boss drink

Quality time together. Some beer, snacks and stupid jokes, no one has to know about. Big bro and Little bro.
I just love how short Carlos is compared to the Boss. On the character list his height is 5'5". And he’s like 30-something cm (maybe 20? I’m not sure. He’s SHORT okay? }XD) shorter than the Boss - you can see that in the cutscenes. Which makes the Boss’s height at least 6'2" (6'3")… (if you rely on the information given by that reference picture.)
Well, Ion is for sure one tall son of a gun. He always was. (He hates low ceilings. At his old home he was knocking his head on all of the doorposts.
“That’s why you aways so angry, hon? Isn’t it?” - his Mom.)

big boss: self care is drinking dirty leaf water out of potholes in the street
ocelot: dont do that
big boss: slurp slurp

like a shsl president
  • saihara: mr ouma, thanks for coming to your performance review.
  • ouma: no problem.
  • saihara: so your shsl title is president, is that right?
  • ouma: absolutely, im the boss.
  • saihara: well take us through a day of the life of "the boss".
  • ouma: well the first thing i do is...
  • ouma: solve crimes (like a boss)
  • ouma: talk to people (like a boss)
  • ouma: tell lies (like a boss)
  • ouma: drink fanta (like a boss)
  • ouma: flirt with people (like a boss)
  • ouma: get laid (like a boss)
  • ouma: fuck amami (like a boss)
  • ouma: pretend im dead (like a boss)
  • ouma: act like komaeda (like a boss)
  • ouma: plot my own death (like a boss)
  • ouma: get crushed (like a boss)
  • ouma: now im dead (like a boss)
  • saihara: so...that's like an average day for you then.
  • ouma: no doubt.
  • saihara: you got crushed and died.
  • ouma: hell yeah.
  • saihara: okay, this had been interesting for me.
  • ouma: im the boss.
  • saihara: yeah, i got it. you said it like 11037 times.
  • ouma: im the boss.
  • saihara: no, i heard you, see you later!
  • ouma: *dabs* LIKE A BOSS

Work went super well! I never thought I would have the heart (or I guess lack there of) to work in the Big Business™ industry but tbh I don’t give a shit about the millionaires I am selling expensive golf clubs too. Have fun wasting your money on a wasteful bougie sport, my rent is getting paid by me selling this to you. (also translating for foreign business investors makes me feel kinda important)

anonymous asked:

not a customer, but my boss took a dirty drinking glass from a table, poured the ice out, filled it with water, and poured that cup directly into our marinara vat to thin it out a bit.

Turn their ass in for that! It’s a health hazard! -Abby

The EDM DJs as Starbucks workers

deadmau5: begs the boss to add the double double and eventually quits and uses the money to build a Tim Horton’s empire

Dillon Francis: mispells people’s names on the cups on purpose and sneaks alcohol in the drinks

Zedd: actually knows the secret menu by heart

Madeon: switches the bread for baguettes

Skrillex: encourages people to pay it forward in the drive thru

Gareth McGrillen: the guy that yells out your order

Rob Swire: Usually steals coffee beans before he leaves and always gets away with it

Martin Garrix: invents the pizza frappucino

Porter Robinson: brings over Japanese drinks

Nicky Romeo: tried to convince boss to name drinks after football (soccer) stars

Calvin Harris: sneaks protein powder into people’s drinks

abovetheignorance  asked:

It was my first day working at a coffee shop when a woman dumped her latte on me through the drive through window. She didnt like when i asked to "bare with me, its my first day" after she ordered 8 drinks. My boss hid in the back until she left.

I love how the vast majority of people thought that Evie was going to be a cold, unfeeling, robot who methodically planed out every second of every day and Jacob was going to be a brash, womanizing, drinking, mob boss wannabe, while Henry Green fought to keep the Creed alive dealing with the crazy Frye twins.

What we got was a bookworm big picture kind of girl and a dorky nuts and bolts boy. And Henry Green being an informant and not mentor.

image from madeinmasyaf