guys, if you could read this & gimme feedback (:

The DAY.

My ribcage held strong against my beating heart as i walked up to the overly used cash register. my trembling hand placed down the cool bottle. i watched as it slid down towards his smooth hand, watching him grip it firmly and scan it. my feet barely moved under me.
             “Arnela?” he said. i looked up, my blue eyes floated in the brown chocolateness of his. my throat closed up as i sarcastically said no. in my head, furious thoughts bounced about until his deep voice invaded and snatched me from my thoughts and back into reality. i stood there as i felt the redness color my face as he kept talking.
             “how are you? you drink this?” i nodded for all my words i wanted to say got lost in the back of my throat and never found it’s way out.
             “$0.64” he said. i reached back into my denim jeans and pulled out my crumpled dollar, i handed it over to him. my hand shook as it gently met his. my heart couldn't contain itself. it was looking for a way out.
            "would you like for me to open that?“ i said yes and watched him open it. after he did, we said our good byes and i finally walked away, letting my confused heart settle as the red color that once filled my cheeks flushed away and the trembling came to a close. sitting in the car, i asked myself.

what the hell just happened?