boss tu2

For those of you that have been asking for a picture of my pedalboard, this is what I have currently set up. I used some of this stuff with PBC, but recently have added a few things (HM2, Rat, POG2, Freeze). I still need to fill in the space on the left pedal board with something, maybe a mini deja vibe? This isn’t the entire pedal collection, thats a photo for another time.

Below is the signal chain:

Boss TU2 -> Boss SD1 (Modded) -> 1986 ProCo Rat -> 1984 Boss Hm2 -> EHX POG2 -> MXR Phase 90 -> Boss TR2 -> EHX Freeze -> MXR Carbon Coby -> Line 6 DL4 -> Boss RV5

This will probably change again very soon, but lately I’ve been into this layout for the new stuff that I’ve been working on. Drives on the Right and Modulation / Time Based effects on the left. No volume pedal because that shit’s lame. I like to use my fingers, and those cool knobs that they put on every guitar that adjusts the volume. Weird I know.

Video of Jonny’s new collaborative project with Shye Ben-Tzur. They are recording in the “550 year old Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India.” Originally posted on January 29th.

Jonny is playing his Gibson Les Paul Standard. He has two different amp heads with him, a Vox AC30HWHD and a blackface Fender. The Fender head is unusually tall, a height only used for Twin Reverb heads. The cosmetics are definitely not silverface (there are standard Twin Reverbs heads of that height from the silverface era), and so it must either be a reissue Fender ‘65 Twin Reverb-Amp head or a 1980’s Fender Twin Reverb II head. The discoloration of the grill cloth makes me suspect that it’s an 80’s amp, but the fact that recently Jonny has been predominantly using new amplifiers (Fender Vibro-King for solo shows, Vox AC30CC2X with his Ondes martenot) makes the '65 reissue seem more likely. It also looks like there’s a gap between the knobs for the vibrato-channel inputs, which would also support Twin Reverb.

The heads are running into an unknown black cabinet.

Jonny also brought along his original student model Ondes Martenot, as well as some pedals: Boss TU2/3, Boss RE20, Akai Headrush, and perhaps others.