boss 302 laguna seca

SRT Hellcat Challenger or Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca edition 

Felix Legault Photography

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fanart. am I doing it right?

yeah after watching your recent Cleverbot Evie video, i just “quickly” doodled you and little Sammy (with a cameo of myself in the corner) with the Boss Mobile  in photoshop. all i could think of Sam saying was “*excitement*”, so yeah XD hope you like!

Edit: yes I know Jack can’t or doesn’t drive, that’s one reason why he’s reluctant to buy it in the first place, but he gives in for his little Sammy :3

New Octane Society member , John . Great guy and a true enthusiast . With Absolute amazing Boss 302 Laguna Seca edition . He had a 2012 Boss 302 in Kona blue (the color my 5.0 is ) and he decided it was time for an upgrade to the 2013 model year . Unlike most collector cars , which the Boss 302 is because of it’s production numbers , john likes to drive and enjoy his Boss on the track , street and maybe a road trip here and here .

Member Feature coming soon …


Photos of my 5 litre mustang on its new Boss 302 Laguna Seca adjustable dampers and Ford Racing K lowering springs . Pic was taken during the locally known , march Fun Run .

I’m very impressed with this car now , has a decently Low ride height and it’s handles like dream . The Bf Goodrich Sport comp. 2s and the suspension really complement each other .


This 444-bhp pony dances with Porsches.

With sincere apologies to Chevrolet and Dodge aficionados across the country, the undisputed boss of the pony car ranks is the Ford Mustang.