boss toss

The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving: Part I- The Hurting

“Boss or Toss kissing someone you’re on tour with.”

“So this last beautiful girl that I am going to introduce has the most beautiful emerald green eyes in all the world, and she has a wonderful mind and she says smart and intelligent things and she’s my favorite, Lauren Jauregui.”

“Do you guys know who Camren is?”

“They call her Mila, I call her Camz.”

“Mine’s Lauren.”

“I love Lern Jergi.”

Bright lights flashed against her green ones and soon she found herself standing in front of thousands of people. She blinked once or twice to see if all of this is happening and suddenly it hit her. She was having of those flashbacks again. Groaning internally and doing everything to not look like she was pissed at someone- which clearly was herself to avoid misunderstanding, she just heaves out a breath out and looks to her right and sees two of her members, Dinah and Normani who were getting all cuddly cuddly. She takes a glance at Ally who looked like a mother looking over her daughter who finally got the dream girl and when Normani met her set of eyes she acted like how people wanted to see, like a proud bestfriend giving a thumbs up, making sure everyone could see just so they could make about things and theories about this one later on.

Giving the final bow, All of them went back to the dressing room, changing into their party clothes and headed off to the club for an after-party event located at the heart of the city. Even before arriving they knew there’s going to be a lot of people which represented mostly by the media hoping to snap something to post it later on their columns. And although this people piss them off, they had to pose and look good because that’s what people wanted to see. So like the management taught them to do, they posed all for the flashing lights before leavinbg them wanting more.

Entering the club they greeted some familiar faces and they also kissed some on the cheek. Immediately Ally found her boyfriend and heads to him. Looking at the couple, the three of them couldn’t help but feel jealous because if Ally had one thing in this world that they would be jealous of, it was her boyfriend’s consistency to prove to Ally that he’ll always be her number 1 fan.

Lauren’s heart was still melting at the sight but a pair of arms wrapped around her waist shifted her attention and she didn’t even need to turn around to see who this person was. The mixture of weed and alcohol with a little bit of his favorite perfume and the signature kiss on the shoulder brought a smile to her face.

“What’s up pretty face?” She turned to look at her friends who nodded in understanding.

“Hey this is our twerk song c'mon.”

“You know I’m right wherever you are babe.”

“You sure those two aren’t lesbians?” He wrapped his arms around her tights and resting his chin on her shoulder.

She simply gave him an eyeroll which wasn’t obvious in his eyes. “They can be whatever they want them to be.” He should know by now she hates labels.

“Alright, no need to sweat. Come and meet the family babe.”

Her co-members had a very neutral reaction when she started seeing him. It started off as catching up with one another up until the rapper started showing his intentions and she, the one who tried to get things off of her mind accepted him and sooner she realized that he wasn’t much of an ass, well most of the time especially when he’s on his good side. When the girls heard it from her personally they didn’t acted too negatively. They just nodded their hands and hoped that she’d be happy and he would be responsible for it.

And she did in all honesty. It was so cute to see this adorable sight of him and being so close to family was one of the things that brought her into agreeing in dating this guy. He made her happy, he made her feel loved and cared and that she deserves these treatments. What did the management thought about it though? They thought to make a big deal out of it spreaidng rumors one after the other and now it blasted through the entire world and she wanted to say something about it. She wanted to say that there’s nothing serious between them right now and that they’re just testing the waters but just like how the management wanted her to act, she said nothing and kept her mouth quiet. And for this, he took the hint that they were in fact an item.

With his hands still around her waist she was introduced to probably half of the people inside the club which she would only probably memorize only 10 and she kept accepting drink after drink offered to her by his friends or his co-workers and family. She didn’t want to embarass him so being the good girlfriend that he wanted all of them to see, she was approachable and understanding.

Two hours later she finds herself getting full of the conversation. At first yeah she was liking how the flow of the conversation went but then onen of his friends made fun of women and it angered her. It angered her knowing that all of the guys agreed while they look at women like some piece of meat and how he invited some hookers in their table. Well, high-class hookers but nevertheless, she saw how much disrespect his friend showed to them and what angered her the most was he never said nothing about it. He just kept on flipping his long ass dreadlocks, laughing and agreeing to everything that comes from these low, imbecile people. She wanted to rant, but she also didn’t want to cause the scene. So like how her date wanted her to act, she excused herself politely and made her way towards the balcony.

Surprisingly, she sees her best friend there with heels on the other hand nd eyes up above. She normally sees the latter inside the club twerking her heart out or jamming to every song played by the DJ or drinking higher than her usual tolerance but she smiled at at the sight, slowly walked towards her. She just stopped right beside and neither of them said a thing. It was silent but it was a comfortable one and she felt thankful for that with their lifestyle, sometimes it’s hard to find solace.

“I like looking up at the stars sometimes. They’re so still it makes me feel that time stopped and if I focused enough, I could hear the busy street noises fading out and everything else. In times like this I feel that I am Normani. No awards under my name, no bullshit nor I am a member of a worldwide girl band, it’s just Normani… Normani Kordei Hamilton, the 20 year old girl from Houston.” She smiled still her eyes were on the sparkling tiny dots in the sky. “It’s worth the pain in the neck.”

Lauren smiled. “I think I like that too Mani.”

“But your eyes aren’t on the stars Laur, you keep looking at the moon.” She says. “It still reminds you of her isn’t it?”

Instead of giving an honest answer, Lauren built up her walls and shrugged. “Sometimes I guess.”

She should’ve known better that her bestfriend could see right through her. Still being the bestfriend that she is, she just shakes her head. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“How do you look at her and tell the public otherwise?”

“Uh, it’s because the management told us that I should be the one who should be vocal about it. I had to maintain my image who didn’t take anybody’s bullshit about me while she had to remain the sweetheart that everyone wants her to be.”

“Does it hurt? Whenever you deny her?”

“More of like she’s the one hurting. She told me that my words were too realistic that it was hard to draw the line sometimes.” She answered. “She got used to it as the time passed by, what’s the purpose of indirects anyway.”

Normani nods her head. “I see.”

Lauren furrowed her eyebrows. She knew about the new set up of the management since they needed to spice things up, they thought it would be better if it was Normani and Dinah’s turn to be the one who everyone shipped. She was there when the management proposed the idea and she saw how comfortable the two were the idea, and they even banter about who was going to get jealous first and then laugh it off. It was nice to know that things weren’t awkward between them unlike when the management told her and the other one act to be an item to boost their popularity up.

But now looking at her bestfriend, she knew something was up and she was going to find out by the end of tonight.

“Mani you know-”

“I am just like you Laur.” She was confused by her friend’s statement. “I am a unicorn who fell in love with a dragon…” She trails off and looked at her with tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “And mother will never approve.”

Instantly she pushed forward the dark-skinned beauty inside her arms just how quickly Normani cried her eyes out. She sobbed and Lauren could feel her top getting wetter every second and how Normani poured her heart out tonight. She knows how painful it must be for the other girl to finally recognize her feelings to the person who’s inside probably dancing until she passes out with some guy she’d forget about the next day. Funny how Dinah couldn’t notice that she was breaking a heart of someone without her noticing it.

What she even finds funnier is that she couldn’t help but imagine that this was her years before when she was still here with them, and her crying figure wrapped around her bestfriend just like how she was hugging Normani now. Pathetic, she couldn’t hate Dinah even if she wanted to, she was Dinah years ago too.

“How can she call me babe and ask me to be fine with it? I mean did you see her tweet? When she called me her girl? Fuck, I fucking lost it or how she posted the screenshot and how she is in her normal way I knew I was a goner. I am a goner for her Laur.” She continued to cry.

“Shhh just let it all out.”

“I didn’t planned to be like this, man I never imagined because we always talked about boys and now it’s just- goddamnit now all I could think about is her, no matter how hard I try to fall for some guy, she would always creep my thoughts and managed to stir my feelings up.This was supposed to be just an act and now I find it very hard on what to believe…” She paused for a moment. “So tell me Laur, how do you do it? How do you get over these stupid feelings?”

“You never get over them Mani. You just let time pass you by and hope that tomorrow, it won’t hurt like today.” She said. “You just continue to hope babe and one day it’s gonna happen.”

“Thanks Laur, I really appreciate you being here and I don’t know if I would’ve bottled this entire one up.”

“Is this your first time coming out because-”

“My family knows and my mother expected it to happen sometimes soon. She kinda felt it when I brought Dinah for Christmas and then I went to celebrate New Year with hers.”

“Not even dating yet you celebrated the holidays together? I am offended!”

“Barbara on the other was a little in denial at first but she finally got over it. She even told me that if Dinah and I won’t be together by the end of this year she’ll disown me.”

Lauren chuckled. “Wow, talk about pressure huh?”

Normani laughed along too. “Yeah.”

After the laughter died, Lauren cleared up her throat. “You know what Mani? I actually regretted something this entire time.” Her best friend looked at her while waiting for her answer. “It was when I never told her that I love her, even when I knew I already did.”

“What are you talking about you guys say I love you to each other every time.”

“But she was the one who always initiated it, it was never me… I always said I love you ‘too’ and it probably made her feel that I was just agreeing with her, like I was just saying I love you because she loves me and now thinking about it, I should’ve said I love you to her more.” She fixes her friend’s hair. “So if she doesn’t know, then let her.”

Before Normani could answer, the door opened and it revealed Dinah looking at them with a non-expressive face and when she spotted the two Lauren could see the Polynesian girl wasn’t even trying to hide her frown and it was only then she saw their current position in. Normani probably noticed the position too as the DWTS star immediately created distance between them.

Lauren immediately chuckles mentally as she saw who’s the whipped one before the relationship could even start.

“What’s going on? Am I missing something?” Lauren wanted to laugh, Dinah was really the worst when it comes to hiding something.

“Oh nothing, we were just catching up.”

Dinah raised both of her eyebrows in amusement. “That’s some way of catching up.”

“You know how close Mani and I are DJ, it’s not like you’re not used to us being all so cutesy. She’s my Manibear after all. Ain’t that right BABE?” That earned her a playfully shove from her.

“Yeah I can see that now.” The Latina couldn’t hold it any longer so she lets out a laugh. “What’s so funny Laurenza?”

“Nothing, I just remembered I left him behind his egotistic friends and how he’s probably so pissed at me which means I should go. Great talk babe, we should do this more often. You guys are taking the Norminah shit way too real my heart can’t take it anymore.” She cooed.

Laurent left the two of them and she could hear her other member asking her why was she out here and how she noticed that she was crying and demanded for a reason why.  She turned back to take a glimpse of them and she sees Dinah placing a kiss on Normani’s forehead and hugged her and by that she knows that it’ll only be a matter of time before they could admit their feelings for one another.

She really didn’t feel like going back inside the club as she feels that she was draining from the concert and so she gives him a quick message and continued walking on the streets just taking her time as her hotel was a walking distance from the club. She actually felt happy because people was just passing her by not harassing her or even demanding something from her and it’s not that she gets to experience this every single day. Normani was right, it felt nice to sometimes feel normal.

She stops as the pedestrian and waited for the signal so she could cross and get inside the hotel. While waiting, she remembered her member saying how she kept her eyes on the moon and tonight was no difference. Looking up, she saw the moon sharing its light down on her. She smiles and pulls out her phone tweeting-

                                             Eyes on the moon

And she crosses the street, enters her hotel room and let the sleep take over her body.


How does Lauren Michelle Jauregui spend her Saturday Nights?

Well it’s either she’s home with the family, chilling out on their Miami home with boxes of pizza as their cheered on their favorite team on various sports or just screaming their hearts out for a movie marathon. She could also be on a plane towards another state or another country while trying to catch up with some jet lags or being notified on their schedule. She could also be at the recording studio messing around with words or melody or at her room with Leo on her side, a book on her hand and a cup of her favorite tea on her desk. Depends really…

But tonight she was doing neither because this Saturday night she’s killing her red dress and heels with his arms wrapped around her waist as they were bombarded with paparazzi when they were entering the club for he was invited by Pharell, who was celebrating his birthday tonight.

“You alright there?”

She takes a look at him. “Yeah sorry I dozed off for a minute were you saying something?”

“Is there something wrong? You know we could leave if you’re really not up for it.”

Now she feels guilty. “It’s not that, I just zoned out for a minute but I really want to be here with you. Also, I haven’t been out for a while so it’s nice to have some fun tonight.”

“Okay cool. Now let’s go find him I mean if we ever do cause this place is huge.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not really impossible not to find him. I only know a few people that could rock this type of hat.” She chuckles. “We’ll find him eventually but let’s just enjoy the night yeah?”

He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I like that.”

Lauren could also feel that there’s something wrong. You know the feeling that you know there’s something bound to happen but you just couldn’t describe what time of event would that be and although it’s at the end of your tongue and you really wanna say it you just couldn’t and it frustrates the shit out of you? Well that perfect describes Lauren’s feelings right now.

So when she wants to distract herself from thinking things she doesn’t even want to, she usually goes to places like these and enjoy the night out by being high or wasted or neither. She just wanted to have fun and basically that’s what they did tonight. The couple danced the night away while meeting with some friends. She even got to meet Halsey, a good friend of hers and both of them agreed on doing a song very soon.

After all the sweating, Lauren chilled out at the bar, grabbing a drink first and looking at the people. She smiled to herself as she was successful blocking certain things off of her mind. But reality bites like a bitch, especially to someone who has been trying to run away from it when Lauren felt everything slow down as her eyes landed on a certain brown-eyed girl who she hasn’t seen in a while.

“What the fuck?”

Lauren couldn’t describe the situation even better. She just didn’t see Camila Cabello for the first time in probably a long time but she sees Camila dancing with someone else and distance between them was hardly seen. The second thing that matched Lauren’s words was how close those two were and something inside of her stirred when she knew that the younger latina was dancing with another woman.

“Lauren I don’t understand, I thought we were-“

“We never were! We were just two people forced to act as if we were one because the fucking management wanted to spice things up!”

“I know you’re scared because there’s Lucy and-“

“Damn right I’m scared! Fuck why do you have to come in and ruined everything!?”

“It wasn’t my fucking fault when the two of you didn’t grow up some balls to fix things!”

“No fuck you. We’re done and-“

“You don’t mean that! You always say that but you always end up coming back to me!”

“No this time I’m done, whatever this is, is done, I am growing up some balls and fix things with my girlfriend. So fuck off, fuck your feelings and good bye Camila. It’s better if you would’ve left.”


Lauren tries to shake off the memory that hit her like a bitch. Her mind was immediately brought back when the song changed into I Got You and her eyes immediately landed on those two figures who were dancing intimately. She hated the fact that this woman sang the lyrics I can see you hurting, I’ve been through the same thing baby don’t you worry I got you.

Who the fuck she think she is? And why does she smiles at her as she leans onto her more? This is fucking bullshit! And why the hell am I seeing this now? There were a lot of questions that were going through her mind but she never wanted to know the answers. She swallowed her drink in one go while dialing a number and waiting for the other person to pick up the phone.

“What’s up Lauser?”

“Dinah do you know something that I don’t?”

“Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout girl? Mani I swear to God give me my fucking pizza back or I’mma poly beat down your ass.”

“Dinah focus! Do you know something that I don’t?” She said sternly this time.

“How am I suppose to know when you keep talking to me-“

“Do you know that Camila’s seeing someone right now?” The person on the other line went silent and she groaned. “Dinah just answer my fucking question!”

“Yes I know and I don’t know how the hell did you found out but you weren’t supposed to.”

“I wasn’t supposed to? The fuck does that mean?” And then she could hear the two conversing on the other phone and something clicked inside her. “Does Mani know? Does Ally know too?”

“Look Laur-“

“Wow, so much for trying to keep me up with everything.” She immediately hanged up and ordered another shot while the bartender looked at her weirdly. “Well? Are you going to grab my drink or not?”

“Y-y-yeah. I’ll be back.” She sighed, she didn’t mean to snap at the poor guy.

Pharell immediately got up on the stage and people cheered for him and they sang the happy birthday song altogether. He said thanks to all the people who were here tonight and he expressed his gratitude and said the most cliché lines which was- drinks is on me! As the crowd laughed and Lauren would’ve laughed too but she was just beyond pissed. From afar she could see Camila picking up her phone and she saw how the younger one tensed up and began searching throughout the entire bar.

And after what felt like an eternity, a pair of chocolate-brown eyes finally looked at the pair of eyes which had bright emerald in color. It brought back so many memories to both of them. Back then, they liked talking to one another through their eyes and some videos have become proof of it and right now, Camila was telling Lauren to follow her out of the club and being the Lauren who wanted immediate answers, she gave the other one a small nod before seeing her whispering something at the person who danced a while ago with her woman before giving Camila a small nod and turning back her attention towards the music. My woman? Pathetic. Lauren mumbles to herself as she follows the Cuban out on the club towards the underground exit and there was this big guy who nodded at Camila and opened the door of an SUV before leaving them there. This was it-

Tonight will be the night where all of Lauren’s questions will be answered, by hook, or by crook.


She enters the SUV and then she was met by silence. It was so silent that you could hear the air condition making sound and it the physical movements like shifting sitting positions, licking of the lips, the playing of the nails and two bodies breathing so cautiously. Lauren felt Camila was looking at her and hearing the latter one sigh, she knew that the other one would be starting the conversation.

“I’m sorry you had to find it out that way.”

Lauren scoffed, “As if I was ever going to find it out… As if someone will eventually tell me what’s going on because clearly, you were stopping them.”

“I wasn’t and I just told them that there’s no need for you to find it because it’s not like you would care anyways. You have your own life, I’ve got mine.”

“You’ve kept them updated so I couldn’t see why you couldn’t update me as well.” Lauren defends. “You’re right, I don’t give a shit so why hide? You think I would be so damn jealous of your new thing?”

“Why? Aren’t you being jealous right now? ‘Cause if you really weren’t, you wouldn’t call Dinah and if you don’t give a shit, then don’t look at me that way.” Camila says sternly.

“How am I looking at you now then?” She challenges.

“You’re looking at me as if you give a shit.” That caught Lauren off guard. “You’re looking at me as if it hurts you to see me be with someone else. You’re looking at me as if I am still yours when clearly you told me months ago I was never yours and you were never mine, that we were just used by the management to spice things up and that I was the one to blame because I stepped in your life and things got fucking messed up.”

Stop going back to the past, it all means nothing to me now.

 “Well then you can get the hell out of my car, we’re done here. I’ve done my part explaining.”



Camila couldn’t take it anymore so she just made her way outside the car and back at the club when she hear Lauren say- “What does she have anyway? Who the fuck she think she is to dance so intimately with you? Fuck her! She shouldn’t be-“

 “No fuck you! She can dance with me whatever way she wants because someone I really care about and I want to actually be happy this time!”

“What the hell  are you talking about!? Weren’t you happy!?”

“NO!” She bursts out. “I wasn’t happy because you took it from me!” She walks back to the older Latina. “I used to be so happy in your arms, made me feel like everything is real, that we were real, that what you’re feeling for me was real until you fucking destroyed it all for me when you chose her over me. When you chose HIM over ME.”

“So this is what it’s all about huh?” Lauren paused. “You want revenge on me on what I’ve done to you years ago?”

Camila stared at her with great disbelief. “Are you even for real now? I just told you, I want to be happy this time around and that’s me putting my happiness in my own hands because when I placed my heart in yours you fucking squeezed the life out of it. Not everything about my life is about you Lauren, not anymore because I actually realize that I need to put myself first.”

“You put yourself first way too much because you fucking left the group who was with you through thick and thin for 5 years.”

“You’re impossible to talk.” She shakes her head. “I am not doing this with you and your mindset right now.” She started walking away again.

“Yeah go ahead Camila, fucking run. That’s you alright, you fucking run away when you know you’re about to lose and when you’re too afraid to admit something!” She chases Camila and grabs her by her arm. “You’re running away from me because you know deep down, it’s still me you’re in love with.”

She removes herself from Lauren’s grasp. “Yes, I am running away from you. I am running away from you because I know if I stayed I would let your words get to me and if I stayed I would be the same 15-year old Camila Cabello who, no matter how hard she fucking tries, she always find herself loving the 21-year old Lauren Jauregui just like how she loved her when she was 20, 19, 18 and even for the very first time we met. I am running away because I cam choosing myself, because I am so done to be continuously be broken by you.” She already has tears in her eyes but still she continued with her talk. “I am running away from you because I am done staying in your life like I was okay with everything. You know how I felt for you then, EVERYONE knew how much I love you and yet you kept coming back to her and when she breaks you, I let myself break for you just to see you smile again. I let you be in my arms tonight only to find you back in hers the next morning and I have to act like everything’s okay. Well a little heads up, it’s not and I am never going to be okay with the fact that we didn’t even got the chance to be together because you were too scared to realize the fact that everyday you’re with me, you find yourself falling out of love for her.”

“That is non-sense!” Lauren defends. “I love Lucy, you and I both know that, which is why I chose her over you.”

 “Oh yeah? So why did you guys decided to stay friends then? If you were so sure about her, then why would you always push me away every time we would talk about what we are?!  You keep running back to her because she was safe. You chose her over me because you know for a fact that she won’t hurt you like I will and you keep on choosing her over because you’re a fucking coward and this is the same reason why you chose him over me because up until now Lauren, you’re the only one running away from the truth that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, and whoever you’re with now, it’s still me- Camilla Cabello that you’re still in love with.”

Lauren can’t even formulate a proper sentence nor a word for the speech that came out from Camila’s mouth. For sure she already knew that this conversation was going to get heated but she never expected for Camila to not hold back anymore and lay all her feelings there out on the field. She looked over her and she saw how she was panting, tears flowing in her eyes and all she could see in those brown orbs were pain and sadness. Lauren backed away her stare and looked on the ground and remained silent.

Camila sniffed and wiped her tears before composing herself. She started walking towards back to the club when she stopped and Lauren waited for her to say something.

“I have a song about us and I hope you can listen to it one day.” She says. “And when you do, I hope it hits you like a fucking train just so you can understand the half of the pain that I was going through.”

So this is the first one or the other half of the chapter. I’ll release the other half tomorrow. Let me know on how you think about this one! This is my first time writing about Camren so please be gentle lol, bye see u tomorrow :)


Noona| Ten: I refuse

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|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five| |Chapter Six| |Chapter Seven| |Chapter Eight| |Chapter Nine| |Chapter Ten| |Chapter Eleven|

pairing: Jimin x oc
genre: angst, little fluff
word count: 2.2k
a/n: What happens when you find yourself falling in love with someone nearly 5 years younger than you? How can it even be dealt with when your lives revolve around your image and career? It can’t be, because it just happens whether the people around you want it to or not. Love isn’t something that can be controlled.

{Jimin’s perspective}

“I think I’m going to puke.” Noona confessed as all nine of us made our way to CEO Bang PD’s office. I desperately wanted to grab her hand and hold it reassuringly, but that couldn’t happen until we talked to our boss.

She had tossed and turned all night, sleeping only in short spurts at a time. I would wake up and find her pacing the floor or just sitting up in bed next to me, staring into the darkness. When she did sleep, she’d be wrapped up in my arms, her hair sticking to my chest and her face, body coated in sweat from her nightmares. She would mumble, her face contorted into an expression of worry. I did my best to sooth her anxiety, but there was only so much I could do for her. Her lack of rest definitely showed on her sharp features, faint dark circles under her eyes, her expression distressed. Suddenly Yoongi hyung came up alongside Noona, taking her hand in his, knowing just what she needed.

I couldn’t help the pang of jealousy I felt hit me like a train. I wanted to be the one holding her hand, the one reassuring her that this would turn out okay for us. I wanted to stop her in her tracks and kiss her right there in front of everyone, and yet I couldn’t. But, that’s why we were here, to change that.

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That’s What I Like to Hear (BvS Lex Luthor Imagine) (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 Here

Summary: (Female!)Reader works at LexCorp, gets invited to a masked ball fundraiser… and ends up with a new position?

Warnings: Language, alcohol use, mild violence (?), Lex being weird (lol)

Word Count: ~3k

A/N: This is a really self-indulgent two-part Lex Luthor x Reader imagine that I’ve been working on for a while. Thank you so much to @shallowjaney for reading this and giving me feedback. More feedback/thoughts are always welcome- I hope you enjoy!

(Gifs are mine.)

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  • *the bedroom, 221B*
  • Molly: *lying on her stomach, resting her head on her arms; awkward* Are you sure about this?
  • Sherlock: *kneeling over her; rubbing oil into his hands* Absolutely.
  • Molly: *clears her throat* So, um...what sort of case requires you to learn-
  • Sherlock: *starts rubbing her shoulders*
  • Molly: *squeaks* -massage?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* You'd be surprised how co-operative criminals can be when relaxed.
  • Molly: *nods* I don't think I would be.
  • Sherlock: *sensually strokes her back* The idea of touching complete strangers is not nearly as appealing as you, though.
  • Molly: *swallows* O-okay...
  • Sherlock: Good?
  • Molly: *nods* Lucky criminals.
  • Sherlock: *pauses* You know I'm lying about the case, don't you?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Of course I do *chuckles* criminal massage parlours. Do they plan all their dastardly schemes during facials and manicures, too?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* It could be a thing.
  • Molly: *smiles* Whatever you say *clears her throat* get on with it and, if you're lucky, I might return the favour.
  • Sherlock: *smiles, starts massaging her again*
Bad Boss (Bias x Reader) Pt.2

B/N knew he heard her correctly. She called him an asshole to his face. 

He did the simple initiation as he always does. Walk in the elevator knowing there’s going to be a rushing newbie. He’d catch them and threaten them, not expecting to see their face again after that. Those that missed the first encounter would usually leave after being sent to his office. That was his way of purifying his mother’s company. 

But this girl… He didn’t even know her name, not that he cared. But his interest has been peaked since she insulted him. 

He sits back in his chair, finding the situation oddly amusing. 

“No one…has ever said that to me,” and he knows that’s why he didn’t fire her on the spot. He finally knew how someone felt about him without having to hear it from others. 

The next day you’re more than nervous to go to work. You contemplate quitting altogether. You arrive half an hour early, not wanting to bump into the boss again. 

Today you’re wearing flats, oxfords to be precise. Now you can run anywhere. 



“Take these to the boss,” 

You feel your blood go cold, “I hurt my ankle, I don’t think I can,” Should I break my ankle to be more convincing? 

She chuckles, “Nice try. But everyone in this office has tried some way to avoid the boss. Someone even broke their own finger to avoid going, which didn’t work because you don’t need your hand to walk,” You sigh when she places the papers on your desk, “Godspeed,” 

You’re holding the papers against your chest, waiting outside of his door. You can’t bear to just go in. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re about to take pills. You get that mini heart attack and second thoughts that you just might die. 

Taking a deep breath, you knock on the door, “Come,” he’s reading a document when you step in, not even looking at you. 

“Here you go, sir,” Yet at the sound of your voice his eyes flicker to you. You place the papers on his desk, “If you need nothing else, I’ll be going now,” 

“Your name,” he doesn’t even ask, he just demands. 

“Y/N, sir.” 

He picks up his paper again, no longer interested in you, “Leave,” 

You back out of the room, taking a moment to lean against the door outside to calm your nerves, “I’m alive. I’m not jobless,” 

But the door opens suddenly and you fall back against his chest. B/N is holding you again, looking annoyed and surprised at the same time. You stand up quickly, feeling more than embarrassed. It’s like you’re pushing your luck with him.

“First you curse me to my face, now this?” 

Your mouth falls open. So he did hear you, “I’m so sorry,” 

“Are you?” 

You hesitate, “Yeah,” 

He walks around you, hands in his pockets, “Gather your things. You’re done with being an editor,” 

You’re frozen. So in the end you have been fired. At least you made it to your second day. 

“Thank you for this opportunity, sir,” You will leave with a positive attitude. 

He smiles, “Don’t thank me. You notice I don’t have a secretary for a reason,” 


“You’re my secretary now,” 

You blink at him, “What.” 

“Don’t be late tomorrow,” He walks towards the elevator, “And don’t ever wear those shoes in my presence again,” 

Chameleon; Chapter IV (svt gang au)

Hurray! here is chapter four! I’m sorry this one id kinda boring as well? i don't want to just throw everything at one at you so I’m trying to spread the whole story out evenly?

regardless, per usual, ideas were created with the help of @say-the-name-mounteen and this post here!

CH.I | CH.II | CH.III | CH.IV | CH.VCH.VI | CH.VII | CH.VIII [PT. 1] | CH. VIII [PT. 2 ] | CH. IX [PT. 1] |  CH. IX [PT. 2] CH. X [PT. 1 ] | CH. X [PT. 2] | CH. XI

Warning: Violence, blood, language and overall gang stuff

          Seungkwan gestured to the seat that sat directly in front of him. Hesitantly, you seated yourself in front of the boy. He sat back in his chair and examined you; if you thought Mingyu was bad, Seungkwan was ten times worse. He seemed to be studying you, looking over every little inch of you. Suddenly, he hummed and stood from his chair. He began to walk around you before he stopped behind you.

He placed his hands down on the table and leaned over your shoulder. You felt his hot breath on your ear as he spoke in a hushed tone: “You better answer all of my questions honestly, or else,” His voice sent shivers down your spine; it was so alluring and smooth.

He slowly pulled himself away from you when the door opened. In walked Seungcheol who mumbled an apology for being late. Seungkwan started to make his was back to his seat when he chuckled and raised his hand. “No need to apologize, boss,”

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Kiramume Company R #03 (Guest: Kimura Ryohei) - Summary

Undercut because it’s super long and I’ll add in more links and pictures in the future too…

Don’t ask me for the full video. However, if you want me to elaborate on anything in this episode (or any episodes tbh…I’m more focused on Trignal, but I can tell you stuff in other people’s ones as well) you can ask me those. Thanks.

PS. And no, I probably won’t write summary like this for any other episodes unless you want me to do one for Wing’s and Egu’s though. Not enough motivation to do others’…

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Only Fools Part Three

Summary: He was someone that everyone in the organization had a reason to fear, you were the one that made them all fools.

Warnings: Blood, spy stuff, angstyangst, eventual lots of stuff

Parts: One / Two

“Y/N.” He snapped the sheets free from your body, watching you react to the morning air like a leech just sprinkled with salt. You curled up in on yourself, letting out a deep morning-grog groan that sounded far manlier than he thought your voice could ever be. “Get up.”

You tugged your pillow closer to your chest, burying your face in the mattress so the light couldn’t hit it.

He narrowed his eyes on you. “Get up. We have a mission to do–aka you’re going to meet the man you’re supposed to kill.”

You lifted one lazy hand, waving him away as if your wrist was made of jelly. “I thought you said that I couldn’t leave the house, what the hell is this nonsense you’re spewing?” You didn’t open your eyes; instead you just coiled tighter into your fetal position on the bed.

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Until The Spring is Over

If somehow the world had colors depending on how someone was currently feeling, Ivan’s world might be tinted gray right now.

Though, in the midst of that gray haze, he could still clearly see two distinct figures from afar.

Two blond men who might be seen as just two ordinary adults, clad in winter clothes, sitting in a cozy coffee shop at the same table.

Both of them were individuals whom Ivan had known well all these hundreds of years. All too well, actually.

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Access Denied pt 1 - Jumin x MC

this got deleted soo many times due to computer issues so I’m not messing this one up lolol - this one’s an angst for my friend @midnightstars5405 she doesn’t use tumblr a lot but we’re really close in real life and just think of it as an early christmas gift :)

this story is based off my headcanon that MC works in the C&R International Company and works in the same department as Jumin, and the two are dating. 

Summary: After a heated argument with Jumin gets too far, it’s the last straw. You leave abruptly, but an unintended accident clouds your judgement. Literally.


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Tessai live tweets Ichigo's training with Urahara

Live tweets of Ichigo’s training requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that while Urahara was busy teaching Ichigo how to be a soul reaper, Tessai was live tweeting the whole event. This might be the result!

–The boss brought home a badly damaged teenage boy tonight. 

#shop life 

–I patched him up as best I could, but he still seems really cold. Like he spent a while lying in a puddle in the rain or something

#but surely that would be too overdramatic

–I need to warm him up. Body heat would be best.

#I mean the blankets are all the way in the other room  #lying on top of him is efficient  #I am sure he won’t mind

–He minded

#the screaming offended me a little  #what kind of man doesn’t want to wake up to this mustache?

–Now I understand why the boss had me dig that giant cavern

#I had assumed he was feeling nostalgic  #or that it had something to do with Yoruichi being back  #but no  #it was for training

–The boss talks like he’s done this training before. But I just don’t think that’s true

#pretty sure I’d remember if the boss had brought other injured teenage boys here  #pretty sure

–I just cut the chain tying a teenage boy’s soul to his body. Killing him, basically.

#shop life  #I’m sure it will work out fine

–Round 1: teenage boy vs. Ururu

#that boy doesn’t stand a chance  #and I don’t think he realizes it 

–Making a teenager wear that headgear is vaguely cruel

#although I suppose the expression he is making is adorable

–Making him shout the fake activation phrase is DEFINITELY cruel

#boss has a mean streak 

–Yup Ururu is kicking his ass

#at least Kurosaki is good at running away

–Uh oh he hit Ururu’s face

#that is going to cost him 

–Cleared Lesson 1! Score one for the teenage boy!

#looks like the boss doesn’t want him to die  #that’s good

–Although “not wanting him to die” is not the same as “being unwilling to throw him into a deep pit while he turns into a hollow”

#I hope the boss had him sign some sort of release

–I have bound the arms of a teenage boy so that he can not climb out of a pit while he turns into a monster

#but I am not a bad person  

–This is becoming awkward. Every five seconds he screams a lot and then he just lies there sadly

#and I don’t have a book or anything

–Three days

#I really should have brought a book  #the boss could at least toss one of those apples down here

–This boy may actually just die

#depressing  #at least he got to snuggle with me once  #and he will always have the memory of this mustache

–oh shit he’s becoming a hollow now

#time to bring out the big kido guns!

–wow the big kido guns didn’t even work a little

#that hurts my soul 

–Where did he go?

#does his hollow form involve rockets or

–No it’s okay I’ll just let myself out of this pit

#luckily I am in excellent physical condition

–Hollow mask…shinigami uniform…bandages….

#weird kid  #no wonder the boss likes him

–Round 3: teenage boy vs. the boss

#my money’s on the boss  #getting what he wants  #which is the boy winning I suppose

–The kid is fighting with a broken sword?

#that’s hardcore  #and a little futile 

–Using shikai on a kid with a broken sword? 

#yeah the boss def has a mean streak

–The kid sure has spent a lot of this training running and/or being scared for his life

#good preparation for Soul Society

–He’s stopped….

#mustache senses tingling  #something’s about to happen

–That is an enormous sword

#enormous  #sword  #sword that is enormous

–And an enormous canyon

#if I had that sword  #making the boss’s training grounds would be a lot easier

–This guy is in perpetual shikai, isn’t he?

#perpetual shikai  #hollow mask  #innate shinigami powers despite being human  #yes  #the boss’ interest makes a lot of sense now

–Training complete! Early too. Guess this means the boss and Kurosaki will have plenty of time to practice fighting

#yeah  #he’s going to be ready for Soul Society

–The boss’s training apparently works!

#time to start making fliers