bosnian things

who remembers that american movie with owen wilson set in bosnia during the war but it’s only about americans trying to save their one soldier stuck behind enemy lines and the whole bosnian war thing is just a background to the story 

One thing: Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian are the same language but people in those countries mostly hate each other and for example in Bosnia we don’t want to say that our language is Croatian or Serbian but it’s Bosnian and the same thing is in those two too.

I’m writing this bcs one girl I WAS following (but she is now on block list) on that post where you say in tags languages you speak/understand she wrote Serbian, Croatian and some other (it’s not important) and she is from Serbia so, if you already beside Serbian wrote Croatian why not Bosnian too?

Please, if you HATE someone because of their religion, nation, race PLEASE don’t follow me ‘cause I’ll block you instantly! My country and my people have been through hell and were suffering a lot during the last war ('92 - '95) so things like this hurt me a lot. My dad, my grandpa, uncle FIGHT so I can today live normally in peace with three different nations in my country and that’s how it is and how I want it to be, right in front of people who didn’t wanted that!

I can’t believe this thing irritated me but I just felt like I must say something!

Thank you! All love