his attraction to you even through the pregnancy, his level of affection almost growing as you did. “Waking in bed without you however was inspiration enough to rise.”

A wave of nausea had pulled you out of your sleep and forced you out of bed, your hand combing through Hanzo’s hair as you rose as not to wake the man. You had slipped to the down to the kitchen and fixed yourself a cup of peppermint-ginger tea, obnoxiously sweetened to your preference. Turning your head, you gave a soft ‘oh’ when you saw he had already gotten dressed, the white button up covering his once shirtless torso.

Turning yourself around, Hanzo pulled back slightly, your eyes looking him up and down, humming approvingly. Hanzo wore both traditional and modern clothing, both looking dashing on him but the latter edging out with your preference. He wore black slacks, the white button up tucked in but not buttoned all the way up, the navy blue tie hanging undone around his collar and his black hair still down. A warm, thankful smile began to pull at your lips, your eyes connecting with your husband’s dark ones. This was a ritual that the both of you had started from when you had first been brought into the Shimada clan. You initially had been no more than a glorified wallflower; pretty, pleasant and essentially useless. Before meeting Hanzo you had been a working girl your entire adult life, working hard to earn your keep and live your life as comfortably as you could. Doing absolutely nothing left you antsy, restless. So in the morning you would rise with your then boyfriend and assist him with getting ready. You’d pick out his ties and socks, button up his shirts and assist him with putting his shoes on. It made you feel at least somewhat useful before you became the lady of the house.

Reaching out, you pulled him closer so his torso rested against your pregnant belly, one of his hands lifting to lightly stroke at your cheek. Your fingers made quick work of the button up, your fingers playfully ghosting under his shirt to lightly stroke the edges of clan’s dragon tattoo on his left shoulder before closing it. You worked your magic, tying his tie into a trinity knot, your hand smoothing over his chest as you looked up at him affectionately. His hand moved from your cheek to your chin, holding it as he dipped his head down and pressed an affectionate kiss to your lips. His free hand tenderly massaged your belly as he pulled away, smiling down at you.

“Remember to tell your doctor this, beloved.”

You nodded your head, understanding he was  referring to your nausea. He’d text you mid-day just to make sure it had been done and would take care of it himself if your pregnancy brain made you forget. Always watching out for you.

“Of course, my love.”

“Boss we can just force our way back in there…she can’t tell you to get out like that ca–”

Hanzo stopped on a dime and snarled at the man that had dared to speak, his eyes pinning the man with a look that could kill. The younger man immediately bowed, stammering an apology as he backed out of the room at the quiet recommendation from a senior member. Hanzo was known for his chilling calmness, his cutting words and icy gaze usually enough to break anyone who would cross him. But now he was on edge, snapping angrily at anyone that would speak to him as he paced. No one could blame him really. Hanzo had been kicked out of the room by your midwife after snapping at her when you went through a particularly rough contraction, the man demanding to know why the pain medication hadn’t kicked in yet.

So now all he could do was pace while several of his guards fidgeted about, thrown off by their boss’ energy. He could hear your cries through the door, his heart tugging every single time it reached his ears. His twin dragons begged to be set free, to protect their master’s mate, Hanzo was barely able to fight the urge himself. But he knew that it would upset you so instead he would wait, his heart in his throat and nervous flitting in his belly. Time trickled by, far slower than Hanzo would have liked, hours feeling like days. Until the strong, loud cry pierced the air.

It felt as if the world around him melted away, the strong, growing cries of the newborn working everyone into an excited frenzy. Someone clapped Hanzo on the back, another on the shoulder and they were all cheering when the door to the room you had been delivering in slid open a crack. The midwife smiled and motioned for Hanzo to come forward, his men pushing him when his feet froze to the ground, excited and intimidated by the prospect of finally meeting his child.

“Hanzo…come say hi.”

Your voice drew him the rest of the way into the room, warmth exploding in his chest as he laid eyes on you and the small bundle you held in your arms. Your face was ruddy, hair stuck to your skin by sweat, eyes heavy with exhaustion; but he was sure you had never looked more beautiful. He stopped in front of you, his hand lightly stroking your cheek, his other hand shaking as it came to lay gently upon the head of the newborn. The newborn boy fidgeted at his touch, his mouth opening in a big yawn as Hanzo lightly stroked his face. Emotion made his throat feel tight as he dipped down, pressing his lips hard against your forehead, pulling the both of you into a hug. Haruto gave a whine at being jostled, the newborn fidgeting before settling between his mother and father quietly.

“Haruto Shimada”, you hummed softly as Hanzo pulled back, your head falling to the pillow on your bed, patting the space on the California king sized bed next to you lightly. Your midwife hung around the background, cleaning up the area quickly and quietly, the omnic nurse following right behind her.  Hanzo took the seat, taking your hand gently and kissing your knuckles hard, as he scoot back to lay amongst the pillows with you. Immeasurable pride, love, happiness and need to protect filled his being as he looked between you and Haruto contently. You leaned your head onto his shoulder, peeking up at him through your lashes. “Would you like to hold him love?”

Hanzo barely nodded before you were carefully passing the newborn into his arms, the Yakuza head breathing stopping for several moments. Haruto fidgeted, smacking his lips lightly in a yawn once more as he turned into his father’s touch. Hanzo took this time to study him thoroughly; thick black hair covering his head, face chubby and skin ruddy from being birthed. Later, he would say that Haruto was a peculiar looking little thing when he came out but right now at this moment the child was the image of perfection. Your snort drew Hanzo’s attention up, your finger pointing to the foot of the bed with a humored smile.

Yuuki and Ame sat at the end of the bed, curled into a loose pile on top of one another and rest at your feet. The translucent blue dragons were content to sit and wait, intrigued yet protective, instantly acknowledging the new charge that had been added to the family. Extending a hand to them, you gently pat Ame on the head as he moved forward, chuckling quietly as the dragon purred under your touch.

“Keep him safe”, you ordered softly, knowing there was no real need to tell the dragons what to do.

“The dragons will consume our enemies”, Hanzo reminded you, his voice soft but mirthful as he leaned over and lightly kissed you on the forehead, cradling your sleeping son to his chest lovingly.

((I hope this is okay anon! I know I went on a tangent but it was fun!))

Start of a Love Story

A Love Story is Better With You: A New Beginning - One Shot Series #1

Note: Click the (xxx) to enhance your reading experience with visuals.

+previous one shots


One way to present on how your day was going was, hectic.

Hectic, because first, you had woken up 30 past seven, which meant you only had 30 minutes to get ready, hurry down four flights of stairs, hurry down the street to the local starbucks, grab your boss her usual morning order, and manage to find a taxi as fast as possible to make it to the firm at 8 o’clock.

Hurrying out your bathroom, with your toothbrush hanging out your mouth, trying to slip your shoes on, while trying to zip up the back of your dress. (xxx)

“Gosh girl, could you be any louder at” your roommate glanced over at her bed side clock with squinted eyes. “7:38 in the morning?” she groaned, pulling a pillow over her head. You groaned to yourself, rushing back to the bathroom, spitting your toothpaste into the sink and finished washing up. 

“Lucy, can you please help me zip up my dress? I’m already really late, and you know my boss. She’ll shred me to pieces if i’m late” you whimpered. 

She sighed, quickly getting up, losing her balance as she was suffering from a mild hangover from last nights birthday event that you decided not to join in on, but promised tonight, a Friday night where you didn’t have to worry about work the next morning, that you would join her out. 

“Alright go go go, before Ursula kills you at work” she smirked, handing you your bag and sending you off on your way.

You pressed the elevator button in your building to head down to the main floor but after two minutes of already waiting, you figured the time was ticking so you did your best to run down the stairs, in heels you had purchased not too long ago.

You let out a breath, you hadn’t realized you were holding when you reached the last step. Running out the front doors, you turned left and sped walk down the city streets as fast as you possibly could. Finally reaching the local starbucks just a block from your place, you were greeted with a long line. You stomped in place, quietly whining to yourself as you stepped in line, about 15 people in front of you.

You checked your watch on your wrist, 7:47. Thirteen minutes. You tapped your foot on the ground, your patience wearing thin when you heard a voice calling your name. You looked up to see your long time friend, Brett, at the coffee counter. 

“Take it, realized you weren’t here on time and figured you’d have the same order as always” he smiled. You let out a breath of relief, hugging him over the counter. 

“Oh my god, what would I do without you!” you panted, rummaging through your bag looking for your wallet. 

“No worries, it’s on the house today. Now go! Before you’re late for work, and Ursula eats you up!” he joked with a smirk. You nodded, quickly stuffing your wallet into your purse, not even bothering to zip it up as you grabbed the coffees and the two blueberry muffins your boss ate for breakfast and darted down the street.

You had been trying to get a taxi for a few moments, but none had stopped to let you hop in. You groaned to yourself, looking at your watch. 7:52. 

You whimpered to yourself looking left and right and decided your only option at this point, was to run. So you ran, as fast as you possibly could in your heels, dodging in and out of people’s ways. 

You were two blocks away from your firm, when there’s a massive crowd of people, huddled in one large circle in front of a hotel. You groan, trying to make your way around, but it’s impossible. There is screaming and chanting, but it’s all a blur to you because your main focus and priority is to get to work, on time and in a decent manner. You finally found a little gap to push yourself through when someone’s foot pops out of nowhere and the next thing you know, you’re falling to the pavement of the sidewalk, coffees and muffins flying out your hands as you landed, stomach first onto the pavement. 

There was a moment of silence, all around you, as you felt stares from every side of you.

You whimpered, from the pain but also realizing that your boss’ coffee and muffins were all over the pavement, and ready for the garbage. You’re about to get up when you see two suede boots come up to your eye level and the man bends down. 

“Are you alright love?” he questioned, reaching his hand down to you to help you get up. You blink a couple times, to be sure you’re seeing the right person. 

“Um, yeah, I think so” you mumbled, shock coursing through your veins. 

“You’re bleeding” he pointed out, looking at your knee about to call over his security.

You shook your head. “Really it’s okay, I’ve got to get going. I’m going to be late for work and my boss will kill me” you stuttered, trying to compose yourself. 

“Love, we should clean it up. Come on we’ll take you inside and clean you up and you can go off to work, i’m sure your boss will understand” he assured.

“Thank you, but I really can’t, i’m sorry” you whispered, bending down to grab your bag. “But thank you for helping!” you called out, looking back at him one more time before running to work.


You panted, reaching your cubicle, and slumping down, and taking a look at your wounded knee winching as you tried to touch it and observe it.

There was a clearing of the throat and you turned around in your chair to see your boss. “You were late, and you didn’t bring me my morning coffee and muffins” she started, tapping her foot on the ground as she waited for your response.

“I know ma’am, I apologize, I bought your coffee and your muffins but there was a huge crowd of people and then I tripped, and the coffee spilled-” she cut you off with an eye roll. 

“Enough, I don’t want to hear your excuses, next time, make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself like you probably did moments ago, and make sure the coffee is sitting on my desk Monday morning, or else, you’ll regret it” she spoke out, turning on her heel with her assistant right by her as she walked to her office.

“Woah what happen to you” Blair chuckled, looking over into your cubicle. “Lets just say it was hectic and i’m glad it’s over” you sighed, reaching into your drawer for your first aid kit, grabbing disinfectant and a bandage to cover your cut. She chuckled, shaking her head and sinking back into her own office chair, as you did moments later, working on your next blog post to get approved by the one and only woman you all called, Ursula.


You stepped out your closet, hair freshly blow dried as you observed the choices of attire you’d wear on your night out with Lucy. 

“Oh, the red dress!” Lucy called out, peeking her head out the bathroom door. 

“Definitely the red dress, you’ll definitely be getting laid tonight if you wear that!” she winked, disappearing. “Lucy!” you laughed, shaking your head while picking up the red dress and observing it. “There will be no getting laid of any sort tonight, at least not for me” you chuckled, putting the blue dress back on it’s hanger and slipping the red dress up your body and slipping on the black heels. (xxx)

Walking over to your vanity, you touched up your makeup you had done a while ago, reapplying some nude lipstick onto your lips before grabbing your clutch, and stuffing your phone, card and ID before shutting it closed. 

“Alright you ready?” you checked, peeking into the bathroom to see Lucy, curling her last strand of hair before turning around. 

“Holy smokes!” she hollered, eyeing you up and down. You blushed, shaking your head before checking if you had anything. “Alright let’s get going, because at this rate, we’ll get to the club and it’ll be closed” you smirked, grabbing her hand and heading to the elevator.


You entered the club, to loud thumping music, bodies against one another with drinks in hand. “I’m going to pop to the loo” Lucy shouted over the loud music. “Get me a drink? Something preferably heavy” she smirked, bumping her hip to yours before shimmying her way through the crowd and to the bathroom.

You shook your head with a giggle and headed over to the bar, observing your surroundings to see if there was anyone that could particularly catch your eye.

“Hi, can I get two gin and tonics, please?” you asked the bartender politely while taking a seat to at the bar. He nodded, going to the other end of the bar to prepare your drinks. You looked down at your phone, scrolling mindlessly through instagram as you heard a voice behind you.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t miss “got to get to work”” he spoke. You lifted your head up, to be greeted with the man who tried to help you earlier this morning. A blush flushed your cheeks as you smiled. 

“I really was late, she would have murdered me if i would have went with you, and wasted more time” you replied, locking your phone to give him your full attention. 

“Wasted time? Ouch” he replied, feigning that he was hurt by placing his hand over his chest, and you giggled. “I’m Harry” he smiled, sticking out his hand, as you shook it. Seconds later, you responded with telling him your name as your two gin and tonics arrived in front of you. “Oh, already buying me drinks?” he smirked. “And my favorite as well?” he asked surprised. 

“You must have done research, hmm?” he joked with a wink. “Oh, that was meant for my friend-” you were interrupted by Lucy as she appeared behind you. “But you can gladly keep it” she smiled, eyeing you to keep talking to him before walking away onto the dance floor. “Sorry about her” you sheepishly giggled. “She tends to be a bit…straightforward I guess you could say” you smiled, sipping on your drink as Harry did with his. “Well if it allows for me to spend some more time with a beauty like you, i’m not complaining” he smirked, and you couldn’t help but blush.


You were three drinks in, already feeling loose, grabbing Harry’s hand and pulling him onto the dance floor. “Come on! Let’s dance!” you giggled, running your hand through your hair trying to get him to get up. “I don’t dance love” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Oh come on, don’t be such a girl!” you hollered. “Dance! Have fun!” you smiled, pulling on his hand again. He sighed, downing his drink, which caused him to pucker his face due to the taste, and headed to the dance floor with you.

You moved your hips to the music, your back to his front, from time to time, grinding on his front. You smiled moving your hands behind you to wrap around his neck as you danced.

“You’re a pretty good dancer” he hummed, right into your ear. You smiled, continuing to enjoy yourself as he placed his hands on your hips and moved along to the music.


You let out a breath of air as you stepped outside, Harry hot on your heel. “But my friend” you giggled, pointing to the door. “No worries, I caught her on the way out, told her I was going with you and her words made it seem like she had no intention of stopping me” he chuckled, as the club door closed behind him. “Oh god” you giggled, covering your hand with your face in embarrassment only imagining with Luce could have said. He smiled, walking down the street with you, towards your flat.

“So did you enjoy yourself tonight?” he questioned, hands in his pockets, but secretly wishing they were hand in hand with your hands. “A blast” you smiled, looking up at him and grinning more than you thought possible. “I didn’t think i’d have a handsome guy walk me home, although my friend Lucy did tell me that this dress would get me laid tonight” you smirked jokingly. He raised a brow before winking at you. “I mean, I am your kinda guy if that’s what you want” he winked jokingly before picking you up bridal style and spinning you around. “Harry!” you laughed, throwing your head back and gently slapping his chest as he put you down. “Only jokes, only jokes” he smiled. “I wouldn’t do such a thing unless I had your full consent” he smiled, slowly aiming to put his hand around your waist nervously, and when he did, he hoped you wouldn’t shove him off, and you didn’t.

A tipsy giggle escaped your mouth out of nowhere and he smiled. “You have a cute giggle” he commented and you giggled against covering your face as you blushed. “Stop!” you smiled, trying not to giggle but you couldn’t help it. “Gosh, now you’ve made me a mess!” you laughed, completely embarrassed now. He smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you both finally made it up the steps to the front of the building. “Well, looks like this is it” he sighed, looking up at the tall building, not really wanting you to go. “Seems it is…” you wavered, debating on your next move. “Would you…like to come up?” you questioned nervously. “If not it’s okay, but it’s a bit chilly and I see you don’t have your car and it’s late and-” you were rambling when he placed his finger over your lip in a shushing manner. “I’d love too” he smiled, tucking his hand into yours as you sheepishly grinned with a blush before making your way in and heading to the elevator.


You stepped into your flat, and kicked off your heels walking into the small kitchen. “Do you want some tea? Maybe a cheese toastie?” you suggested. “That’d be lovely, actually” he smiled, kicking off his boots and placing them on the rack before sitting down on the kitchen stool. “I’ll be right back, i’m just going to change out of this dress if that’s ok” you sheepishly smiled, as he nodded. You scurried to the bedroom closing the door, taking a deep breath in and out.

There was a boy, in your apartment. You tried to suppress the smile that was all over your face but couldn’t you were just so happy. You slid off your dress, slipping on a loose tee and sweatpants before grabbing a makeup wipe and wiping off all your makeup and pulling your hair up into a bun. With the alcohol slowly wearing off you rubbed your eyes as your belly rumbled.

You stepped out the bedroom to hear clattering of dishes and you peeked into the kitchen to see Harry finishing off a second cheese toastie and putting two glasses of tea, one by each plate. “Looks like you’ve found your way around” you smiled. He looked up, a bit stunned that he didn’t hear you make your way in, but nodded. “Figured the least I could do was help around a little, and make the night a bit easier for you” he grinned. You grabbed your plate and cup of tea and brought it to the couch ushering for him to sit beside you and munch away on your snack.

“So, tell me about you mister Styles” you teased. He chuckled, wiping the crumbs off the side of his lips before taking a sip of his tea. “Well what do you wanna know miss gorgeous” he retaliated with a smirk, causing you to blush due to his comment. “Anything, about you” you smiled. “Well…” he started. “Well, i’m a singer, i’ve just finished off my album a while back and it’s set to go out soon-” you shook your head, sipping onto your tea. “Harry, about you. Not your career, not what everyone probably already knows. About you, what do you do in your free time? Favorite food? Anything” you smiled, looking him in the eye to let him know that you were truly interested in getting to know him, and not what the world already know of him, and that’s what had the butterflies erupting in Harry’s belly, because maybe once for a change, he found someone who wanted to know about the real him.


It was past two in the morning now, still no sign of your roommate, as Harry craned his neck trying to stretch and not wake up as you fell asleep with your head in his lap on the couch. Harry let out a muffled groan during his stretch and prayed he hadn’t woken you. He gently lifted up your head, gently picking you up and heading to your room. You mumbled some incoherent words, before snuggling close to him before he laid you down in your bed and covered you with your blanket.

He was about to exit the room and make his way out when he heard you mumbling something.

“Mm, stay, don’t go” you whispered. 

“Stay the night” you smiled, peeking a tired eye open ushering him over. He debated for a second, but you repeated yourself, asking him nicely again to join so he did. He slipped off his tight jeans, leaving his tee on and slipped into bed. 

Seconds later, your head was on his chest, snuggled nice and close and Harry couldn’t help but smile as his arm reflectively went around you to keep you close.

This was definitely the start to a new love story, Harry hoped would never end. 

- well he we are my loves, the first installment to the new series (: I hope you enjoyed and please please please don’t be hesitant to request anything, or let me know what you though! all the love! xx
  • Me: I love-
  • Someone: WE KNOW! YOU LOVE SAINTS ROW! We get it you think shaundi in any form is a goddess. We get it you're trash for Johnny gat. We get it you love other peoples boss characters. We get it you wish there was more people in the fandom. We get it you would die for the 3rd St Saints. WE GET THAT YOU LIKE ALL THE CHARACTERS REGRADLESS OF WHAT THEY'VE DONE. YOU LOVE SAINTS ROW.

TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU and Happy birthday to our green loud Irish boy!
You’re the most kind and wonderful man LIKE A BOSS! Don’t forget that we always love you and always support you!
Hope you have a wonderful day and spend the day with your friends and family!
A big hugs and kiss from Italy! Ciao!

Yesterday was National Love Your Pet Day! - Feb 20th
(Sorry, Peachie only just found out)

We love you Pumpkin!
Pumpkin is our sassy little boss bun. She likes to look and act all tough, but she’s really a big ‘fraidy-bun! She’s just being the best an instinctive rabbit can be. She’s always very cautious, careful, and of course, highly judgemental! She’s a lady of high expectations and classy tastes, and if you fail she’ll give you a long hard disapproving stare, a sassy cold-shoulder or even a foot flick. Despite this, at heart she is just a classic tsundere; she’ll act all cold and bashful, but every so often she’ll give you a little lick, a groom, a binky, or a purr out of nowhere just to remind you that despite all your flaws she still loves you.

We Love You Pudding!
Pudding is our mischievous little silly bun. She has a serious case of the princess syndrome, and will demand attention, praise and treats at all times- even to strangers who are visiting! Luckily, she’s incredibly easy to please, and will binky, flop and purr at the smallest of things- she’s always happy! She’s also incredibly affectionate and loves to groom Peachie with licks all day. But despite innocent appearances, she’s a clever little manipulator who knows very well that her cuteness gets her extra attention, and maybe even more treats! When she feels like being the center of attention, trust us- you’ll be able to tell.

A Wife's Duty - Eisuke Ichinomiya - Part 2: Should Have Stopped You

By the way, I’m making ‘A Wife’s Duty’ into a real, proper series. I have many ideas for the plot that I think you all will enjoy. Hope you enjoy!

Plot: Eisuke mysteriously becomes involved in a serious car accident. While he remains unconscious, Vivian tries to track down the person responsible for hurting her husband. As the bidders try to solve the main problem, many new problems arise and Vivian experiences what it is really like to be a billionaire’s wife. During hard times, Vivian finds that the best place to feel safe is the presence of her love. But if her enemies can’t make her crumble, who can?

Characters: Vivian Ichinomiya (MC); Eisuke Ichinomiya; Soryu Oh; Mitsunari Baba; Ota Kisaki; Mamoru Kishi; Shuichi Hishikura; Hikaru Aihara; Luke Foster

Episodes: Part 1, Part 3, Part 4

I look in the mirror and see myself. I wore a business suit, similar to Eisuke’s. I had it custom made for myself so people would take me seriously. I wasn’t just a billionaire’s wife, but I was his partner in everything else.

I wore a striped purple dress shirt with the first two buttons undone, a white vest, black slim trousers, black pumps and a cream coloured blazer. I didn’t realise Eisuke wore so much black on a daily basis so I had to change the colours to my style.

My ‘E’ necklace hung loosely around my neck. I remember when Eisuke bought it for me for my birthday.

“Never take it off. Whenever you see it, you’ll always think of me.” Eisuke lifted my chin up and kissed me sweetly. Then he lifted the rest of my body and carried me into the bedroom where we spent a night filled with love and passion.

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college hobi

Originally posted by bwipsul

  • hello it’s yours truly
  • ready to die because tonight i’ll be out in the twenty degree weather freezing to death
  • dying
  • anyway!! this should be renamed ally when she gets to college!! but it won’t be
  • hoseok doesn’t know about college tbh i see hoseok being like i wanna work and not drown in debt!!
  • and he has the opportunity because he has this part time job that his boss said he could work full time if he doesn’t wanna go to college
  • hoseok is like rad!! because his only passion is dance and everyone tells him he won’t find a job as a dance major so he’s like why waste the money?
  • he loves his job and it gives him time to do other things because it’s like a 11-10 shift?? so in the morning he has time still and all!! time to dance i mean
  • and he’s always guaranteed one day off and one half day so it’s okay right?
  • but his boss
  • oh while his boss was like yes you can work here!! that’s okay we love you!! his boss was always like you’re such an intelligent kid hoseok you should really do something in college… don’t waste that intelligence here
  • and hoseok gets all teary eyed because he loves his boss and his coworkers they’re like a family too him?? and he doesn’t wanna leave them!!
  • but his boss is so insistent like please child you could do so much more than this…
  • and hoseok is like but i don’t wanna do anything else but stay at the restaurant!!
  • boom light bulb
  • because your girl just googled majors for college
  • and hospitality management is one of those majors
  • like in this au hoseok practically grew up in the restaurant and loved them all and loved the dynamics of restaurant life from the decor to the menu to the waiters?
  • so he’s like wow maybe i should do something with restaurant management!!
  • in high school, hoseok never went out to parties or the sports games or that kind of thing
  • every weekend (plus more) he could be found at the restaurant, serving tables and making hard money
  • so he has a lot of his own money to pay for college!!
  • and plus his parents, who wanted him to go to college from the get go, are so willing to pay for his college career too, well the best they can
  • he’s like i’m gonna stay close to home and go to college here so i can still work part time!!
  • but he applied internationally too just for the heck of it because a lot of his friends went overseas for school and they really loved it!!
  • and guess what
  • an american college sees his profile and they’re like wow gotta have him!!
  • and they’re willing to pay for his entire tuition, he has to pay for room and board though
  • because while hoseok didn’t a lot of time at work, he got really good grades and was involved in school clubs so he looked well rounded and active in school
  • plus he had a lot of work and volunteer hours so he looked like the perfect student!!
  • he decides to go to that school despite wanting to stay close to home, because he wants to challenge himself and adventure and face new challenges and experiences!!
  • so yes he goes over to the grand old usa where tuition is like fifty thousand dollars
  • a lot of the college au series isn’t intertwined and i gave people different roommates throughout and this one i think it’d be rad af if hoseok and my son jeongguk were roommates??
  • so yikes it’s happening
  • so hoseok gets there and he’s saying hi to everyone he meets while looking for his dorm
  • and he walks on in ahd guess who’s there it’s a small bunny child
  • tbh jeongguk probably found out how to hack the wifi and is like illegally streaming movies through his computer
  • and he kinda looks up at hoseok and is all ??
  • and hoseok just stares at him then kinda “i packed some popcorn, you want some?”
  • hoseok and jeongguk are good roommates, they get along really well except when jeongguk throws his clothes everywhere and like,,, hoseok has to clean up after him???
  • but they do dance team together so that’s rad because they’re usually home at the same times!!
  • hoseok does a lot of other clubs, he’s probably in more clubs than he is classes  
  • he’s on the dance team obviously but he would also probably go out for like god knows what
  • like gymnastics and also gardening club tbh he would love gardening club it would be his fave
  • he would go to karaoke club too and then he would force everyone to sing black pink
  • if there was a club that really couldn’t generate a lot of attention or didn’t have a lot of members he would feel bad and join that club because he has such a big heart and that’s how he gets stuck in tea party club
  • i bet seokjin would start tea party club and yoongi joins later and they get some other people to join?? (like crossover, minghao from seventeen ? kihyun from monsta x?)
  • and they sit there and trash talk people?? like sit there with porcelain tea cups and trash talk people for hours??
  • and also how he gets stuck in philosophy club but he meets namjoon there and that’s rad!!
  • and him and namjoon become really close friends especially because same age friends??
  • he meets yoongi for the first time at photography club except hoseok just takes pictures of yoongi the entire time tbh and yoongi nearly kicks him out
  • hoseok brings jeongguk to photography and they BOTH start only taking pictures of yoongi and then they both actually get suspended from club activities because yoongi has done had it with them
  • hoseok and jeongguk have some wild adventures right
  • one being the laundry night adventure of *insert year here*
  • okay so really hoseok is the one involved in the adventure but guess who else is oh wait you are surprise
  • it’s late one night aka early one morning
  • like two in the morning?
  • and hoseok bolts up in bed and remembers that jeongguk did not do the laundry!! even though it was his turn to do such!! and hoseok realizes that not only has jeongguk neglected the laundry, he’s neglected it for like a week so they have no clean clothes
  • and hoseok has a lab early in the morning and he’s like well yikes??
  • so he grabs his phone and rubs his eyes and puts the laundry basket on his hip like i’m ready to be a responsible adult™
  • so he goes down to the uni laundromat idk if those actually exist but guess what they do in this au
  • hoseok doesn’t think it’ll be an issue because like two in the morning? who’s gonna be there lmao
  • oh wait surprise someone is
  • and that someone is crying??
  • hoseok races over and he spills all his laundry in the process because i have this feeling that even though he’s a fluid dancer, boy probably overexcites or like gets so into his emotions that he cannot control hhs body yikes
  • probably trips on his way over to you honestly
  • and you scream because who is this??
  • and he screams because you’re screaming but when you both calm down he kinda
  • “man are you doing okay??”
  • and you sniffle and wipe the tears from your eyes and you’re honest with him like it’s law, you’re tired, you’re worn out, there’s no need to lie
  • “i just got out of a break up?”
  • and hoseok !! “you’re literally gorgeous and i bet your personality is a million times more so, how?”
  • and you shrug “it’s a friend break up”
  • that’s right this is a call out post to all my shitty toxic ex friends this one goes out to you
  • thanks for ending it before the new year ;)
  • anyway hoseok just nods because he gets it, he’s been there, and he realizes losing a friend no matter what the circumstances are, friend breakups are so much more painful and mean a lot more than romantic break ups?
  • and he cannot bare to see you there, crying like this
  • like his heart is shattering and he doesn’t know you because nobody deserves to cry alone at two o'clock in the morning
  • so he offers you his hand and he’s like “don’t worry, jung hoseok, personal angel at your service!”
  • and you kinda smile and he smiles too because you’re smiling!!
  • tbh the clothes don’t get washed
  • but you help him pick his spilled ones up and you kinda “are those scooby doo pajama pants…”
  • and hoseok gets all excited like “why yes they are, don’t you love them”
  • and you both laugh and he gets all shy for a few and then he’s like “there’s a twenty four hour diner like down the street, i’ll buy you come cake and we can cry it out together?”
  • you get all red because omg nonono that’s okay that’s a okay you don’t have to do that to me you’re too sweet!!
  • except hoseok insists so soon you find yourself sneaking back yoongi the dorms with hoseok to put both your laundered clothes okay and then it’s off to the diner
  • it’s a super cute diner and it has cute cat clocks on the wall and there’s like four people there and they’re all employees and they don’t expect you and hoseok but they’re all super sweet and cute and welcoming!!
  • you and hoseok sit at a cute little booth together, across from each other
  • and he’s like “okay lay it on me, i got all night to listen”
  • which is a lie because early lab if you remember but he’s not about to let you know that
  • like he cannot leave you there knowing that you are upset or hurt or crying like that, like that’s not his nature
  • and so you two order tea and some pie because they have some left over from that previous day and you just sit there and you don’t know what possessed you but you completely spill evreything to hoseok and it just comes spilling out but he is so patient with you and he doesn’t interrupt you
  • and he doesn’t try to solve the issue for you like he actually just sits there and listens and instead of pointing out things you may have done to instigate the drama or saying “well maybe you can let them back in” he actually commends you for doing what’s best for yourself, and cutting people out of your life who didn’t appreciate you and only seemed to care about you when they needed something
  • tbh he would probably get a little too into your narrative and feel for you because he has such a big heart and he can’t help but feel right along with other people that he might start tearing up and would probably even grab your hand and give it a little squeeze
  • sometimes it’s so nice to just cry things out right and you feel so much better that someone actually sat there and heard you out and it was such a positive experience and wow is hoseok even real??
  • you don’t even think so at this point, maybe you’re dreaming
  • but okay once you’re calmed you guys finish your snacks and hoseok pays and everything and tips more than the meal too, that’s also the kind of guy he is
  • side note isn’t there an anime where a character constantly makes reference to that’s just the kind of man i am i think maybe fma?
  • maybe not i always get fruits basket or ouran or something idk anyway
  • after the spill fest, you two just talk about yourselves because wow you actually really enjoy each other’s company and you don’t actually want the night to end??
  • and the entire staff has nothing better to do and they think you’re all really cute and wonder if you’re in love
  • boy howdy aren’t they gonna be spot on
  • that night hoseok gives you his number, well you exchange numbers i guess?? and after that you guys become so close like it was a natural attraction not even romantic but just as friends
  • and like you guys start doing everything together and he introduces you to the rest of the boys immediately but when you go to the bathroom he’s like um by the way we’ll be married one day so please don’t interfere!!
  • hoseok is so sweet though like he invites you to all his clubs and by far tea club is your favorite because you think yoongi would have the most to say right, ahaha, wrong, it’s seokjin
  • hoseok talks about how cute you are the entire time though and seokjin is like that is not the point of this club hoseok jeez
  • and hoseok gets all sassy like i will make it about this topic
  • as you’re blushing and internally screaming
  • hoseok claims he’s gonna name his restaurant after you and stick your picture all over the walls and you’re like omg
  • but also
  • consider you and jeongguk hitting it off really well right??
  • and you’ll come over to hang and play harvest moon with jeongguk (i just got my proposal for tott like ten minutes ago tbh)
  • and make smoothies or whatever
  • and every single time hoseok will walk in and start to whine and sulk because why are you hanging out with jeongguk when you could be hanging out with him what the heck is this??
  • in true hoseok fashion, he would probably flop on the floor and refuse to get up until someone (aka you) ran over and doted on him
  • and jeongguk would roll his eyes and like gag but deep down he thinks it’s really super cute??
  • also this is official
  • every dance competition the boys have you end up going to and you make giant posters for hoseok and put his name in glitter or something and add a bunch of stickers and whenever he sees them he gets the biggest heart eyes in the entire world!!
  • probably afterwards when he’s all sweaty he runs over and hugs you and by hugs i mean suffocates you like no matter if they win or lose, he’s hugging the life out of you
  • and wow you are so in love with hoseok like how could you not be he is an angel
  • like all the teachers think so too like there are professors he doesn’t even have that know him by name and take the time to say hi and ask how his day is going
  • and he always comes over and tidies your room because you couldn’t say no when he asked for a key
  • “for best buddy purposes”
  • and jimin coughed “he loves you”
  • and jeongguk tried to cough and speak too but then he ended up choking and that is a whole different story
  • and he always helps you study tbh he would make you flashcards and draw cute little pictures on every single one to help your understanding
  • i can imagine a lot of late night walks with hoseok because yes sunshine boy but he is so much deeper than that and you two will walk around town and discuss your hopes and fears for the future
  • like hoseok is very real about his emotions but he also thinks people expect him to be a certain way, like always smiling and loud and happy and wild?
  • so you really cherish the nights where he’s actually hoseok, no masks, no pretenses, no walls or anything
  • and he’ll tell you about how he’ll open his restaurant and invite his family and old coworkers to the grand unveiling
  • and that all the recipes will be traditional and handed down from his family, and maybe he’ll ask the boys if they have any they’ll want to share
  • he’ll go on about how one day, his future kids can work in the restaurant and it’ll be a big, happy family thing
  • he also tells you about how he misses home though and how he can’t keep up with his parents and friends as much as he wants because everyone is so busy and time differences are so hard to deal with
  • you cherish this time so so much and these are the moments you find yourself falling more and more in love with him
  • even when things aren’t that deep walking around town is super fun because you always go window shopping and one time hoseok tried to stick a  dog up his shirt and take it home and when asked he panicked and said he was pregnant
  • he would totally wear snapbacks always when out and like tight jeans with lots of holes and lots of baggy tees too he probably stole them from jeongguk but like whatever that’s okay
  • he would be the person right
  • so like you get bubble tea and you’re sipping it and then he whines and says he wants some even though he was so against buying his own drink
  • and then he chokes on whatever the heck those things are and makes a huge scene and probably says he’s dying??
  • and then you guys get kicked out??
  • like that’s how you and hoseok operate
  • okay okay okay but like obviously you are both in love
  • but like nobody will confess?? because nobody wants it to come crashing down and like i see hoseok as a more impulsive person but in a situation like this i see him being a scaredy cat almost?
  • because he would start to doubt himself and all??
  • but lucky for you
  • he does confess!!
  • now here’s the story…
  • yoongi
  • our dear yoongi
  • his photography portfolio gets viewed by some super renowned business that’s super rich and powerful??
  • and they’re like hey we get you aren’t an advertising person but maybe you could help us, we’re about real people and your photography captures real life and we want to pay you to take some shots for us and if all goes according to plan, we can maybe give you a internship? and if you’re up to it we can also help you learn some advertising techniques too??
  • all the boys are like !!! omg yoongi !!
  • especially jeongguk, he’s like half the money should go to me anyhow because i’m always the model for your pics (and then he flips his hair best he can)
  • but they throw a party and they invite you to come but you have to politely decline because you have a huge art history test the next morning and to gotta study because what are Sanxingdui masks??
  • but you wanna go because it seems like a lot of fun??
  • you’re doing whatever, studying, low key not
  • and like at around eleven you get a text and it’s from jeongguk and he’s like “please watch this video”
  • so you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you open it
  • and oh boy there’s hoseok with a lampshade on his head
  • it’s already too wild
  • jeongguk adds “the sad thing is that he’s not even drunk, your boy ate seven of seokjin’s cupcakes and all hell has broken loose”
  • you giggle despite yourself and watch the video
  • and it’s hoseok standing on the bed with a hairbrush in hand and taehyung is up on the bed with him holding a grape soda can
  • and hoseok shouts “THIS ONE GOES OUT TO LOVE OF MY LIFE”
  • and namjoon can’t help but be like “and who’s that?”
  • hoseok gives this awful wink and you think he might fall off the bed and then he mouths your name
  • and then the music starts playing from yoongi’s phone and you’re a little confused because it’s nineties bubblegum pop?
  • okay and then at the top of his lungs he starts singing/screaming romeo and juliet by s.o.a.p and except that instead of singing romeo and juliet like the actual names he put your guys’ names in instead
  • you watch the video at least seven hundred more times because it’s pure comedy gold??
  • also hoseok just low key confessed his undying love for you
  • tbh he keeps going because like thirty minutes later, seokjin sends you a video of hoseok singing neverending dream by cascada for you
  • tbh yoongi and jeongguk have enough and kick him off the bed to sing paper planes by m.i.a
  • but like at midnight thirty they all text you a picture of hoseok totally crashed out on the floor and they’re like “please love our innocent angel”
  • the next day you text him “wanna get breakfast at the diner?”
  • because boy you have some videos to pull out
  • tbh you knew sugar highs were real but last time you experienced one, you were like 11??
  • not an adult but whatever
  • but hoseok agrees and so you two meet up at the diner and they all know you guys by name because you go there all the time??
  • anyway you get sit at your favorite table and hoseok is all excited because usually he’s the one to ask you out for breakfast?
  • he wiggles his eyebrows “what’s the special occasion?”
  • you’re having this mental debate with yourself because wow you have liked hoseok for too long it is time to be open and honest
  • “look hoseok, i really like you, and from the videos everyone sent me last night, i guess you like me too, so let’s just date okay?” and you’re winded because what is taking a breath?
  • hoseok gets a little excited and he kisses you and it’s short and sweet but you can feel him smiling through it and wow you’re officially in love??
  • even though you knew that a while ago
  • hoseok takes your hand and you link fingers and like wow how cheesy and gross
  • but then he gets all serious “what videos”
  • and so you show him and he’s so red and he looks ready to bury himself in the ground and LEAVE
  • you assure him they’re super cute though!! and that you will treasure them forever!
  • tbh cutest couple ever
  • like he walks you to all your classes always no matter what
  • honestly his professors like him enough that if he’s a little late well that’s okay because it’s hoseok
  • jeongguk eventually decides to move into namjoon and yoongi’s dorm because you are always over and he is tired of you and hoseok fawning over each other
  • the people at the diner are like plz invite us to your wedding and they always make whipped cream hearts on your pancakes
  • he always lets you wear his snapbacks tbh he actually probably puts his snapbacks on your head and then takes a million pictures for his story
  • he is now five hundred percent more guaranteed to name the restaurant after you and he asks if you wanna help him out when it’s built and all
  • wink wink
  • like serious relationship
  • implied living together
  • tea club becomes dote on your relationship and even jin doesn’t mind at this point because you two are so cute!!
  • he always grows you flowers from his gardening club honestly and then makes you flower crowns and bouquets and decorates your room with them
  • and if you’re allergic well he will buy you claritin with his hard earned cash money
  • honestly if this isn’t me in college i’m dropping out thanks
JJ Fan Service 101

check equipment before taking video.. :”)

test shot the Goofy Face that he prepared.. XDDD

make the audience unintentionally dizzy while showing his  location XDDD

act innocently like he didn’t do anything wrong XDDD

LMAO by himself and display happiest fail attempt XD

display CUTE GOOFY FACE again to distract audiences :”)

then perform EYE TO EYE interaction XD

send cheesy kisses ~ virtual kisses to be exact.. 

how’s your screen now? XDDD

gives his signature smirk *_*

and of course make us all agree that he is THE BOSS :””)

ahhh.. Jinnie Oppa..


Kiss Kiss Fall in Love!

Ohhh… we love you Mama Tatsumi! ♥

Came from this: [x]

[ cue Sakura Kiss]

[ Merciful Clergyman bops head ]