bosmeri ranger

bosmeri-ranger || after helgen

Llevyre was panting now, extremely out of breath, as the familiar smell of ash and smoke filled her nostrils. She wasn’t sure what she had just been through, or why she was still alive. Actually, she was rather sure that that… thing was a dragon.

Tears were dried on her cheeks, but they had been shed long ago, and now she was just confused and lost. After a night of nightmare-filled sleep at Hadvar’s uncles house, she had made her way up-river with a change of clothes, intent on bathing before encountering this “Jarl” she was supposed to meet. Why they didn’t just call him a King, however, confused her.

As she came to a point where she was sure no one would see her, she stripped down and eagerly dove into the icy water. After soaking for just a moment, she swam back to shore and grabbed her bar of soap and quickly cleaned herself, then dove back underwater one last time.

After she was sure she was free of soap, she dried off and slipped into the clothes that Alvor’s wife, Sigrid, had so generously loaned her. Even though she had repeatedly warned her to stay away from her husband.

After finally getting dressed, she sat down by a tree and cried quietly again for a solid twenty minutes before regaining her composure, standing up, and making her way back to Riverwood.