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positive feelings
  • grassy fields with bright yellow flowers
  • standing in the rain
  • the first time you look in the mirror after a great new haircut
  • planting a little seed and watching it grow
  • having your hair combed or braided
  • feeling squeaky clean after taking a shampoo
  •  feeling like a boss after drinking 8 glasses of water
  • touching a plush blanket
  • binge watching your favorite show on netflix
  • taking the first bite of your favorite food
  • looking at the moon in the night sky
  • finally finishing all of your homework after being up late
  • doing a near-perfect job on a manicure
  • putting on a pleasant-smelling body lotion or perfume
  • getting a really good sale deal
  • waking up to sunlight streaming in through your window
  • the smooth feeling of your skin after it’s exfoliated
  • taking a great picture of something beautiful
  • reading on the grass or by a lake
  • singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs
  • finding a poem that resonates within your soul
  • picking flowers and putting them in a nice vase
  • listening to babbling brook sounds 
  • visiting a cute cafe or coffee shop
  • putting your face up close to a warm mug and feeling the steam on your skin
  • looking at art and paintings
  • writing or drawing in a journal
  • getting a good grade after working hard for it
  • starting a new book that you’re excited to read
  • turning the page for a fresh new start
  • watching birds in the garden
  • seeing a cat on your lawn
  • getting mail from someone
  • buying something cute and cheap from a thrift store
  • visiting a park and feeding the ducks
  • petting a cat or dog
  • finding something you thought you’d lost
  • slipping into pajamas after a day of wearing jeans or a dress
  • sitting in a tree in the mid-afternoon and watching the world and your garden continue around you 
Limbo (Derek/Stiles)

frostniskare “I bet I can make you scream my name.” Sterek

This is your fic prize for winning second place in my birthday giveaway! I really hope you enjoy where the muse took the prompt, as I’m sure it’s not in the direction you had in mind. Hopefully, you’ll like it anyway! For those who read my “Just Like Me” series, this fic could be considered a prequel in that verse. However, you do not need to have read that series to enjoy this! Fic #42 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

 Limbo. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles and his team are on an undercover stakeout that’s not going too well. Derek’s using his powers for good, but Stiles knows it’s not the right moment for their relationship to change. 

“I bet I can make you scream my name.” The words are accompanied by the thick stench of whiskey and good old-fashioned bad breath.

“Yeah, see, I’m not really feeling it so I’m gonna have to decline that bet.” Stiles scans the club looking for the potential suspect, trying to ignore the old pervert attempting to pick him up. He’s not interested, and he made it clear, so the guy should leave soon.

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Quality time together. Some beer, snacks and stupid jokes, no one has to know about. Big bro and Little bro.
I just love how short Carlos is compared to the Boss. On the character list his height is 5'5". And he’s like 30-something cm (maybe 20? I’m not sure. He’s SHORT okay? }XD) shorter than the Boss - you can see that in the cutscenes. Which makes the Boss’s height at least 6'2" (6'3")… (if you rely on the information given by that reference picture.)
Well, Ion is for sure one tall son of a gun. He always was. (He hates low ceilings. At his old home he was knocking his head on all of the doorposts.
“That’s why you aways so angry, hon? Isn’t it?” - his Mom.)

Word Count: 2031
Author’s Note: So I have this personal headcanon that Bones loves filthy limericks, but he’s too much of a gentleman to share them unless he’s really, really intoxicated. This, coupled with his horrible flirting in Into Darkness, gave me this fic to share with you. tagging @youre-on-a-starship​ and @outside-the-government​ because they both expressed such interest in the idea.

You’d heard about the legendary shore leave shenanigans of the Enterprise crew, even before you’d been assigned to her. Rumour had it things got absolutely crazy on the first night, and tapered off from there, depending on your division. Operations was rumoured to party the hardest, partly to remind themselves they were alive, you guessed. You’d been told they remembered to toast their absent friends individually every night. Science was the next most likely to go on a prolonged tear, but you didn’t find that difficult to believe. Science held within it the Medical Corp, and you’d never met a nurse who wasn’t just a little bit wild. Additionally, the science labs were full of the kind of equipment that allowed bored officers to brew moonshine. That left Command as the Cinderella squad, destined to leave before the party really got started. But it was a comparative scale, really, and you suspected with a captain like Jim Kirk, the Command division wasn’t going to be leaving the ball before the fun started.

You’d been aboard for about six months when shore leave was announced, and you hoped your liver was up to the task. The gleam in Christine Chapel’s eye suggested it might not be.

“Come on, Doc,” she gestured to you. “We should find out what they’ve been cooking in the back of the lab.”

“I don’t know about this,” you replied, hesitant. She laughed and linked her arm in yours.

“First shore leave is always the worst. Just plan to alternate booze and water, and put a hypo at your bedside. You can step whoever you wake up with through giving it to you,” she winked.

“Whoever I wake up with?” You gaped. You hadn’t been on the ship long enough to make those types of connections.

“Think of it like a rite of passage, Y/N. Eventually, you’ll make a mistake and sleep with someone on this boat. You’re better off doing it sooner than later. And better to do it drunk on shore leave. Because then you can blame not knowing people better, and too much booze,” she explained. You shook your head.

“I don’t know, Chris, that seems pretty calculated.” You couldn’t help but blush just thinking about trying to seduce any of the crew you’ve met so far. There wasn’t really anyone who did anything for you. Well, there was one person. Who was completely off limits.

“You’ll thank me for this wisdom later, Doc.” She winked, and continued to lead you through the maze of the lab until you reached the very back. “Hey, Jameson, what’s cooking back here?”

“Would you believe I’ve managed a completely flavourless 100 proof coming out of the still right now?” Lt. Jameson grinned. “We’ll have to be very careful with it.” She offered a beaker to Christine who took a sip and tipped her head, her eyes wide.

“Oh, wow. That’s smooth,” she breathed, her eyes wide. “Try it, Y/N.” She pressed the beaker into your hand and you gave her a worried look as you tilted the glass to take a sip. It tasted like water, but it burned going down.

“Oh, that’s trouble,” you commented, garnering a laugh from both women. Christine clapped you on the back.

“Stick with me, Doc. I’ll make sure you survive,” she promised.

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The Hills - Chapter One

Story Masterlist

This is the first part of my first multi-chaptered story, I’m already working on part two and there might be more. Please let me know what you guys think. I tagged my forevers plus the people who asked to be tagged in this story, but if you want to be on or off my tag list, just say the word!! xoxo

Synopsis: AU in which Negan is a celebrity living a life of scandals in a lavish mansion in California. A young reporter on a mission to dig up dirt on him realizes the man the tabloids like to portray as a self-centered asshole has a hidden softer side.

WC: 3265

Warnings: strong language, alcohol, mention of violence, mention of drug abuse, nsfw.

Chapter One: No Ordinary Life

I watched the sunrise through the window as I took a sip of green tea from my mug. Perched on a stool in the kitchen with my laptop on my legs, I was scrolling down the articles of The Celebrity Times when a title caught my attention.

The headline, in bold red font, said, “OOPS, NEGAN DID IT AGAIN!”

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Okay but like

Imagine Sans just sitting on the couch, looking tired as all hell from yet another night of no sleep. He trying to keep a somewhat positive outlook on life as he watches TV, but isn’t long before he gives up and just starts sobbing from the lack of sleep. Like, he just can’t take it anymore. He just can’t go on not sleeping…

He keeps crying to himself, trying to stay quiet since he doesn’t want to burden any of the other skellies with his stuff, but eventually Papyrus hears him and comes downstairs.

When he sees him crying, he walked over, sat down on the couch and hugged his brother without a word. He knew why he was crying. Why he was so tired… he pulls his brother into his lap and cuddles him for a little while, telling him it’s okay and that he loves him dearly while showering his skull with kisses. Sans still cried, but clung to his brother tightly, whimpering to him that all he wanted was some sleep, and… and maybe some cuddles. Papyrus smiles and kisses him before setting him back on the couch and telling him he’ll be right back.

Papyrus runs back upstairs to grab some blankets from his closet, and was about to head back down when he had another idea. He pulls out his phone and sends a text to the other skellies that Sans wasn’t feeling good and that he needed some loving. So Papyrus brings the blankets down to Sans and throws them over him, giggling happily. Sans still looks almost hopeless… Papyrus realizes he forgot the pillows and runs back upstairs, yelling down to Sans that he’ll be right back.

While Sans is waiting for Papyrus to come back, Stretch and Red teleport into the living room. They see Sans looking so sad and tired and silently snuggle under the blankets and cuddle him from both sides, nuzzling and kissing him while telling him some jokes to cheer him up. He smiled at them wearily, but nothing more.

Boss and Blue get home right as Papyrus comes back downstairs. When Blue saw Sans looking so sad, he jumped right into action, running into the kitchen to make sans something warm to drink while Boss made him some food. They both worked quickly, not wanting their brother and lover to be so sad.

Blue rushed out with a glass of warm milk while Boss walked out with some leftover lasagna (contrary to popular belief: he cooks lasagna very well… provided he doesn’t drug it). They both handed it to Sans, who just set the plate of lasagna on his lap and quietly sipped the milk.

The moment it touched his teeth, he seemed to relax quite a bit, smiling a little more. Blue sat down on the floor by Sans’s legs and rested his chin on his knees, looking up at him with big eyes. Boss took the lasagna back and asked Sans to stand up for a moment.

Sans did so confusedly, and before he knew it, Boss was behind him, pulling him back to the couch and handing him his lasagna. Papyrus went back and got enough blankets and pillows for everyone before sitting down on the floor next to Blue and cuddling against Sans’s legs, telling them that he loved him. The others happily murmured their love to him as well, hugging him close and kissing him again while doing so.

Sans starts happy crying and they all start snuggling into him, telling him he’s loved and adored and that they’ll always look out for him. He laughs heartily and tells them he loves them all back, and that he would do the same to keep them safe.

Blue takes Sans’s now empty dishes from him and cleans up before heading back. By now, they were all on the floor in a big cuddle pile, with Sans in the center of it and the other skellies around him in a big mess of pillows and blankets. They were all watching a movie they had put in a few minutes ago. The other skellies were looking at Sans with a tender, loving expression. He had finally fell sound asleep.

Blue giggles and hops into the pile, wrapping his arms around Sans and planting a few kisses on his skull before settling in. It wasn’t long before the other skellies had fallen sound asleep as well. ~

big boss: self care is drinking dirty leaf water out of potholes in the street
ocelot: dont do that
big boss: slurp slurp

Action movie rule: the more dangerous your enemy, the more likely he will survive an explosion.

(gif is not mine)

A/N: Hey, guys! My first prompt from > this list < is with DiNozzo. I chose him because I’m still not confident in writing LaSalle but I’ve been writing snippets here and there, practising so it could be in the near future! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: About Time

Requested by: @imagicana - “55, 43 and 46 with either Lasalle or Dinozzo”

Word Count: 898

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

43. "I think I’m in love.”
46. “Can I kiss you?”
55. “Are you hitting on me?”

The first round, of course, was on Gibbs, it was your fifth year with the team and everyone had decided to come out and have a couple of drinks, even the Duck Man had taken up on the offer of a ‘beverage or two’. You leaned over Gibbs arm and pecked his cheek, “Thanks, Boss.” You smiled, speaking just loud enough over the music in the bar so he would hear.

He gave you his trademark smile. Gibbs had really taken you under his wing these five years. Sure, you had made mistakes a couple of big ones and a few small but it was all a learning curve, you had become a fine special agent. The team had their ups and downs but ultimately you couldn’t ask for a better group of guys - and Abby, to be around. Tonight was celebrating five years of that.

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