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Bianchi has been really subtly running a sexual abuse subplot on her character - she often kills all the men she dates and has been interacting with both romance and death as punishment from such a young age that it’s what she built her entire identity on, enough to become prolific - but actually getting confirmation through chronology she was a famous femme fatale going after her partners at 14/15 is another thing altogether

and reborn was her closest companion during this period. this man was an unconscionable asshole from the manga’s outset and didn’t start a redemption until he went into the world where everyone hyperdied, but it’s so hard to comprehend how firmly his politics meshed with people like iemitsu. 

think of how important it was that it was tsuna who earned rokudou “my family was hunted down and shot in the streets and they all decided to mesh even more tightly with shitty mafia politics to get themselves out of it” mukuro’s trust. reborn would have killed him, with contempt. tsuna bought the trust of every single member of that group who wasnt a serial killer

reborn’s “I thought I’d die like a dog” isn’t manly nihilism, the context reads like “that’s just…….how it works kid”. he’s spent years like this. he’s old as hell.  the reason he suddenly opted not to just die like he feels he’s meant to is because tsuna said “no it fucking isn’t”, because he wasn’t groomed into this situation. this is the same arc where reborn violently prevents iemitsu from using the same techniques he himself utilized during the daily life arc to “teach” tsuna (and implied to have used when training dino), and instead appealing to tsuna’s character and values.

in fact, the reason this series has so much integrity even though the writing is a garbage fire is because tsuna, someone who has never encountered most of these issues, has values that counteract them - he doesn’t say shit to mukuro, there is no shounen lecture, but mukuro spends a huge portion of the rest of the series putting chrome “mukuro projecting all of his insecurities onto a confused dying girl” dokuro in the hands of tsuna to the point chrome calls him on his genuine love for tsuna, she outright says it to his face, because tsuna isn’t and never has been someone who could be told about any injustice in the mafia without him reacting with genuine contempt and action. If you told sawada tsunayoshi that when bianchi was his age she was seducing adult men and no one - not even reborn - ever saw anything wrong with this he’d show up at everyone’s house to negotiate a nation-wide re-organization of the assassin circuit and make the vindice help him do it. 

I think the most outstanding example of this mindset is a set of 2 events, where tsuna is told that to become the vongola boss, you need to accept the injustice of the mafia, and he, a regular 14-year-old civilian, said “are you KIDDING, this is an INFRASTRUCTURE YOU HAVE”, and threatened to destroy it with such conviction that it proved his right to be leader. it was a hype moment, to be sure

but then in the Simon arc, Tsuna goes up to Nono’s face and says “I can’t take this position, because the mafia is a garbage concept, and it directly endangers everyone around me”. Tsuna wants to crush it, and is aware that leadership is the best place to start, but he’s also aware that it’s a phenomenon that eats the people that interact with it, and this happens in the arc where a literal ghost manifestation of the mafia is trying to kill everyone and possesses the only staunchly anti-mafia character to do it. The message is pretty obvious

Maybe the ending is justified under that - nothing about tsuna has changed because even after all the things that tried to warp him as a person, he maintained the mindset that let him deny the values of the mafia and in turn change what they consider normal, and build trust through that understanding. 

The series has a clear through-line in its narrative that really holds it together and is never made obvious and proves the need for “Dame-Tsuna” as its lead and that’s kind of great???

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Could you do a TYL Vongola dealing with a pregnant wife with morning sickness and weird food cravings??

- He’s always feeling bad everytime you have to run to the bathroom or he when he see how much you seem tired. He can be pretty guilty too to be in a good health and have no trouble like you can meet, so he feels like it’s his burden as well and want to share your malaise by soothing you the best way he could.
- He didn’t begrudge when you woke him up at two a.m because you definitely needed a cheddar/ham sandwich, with extra big pickles and a green olive on the top, without forgetting the tip of blueberry jam.
Even if the night-cashier from the little grocery store watched him with a brows raised when he handed him the bag.

- Spends hours studying each of your reactions and reading a lot of books and online articles like «How to handle a pregnant wife without going crazy», «Prevent Crisis: What you need to always have in your fridge and drawers», «20 best ways to take care of mommy and child»
- Unfortunately, he does read a lot of about what you’re able to do and not during the pregnancy, and he’ll be a real pain in the ass sometimes, stopping you from satisfying a lot of your cravings.
See the good point, he almost stop smoking during your first pregnancy. Almost, he burned a whole pack when he was waiting for you to give birth in the waiting room.

- Even if it costs him huge bags under his sweet honey eyes, he’ll not repeat you enough that you have to wake him up even if it’s the first hours of dawn when you feel really ill. He doesn’t mind if you’re feeling guilty about it and he’ll surely lecture you when he wake up if you don’t.
He has a freshly washed towel and a toothbrush in his hands when you finish and he’ll put you back to bed right away.
- The one who prepares a bunch of sushi without raw fish, miso soup and other condiments corresponding to your diet before going to bed so you can wake up in the middle of the night and eat as if there was no tomorrow.


- The one you want to kill because he can’t help but wake you every single morning at 6 so you can keep your body in good health and shape for you and the baby, he even created a workout program for you…Until you vomit «the special breakfast» he cooked for you on his bare feet.
- He’ll clean up after you if there’s any problem and be right next to you afterward with a bottle of water, engulfing you in a tender-choking hug on the couch.
He would do anything he could so you don’t feel ashamed about anything because you’re giving him the best thing he could ever wanted in life.

- Don’t expect him to be near when you don’t feel well, he runs away as soon as he hears you open the bathroom door because he can’t stand the sound, the smell or just even the idea of throwing up, if he stays, it’ll just be worse for everyone.
- Weird food craving? He’s the good guy to grant you all of your wishes, he has all sort of food and snack and he’s a real Food Adventurer, ready to try anything for you. Smelly cheese dipped into coffee? Check – Oysters with hot salsa sauce? Check – Hawaïan pizza? yup check too.

- Says that he’ll sleep on the couch because he can’t close an eye with all of your turn and toss and he doesn’t want to be disturb by your sickness.
On the other hand, he’ll do whatever he can to relieve you from any discomforts and you don’t have the time to communicate your distress that he already has a warm cup of tea and some pills right in his hand…All of this with a grunt while looking on the other side.
- When you began to talk about this huge chocolate cake you saw in this display two weeks ago, you saw him sigh, rolling his eyes and kept reading his report without even giving you a glance.
Less than one hour later Kusakabe knocke on the door witha  box nicely wrapped.

- About your food craving, you’ll have to do the job yourself unfortunately as he won’t move an eyelash to bring you weird unleathy mix of food.
Especially after he spent three hours searching for a peculiar plate of rice and fried shrimps with a mango sauce throught the whole city and, as he came home, you simply told him you weren’t hungry anymore.
- As morning sickness can be caused by stress, he tries his best to change your mind with his illusions and keeps you distracted from your nausea.
After each of your illness, he’ll bring you to bed or on the nearest couch, with your head on his lap or chest, running his fingers in your hair to soothe you as he can’t help but throw sarcastic comments with a sly smirk on his face..and a pout following by a frown on yours.

- She has no idea of what to do and wonders if pulling her knees against her chest while sitting in the corner of the room waiting for everything to be done isn’t a bad idea.
When she pulled herself together, she steps in the bathroom and prepares a comfy warm bath for you with delicate essential oil to make you feel better.
She’ll hold your hair if needed and stayt by  your side looking elsewhere when you’re above the basin.
- As for weird food craving, the poor child has no ide of what an healthy meal is so she wouldn’t be disorient if you ask for really weird mixtures. She’s unfortunately not a good cook neither so you’ll have to help her bake if you don’t want to be feed with only snacks, raw vegetables and burnt meat.

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Tsunayoshi is the 10th boss of the Vongola famiglia and is also known as “No Good Tsuna”. Tsuna develops from a weak individual who easily gives up to a leader who is dedicated and willing to fight for the protection of his friends, family and famiglia. 

Happy Birthday you amazing dork! ♡(º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ) [10.14]

What about a KHR AU where

It’s Iemitsu who teaches Tsuna how to become a mafia boss. Vongola Style.

a.k.a Reborn goes to Namimori and finds out that Tsuna and Nana have been gone for at least three weeks and he chases them around the globe. He keeps missing them and apparently Tsuna regularly stumbles across mafiosi???

a.k.a Iemitsu listens to Reborn’s scathing lectures and threats about not being able to keep an eye on his family through one phone, and arranges his family’s globe trotting and meet ups between Tsuna and various mafiosi through another phone.

Next in my adventures with the makeup…
I know she is not that famous, but I love her, despite the fact that there’s so little info about her. But she was a Vongola Boss! She deserves better.
(By the way, somebody in the fandom is still alive?)