boss ps 3

Squier VM Jaguar (all stock except for 13-56 strings)>Boss PS-3 (mostly mode 7 for either octaves, fifths or fourths)>EHX Soul Food set to mild boost with a bit o'hair>Blackout Blunderbuss (settings vary depending on context, but it’s mostly Kyuss riffs)>Zoom CDR70 for time based fx (this thing eats m9s for breakfast)>DOD PDS 20/20 for lo fi looping and delay (tweaked for oscillation and 12 second delay)>TC Electronic Ditto (it fucking loops)>Fender Super Champ XD (channel 2 is muted, for when my bandmate in Offret tells me to STFU) I do noisy blackened drone/doom with my duo, Offret, black metal solo as Berylune and solo minimalist sad ambient stuff as A Season. Love y'all.

Submitted by asairtoflame


Finally scooped some shit to be able to submit me a sick pic. No lies, this is pretty much all I would need to be content enough to make some tasty jams. That board is pretty friggin’ solid. Glad you finally scooped up the Bbuss, welcome to my club. We are arrogant and proud of it. hahahaha. 

Thanks for submitting, man.