boss fan art

So… I have been seeing @the-vampire-inside-me and @thelostmoongazer talk about who would win in a fight all day and.. well, I got inspired. I drew this with a calligraphy pen using black ink for Bendy and blue for Abel! I really hope you like it!

The mob boss bendy au belongs to @thelostmoongazer and Abel the Angel belongs to @the-vampire-inside-me! Check these guys out, they have awesome art!


In my headcanon Gladion hired entire team Skull to clean up the mess that Lusamine did XDD I hope they deliver that in UltraSun/Moon xDDD

It’s freaking hot in here I can’t sleep at night so I’m drawing silly things :C

Here’s a few Toon-Jacks to celebrate 15 MILLION!! But I mean what can I say? You’ve saved my life countless times and gotten me out of my worst moments I’ve been in. You’ve inspired me to draw for you and others to make them smile like you did stuff for us to make us all smile. I send lots of love to you and the awesome community,
Happy 15 Million @therealjacksepticeye :)