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YES Mani! Come thru!

When I heard she was doing the show, I’m like, “well… guess everyone is really going through with solo plans.” Though I knew she wasn’t quitting the group at all, I didn’t know she’d be doing Dancing with the Stars AND still continue her promotional efforts and obligations with Fifth Harmony. To have traveled overseas (that in itself is A LOT), do a headlining tour there, practicing to learn and perfect her moves, and having to come back to the states to prepare for the performance, and then SLAY! is INCREDIBLE! I knew when I 1st saw Normani perform in the Fifth Harmony that she was THEE dancer in the group. She’s just that little lady that can pick up any style of dance and slay.

Man she was on FIRE! Yes Black Melanin Goddess!

She didn’t come to play not 1 GAME, She put in WORK! BOSS!

Watch what happens when an islamaphobic white man hops in this black woman’s mentions...

It all started with this tweet…

Now here’s where he got her FUCKED UP. He found her employer on facebook and decided to send them a message, claiming that SHE was harassing HIM.

WELP. And just like that, his face went from this:

…to this:


  • The Girl: Party, what color would you say your hair is?
  • Party Poison: Oh, this is kind of like a blood orange?
  • Kobra Kid: Blood orange. He’s so pretentious. [scoffs] It’s fucking red!
Jared’s best outfits of 2016

Thank you for choosing Jared’s best outfits of 2016 by voting on Twitter

The results were as we expected , everyone were pretty excited about Gilmore Girls’ stylist appreciating Jared’s body and Sam Winchester’s LA based outfit ! Of course Jared’s sexy and classy look ( Olive Jacket and ultra skinny jeans ) at his NY programs was a winner too !

1st place : Jared in John Varvatos Moleskin Denim Style Jacket (Photo Credit)

2nd Place : Jared in John Varvatos Cotton-Blend 4-Pocket Jacket

3rd place : Jared in Hugo Boss Black Coxtan Wool Cashmere Coat